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    Thoughts on Freddie

    We have a son called Otis and are looking at names for baby number 2! Freddie came to mind and we both really love it with Otis but wondering if it’s too popular?
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    I really quite like Freddie, on its own or as a nn for Frederick. I really don't think it's too popular.
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    Freddie is not a name that appeals to me personally but nickname-names aren't my style in general.

    Regarding its popularity, where do you live? Freddie is a top 20 name in England for example but not popular at all in the States.

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    Are you in the UK or US or elsewhere? In the US, Frederick is #514 and Freddie isn't ranked, so I'd say it's not too popular. In the UK, it is definitely much more popular, but I would still use it if I loved it.
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    I know a little Freddy, short for Frederick, and think it's rather cute. I'm of the give-them-the-full-name camp when it comes to these types of names though, so I'd recommend putting Frederick on the birth certificate so he can seem official on job and college applications.
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