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    I am having trouble with accessing the "my stuff" page! :|

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    Why are threads pointing out issues with NB continuously deleted without the issues being resolved? Very sneaky and unprofessional.

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    Can you give examples of what you're talking about? Most of the moved/deleted threads and posts are 1) spammers, 2) from members who are "fake" or who repeatedly violate the rules, or 3) moved to another board here on Nameberry that is more appropriate (for example a lot of newbies post on this forum for name advice, and I tell them this one is for site suggestions/technical issues and move the thread to a more appropriate place). I don't know of any cases where a thread is deleted to evade paying attention to what is being said.

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    Is it just me or did the embedded links to names disappear? It seems older threads still have the links, but newer posts and newer threads threads don't. I started noticing this late last week. Have the links been disabled/discontinued? Or was this a setting I accidentally turned off?
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    They disappeared for me too!
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