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    Bummer. Thanks for the swift response!
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    I can't seem to add names to my lists right now... usually when you are on a name page and click the pink list icon, it gives you a dropdown menu where you can choose which list to add the name to. But now, when I click on the icon there's no dropdown, and instead it takes me to a page to create a new list. Thanks!

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    I have a question. It seems that the filter for searching names by gender/meaning/origin/etc. Is gone from the home page. Maybe it's just me? I use a kindle Fire. There is the search bar to search a specific name, but I often like to search by meaning, and I am at a loss. Thank you.

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    @cequimby A few other users have reported this problem and I have notified tech support. Thanks for taking the time to flag it!

    @jaderain Can you see the option for "Advanced Search" next to the search bar on the homepage? If so, click that and all the filters you mention are still there. If not, it could be that your device and/or browser is not displaying the Advanced Search option for some reason.
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    Thanks for responding. I checked on my laptop and the advanced search option is there. I don't know why it doesn't show on my kindle. Is it a new format? The Advance search used to be located on the right of my screen. Anyway, problem solved. I'll use the laptop if I need to use the filters.

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