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    Who are you honoring?

    If you honor someone with one of your combos, who is it?
    A family member, a famous person, a writer, a musician, a painter, etc.?
    Are you using their names, variations, names they like, initials, similar sounding names?

    Charles Dickens I-Z

    Isabella Hortense, Henry Septimus, Jack Hannibal, James Ebenezer, Jane Lucretia
    Jarvis Alexandre, Julius Théophile, Kitty Helen, Lucie Honoria, Mary Lavinia
    Nancy Matilda, Nell Cecilia, Oliver Geoffrey, Philip AugustusPip
    Polly Sophronia, Rose Georgiana, Sydney Wilkins
    Walter Solomon, Thomas LeicesterTom

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    Elizabeth was my grandmother's middle name
    Anne is my mother's middle name
    Sofia is the name of one of my best friends
    Jane is the middle name of one of my best friends and also honours Jane Austen
    Beatrix is for Helen Beatrix Potter
    Cerdidwen is Welsh and my Grandmother is so it honours her heritage
    Glynis is my grandmother's name
    Artemis is the Greek version of my grandmother's name Diane
    Seren is another Welsh name to honour my grandmother's heritage
    Alexander was my grandfather's middle name
    Aravis is my favourite book character, she is in the Horse and his Boy by C.s Lewis
    Esther is for Queen Esther of the Bible
    Victoria is partly for Queen Victoria
    Keats is for John Keats my favourite poet
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    Talitha Meredith/ Elizabeth Maria Anne/ Verity Sofia Jane/ Felicity Wren Sonnet/ Odelia Beatrix Seraphine/ Magdalene Dove/ Aravis Ceridwen/ Ariadne Glynis/ Victoria Artemis/ Thalia Seren/ Freya Persephone/ Esther Swanhilde/ Edith Winifred/ Agatha Phyllis/ Anastasia Rosalind


    Felix Alexander/ Elliot Zachary/ Tobias Robin/ Leonardo Pascal/ Lysander Everett/ Nico Peregrine/ August Benedict/ Theodore Emmett/ Arthur Prosper/ Lewis Evander/ Sebastien Ernest

    Italics= honour name

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    We don't have many "honor" names on our list anymore, but a few still exist.

    Some are family names (Powell, Dominic, Alena, Emilia, etc.)
    Some are heritage-related (Enzo, Soren, etc.)
    Some are symbolic (Ellis after Ellis Island, since our families mostly came to the US, not were born here; June, after the month we met and married in, a couple of years later)
    Some are after famous people (Ewan....and Callum, who isn't famous, but is the son of Vloggers we watch)

    Rosemary is a special case, because it is almost a Frankenstein type of honor name. I did have a great aunt named Rosemary, but she died when I was young. Instead, Rose honors a few relatives/close friends who have the middle name Rose. Mary is after my great-grandmother and after a few relatives who have the middle name Mary/Marie. covers quite a few bases.
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    Odette is the French version of my father's MN (Otto) & my mother's maiden name (Oddo). It essentially combines the two.

    Not currently on my list but a possibility when I have children:
    Pearl / Marguerite ~ honors my mother b/c pearl is her birthstone.
    Catharina / Catherine ~ MIL's middle name is Catherine.
    Anouk (any "Anna" name really) ~ means "grace" which is MIL's FN.
    Elena ~ mothers MN is Ellen.
    Otto ~ See above.
    René ~ Honors my MN, Renée.

    I also have a lot of names that would honor mine & my SO's heritage.
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    Marius Vincent ☆ Bastien Louis ☆ Lucien Arthur ☆ Remy Leonardo
    Sylvie Orianne ☆ Delphine Viviana ☆ Odette Ameline ☆ Elodie Iris


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    Bronte Isabella is to the Bronte sisters and for Isabella Linton from Wuthering Heights (some of my favourite writers and one of my favourite characters)
    On my long list, I have Ginevra Snow, which is a nod to another favourite Bronte novel and character (Villette. Lucy Snowe and Ginevra Fanshawe) and Ginevra can also mean Geneva so it's a nod to Mary Shelley and Frankenstein
    I have Henry in several of my combos too, which is a nod to Henry Clerval from Frankenstein

    I don't really like the idea of honouring family members, but I do like literary connections/honourings in my combos
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    Sarai Eloisa. Cressida Hero. Bronte Isabella. Elodie Francesca. Kerrigan Daisy. Ginevra Snow. Romilly Winter. Florence Amaia. Carys Leonie. Margo Acacia.
    Tristan Malachi. Rafferty Jude. Arlo Forrest. Idris Orion. Otto Lane. Winston Pax. Jasper Leonidas. Azarias Henry.
    More combos!

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