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    Red face Opinions and suggestions please!!!

    Hello everyone! I'm back again

    So, in my last post I announced my pregnancy and still don't really know what to name our next child. I'm not very far along, but want to announce my pregnancy with a "Hello my name is..." announcement, but I can't do that without a name.

    My daughter is called Lillia Kjerstin. We are all finding it incredibly hard to come up with a name as beautiful as hers.

    Some names that are on our list are

    First Names:


    Middle Names:


    We are pretty sure that if its a boy his name is either going to be Bastien, Samuel or Charles, but we're not sure for middles. Some options are:


    Always looking for new, fresh suggestions and would appreciate combinations too

    Thank you kindly,
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    Ada Emmeli and Estelle Martyna would be lovely sister names for Lillia! Those are my favorites of your options so far. To my ear, Philippa is a little too close, although I love the name. I like Bastien for a boy because it is unexpected but compatible.
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    More love for Estelle Martyna. I think it's perfect next to your Lillia. My second pick would be Athena Emmeli.

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    Ada and Estelle would be lovely with Lillia.
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    I agree with the above commenters –*Estelle is my favorite from your list. Lillia and Estelle are beautiful together. I'm sensing that your naming style is melodic, romantic, and feminine names, so from that style, here are a few other options:

    Alessia - I find this name so melodic and beautiful, and it has the same romantic yet fresh feel that Lillia does.

    Adora - borrows elements from Ada, Athena, and Leonora.

    Anastasia - your daughter's full name has a sort of romantic European sound to me, which Anastasia complements well.

    Aria - again with the Italian names, but I think Aria is so beautiful and complements Lillia well. Both have the -ia ending. Aria feels like a middle-ground between romantic, Italian Leonora and simple, classic Ada.

    Chiara - Another romantic, Italian name; similar style to Leonora. I think Lillia and Chiara complement each other well.

    Dahlia - Dahlia and Lillia might be a bit too similar depending on your guidelines, but I feel like if you loved Lillia, you might like this a lot, too.

    Delphine - borrows the "ph" element from Philippa as well as the "el" from Estelle. Also a nice pairing with Lillia because Lillia and Delphine are both slight variations off of a flower name (Lily and Delphinium).

    Emilia - This feels like a slightly more romantic iteration of Emmeli.

    Estella - Not the most creative suggestion, but maybe you'd prefer Estelle in this form? It fits well into your naming style and it's slightly rarer.

    Flora - same with Delphine, this continues the flower-like name theme, and reminds me of Ada and Philippa in that they're all classic, slightly vintage sounding names.

    Thea - Sort of similar to Ada in that it's a beautiful and short (two-syllable) name ending in A, but also has the middle syllable sound from Athena.

    Good luck!

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