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    The West-Woods Family

    DW: Laurel Rose West-Woods (nee- West)
    DW: Iris Willow West-Woods (nee- Woods)

    DD: Leilani Olive West-Woods
    DS: Atlas Yves West-Woods
    DS: Graham Clifford West-Woods
    DD/DD/DD: Zinnia Wisteria West-Woods / Rosemary Clementine West-Woods / Ivy Lilac West-Woods

    The Dubois-Moreau Family:

    DH: Thierry Lancelot Dubois-Moreau (nee- Dubois)
    DH: Percival Bastien Dubois-Moreau (nee- Moreau)

    DS: Pascal Pierre Dubois-Moreau
    DS: Florent Charlot Dubois-Moreau
    DD: Cosette Lucille Dubois-Moreau

    The Merrick-Howell Family:

    DW: Carys Eira Merrick-Howell (nee- Merrick)
    DW: Bronwen Elowen Merrick-Howell (nee- Howell)

    DS: Morgan Gareth Merrick-Howell
    DS: Owen Ifor Merrick-Howell
    DD: Isolde Gladys Merrick-Howell
    DD: Enid Arwen Merrick-Howell
    DS: Llywelyn Cadoc Merrick-Howell

    The Madison-Holland Family:

    DH: Israel Romy Madison-Holland (nee- Madison)
    DH: Phoenix Francisco Madison-Holland (nee- Holland)

    DD: Savannah Juno Madison-Holland

    The Byrne-O'Shea Family:

    DW: Iona Roisin Byrne-O'Shea (nee- Byrne)
    DW: Deirdre Siobhan Byrne-O'Shea (nee- O'Shea)

    DD/DS: Moira Aoife Byrne-O'Shea & Fergus Lorcan Byrne-O'Shea
    DD: Aileen Isla Byrne-O'Shea
    DS/DD: Brennan Fitz Byrne-O'Shea & Elspeth Kathleen Byrne-O'Shea

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    name lover, writer, future mom.
    aunt to
    Aurora Bella ♡

    Theodore. Grayson. Killian. Caspian. Jasper.
    Jude. Finn. Milo. Kit. Wren.
    Micah. Percy. Liam. Henry. August. Bellamy.
    Ruby. Hazel. Olive. Violet. Snow. Elanor.
    Lucy. Rowan. Mabel. Nova.
    Lark. Autumn. Belle. Luna. Aria. Winter.

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    Lost in a Book
    Proud Member of The One and Done Club
    Mommy to a Son: N.R.G.*.

    <3 <3 <3 Loving <3 <3 <3
    Vivienne, Clover, Lydia, Piper & Maya
    Walker, Silas, Logan, Adlai & Xavier

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    The Woods-Berry Family
    DW (37): Laurel Rose Woods
    DW (35): Iris Willow Berry

    DD (12): Leilani Olive Woods-Berry
    DS (8): Forrest Yves Woods-Berry
    DS (5): Graham River Woods-Berry
    DD/DD/DD (1): Lila Daisy Woods-Berry, Rosemary Petal Woods-Berry, & Mariposa Ivy Woods-Berry "Lila, Rosie, & Marie"

    Laurel & Iris have Leilani, Forrest, Graham, Lila, Rosie, & Marie.

    The Fontaine-Moreau Family
    DH (28): Remi Philippe Moreau
    DH (30): Louis Rene Fontaine

    ADS (6): Mathis Pierre Fontaine-Moreau
    ADS (4): Alphonse Maxim Fontaine-Moreau
    ADD (1): Eulalie Cosette Fontaine-Moreau

    Remi & Louis have Mathis, Alphonse, & Eulalie.

    The Howell-Griffin Family
    DW (34): Mari Rowena Griffin
    DW (33): Olwen Guinevere Howell

    ADS (9): Rhys Gareth Howell-Griffin
    ADS (7): Owen Madoc Howell-Griffin
    ADD (5): Arianwen Isolde Howell-Griffin "Aria"
    ADD (3): Meredith Enid Howell-Griffin
    ADS (2): Trevor Eifion Howell-Griffin

    Mari & Olwen have Rhys, Owen, Aria, Meredith, & Trevor.

    The Madison-England Family
    DH (29): Israel Romy England "Izzy"
    DH (27): Phoenix Indiana Madison

    ADD (6 months): Georgia Juno Madison-England

    Izzy & Phoenix have Georgia.

    The Macarthur-Byrne Family
    DW (42): Ciara Niamh Macarthur
    DW (40): Catriona Siobhan Byrne "Cat"

    DD/DS (17): Maisie Moira Macarthur-Byrne & Cillian Fregus Macarthur-Byrne
    DD (14): Isla Grainne Macarthur-Byrne
    DS/DD (10): Rory Brennan Macarthur-Byrne & Kathleen Elspeth Macarthur-Byrne "Rory & Katie"

    Ciara & Cat have Maisie, Cillian, Isla, Rory, & Katie.
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    DW: Laurel Rose Wolfe
    DW: Fleur Willow Woods

    DD: Lavender Poppy Wolfe-Woods
    DS: Forrest Atlas Wolfe-Woods
    DS: Raven River Wolfe-Woods
    DD (triplet): Blossom Daisy Wolfe-Woods
    DD (triplet): Clementine Petal Wolfe-Woods
    DD (triplet): Pearl Flower Wolfe-Woods


    DH: Remi Lancelot Fontaine
    DH: Bastien Olivier Dubois

    DS: Mathis Valentin Fontaine-Dubois
    DS: Beau Charlot Fontaine-Dubois
    DD: Cosette Soleil Fontaine-Dubois


    DW: Bethan Rhoswen Vaughan
    DW: Bronwen Elowen Howell

    DS: Rhys Morgan Vaughan-Howell
    DS: Madoc Owen Vaughan-Howell
    DD: Isolde Ffion Vaughan-Howell
    DD: Enid Arwen Vaughan-Howell
    DS: Adeon Eifion Vaughan-Howell


    DH: Israel Orlando Madison
    DH: Phoenix Raleigh England

    DD: Georgia Delphi Madison-England


    DW: Saoirse Niamh Byrne
    DW: Siobhan Fiona O'Shea

    DD (twin): Maisie Fionnuala Byrne-O'Shea
    DS (twin): Breccan Fergus Byrne-O'Shea
    DD: Maeva Elsie Byrne-O'Shea
    DS (twin): Seamus Finbar Byrne-O'Shea
    DD (twin): Sinead Elspeth Byrne-O'Shea
    Henry Joseph. Eleanor Grace. Isaiah Theodore.
    Clementine Lily. Sebastian James. Makiya Jordan. Jethro Donovan.

    Molly Sophia. Elias Michael. Piper Mackenzie.
    Abraham Luke. Adelaide Rose. Maxton Reid. Meadow Renae.

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