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    Which Italian name for my Baby?

    My Top Contenders:

    1. Flavia - family name linked to a love story that has been passed down every generation of my family. This was the name of my Nonna's grandaunt who was a widowed countess and left her title and wealth and everything to run away with her lover. I also how it links to very strong and powerful women of Ancient Roman history (for the better or the worse).

    2. Leona - I love how fierce, strong and feminine this one is. It's not a family name, but it reminds me a bit of Leonardo da Vinci and my Nonna's family are from close to the region he is said to have grown up in.

    3. Ilaria - I love Ilaria a lot. I think she's a bit more feminine than the other names, but I love that she links to the word hilarious because I'm an amateur comedienne and am very involved in my local drama club, usually favoring the comedies

    Which do you prefer?
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    I'm looking for names that have a carefree, bohemian & Italian flavor

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    I love all of your options!

    Flavia ... The story is such a great one to pass on! Flavia is more difficult to wear than the other names, but I think it is a name a child could grow into and make her own.

    Leona ... This is such a strong name. Since this doesn’t have quite the history for you as the other names do, I would probably consider this choice my least favorite. Still, it is a very straightforward and wearable choice.

    Ilaria ... This is my favorite! It feels so wearable and passes on your own legacy and interests without placing expectations on your daughter to do the same. It is beautifully feminine, has historical roots that don’t outshine the beauty of the name by itself, looks beautiful, sounds delightful, and has so much nickname potential. In addition, I believe this is such a confident name. I find this choice to be especially great for a first child as this name feels like a beautiful crown to bestow on a child and keeps open so many options for future children.

    Are there any other names that you connect to as deeply? If not, I think any of these should be your final picks, though I am openly rooting for Ilaria!
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    I really like Leona! My hubby is Italian and our daughter's middle name, Elisabetta, is after his Grandmother.
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    Although it's an unusual name, I love Flavia. Your daughter would really be able to make the name her own, as a pp pointed out. Moreover, I love the connection with your family and the love story. Very cool...
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