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    Eureka Middle School Teachers Round 5


    These are the lives of the Teacher's at the Eureka Middle School. Their SO and children.

    For this round there are 2 physical education teachers (one male, one female), 1 music teacher, 1 art teacher, 1 home economics teacher, 1 choir teacher, 1 band teacher, 1 orchestra teacher, 1 foreign language teacher

    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Age: Roll 50 sided die and add that number to 20 for age

    Roll for First and Middle Names of Teachers and Grandchildren
    2. Boys: John, French, Joseph, Wayne, Dev, Arnold, Norman, Dylan, Alex, Abel, Beau, Braylen, Brooke, Ciaran, Duv, Euan, Hayden, Jax, Keaka, Kicker, Lewis, Logan, Lucas, Mateo, Nehemiah, Vesper, Wolf, Adrian, Juneau, Vihaan, Judah, Leo, Elia, Giulio, Conner, Theo, Winston, Orval, Erik, Geronimo, Jaiden, Zavier, Trevin, Steven, Jace, Adler, Cillian, Ibrahim, Tolliver, Abe
    Girls: Kristen, Jane, Simbi, Elmarie, Denise, Jenelle, Kailyn, Chelsea, Leah, Norma, Emma, Adella, Aleeza, Amelia, Anne, Aviana, Brooke, Carys, Cecelia, Dannielle, Doveva, Elia, Everett, Isla, Journee, Juniper, Kennedi, Magda, Maya, Reagan, Reine, Sadie, Sheren, Trixie, Vesper, Vincenza, Wren, Zaina, Olivia, Ravyn, Alba, Sophia, Astra, Ellsie, Aline, Macie, Honesty, Astra, Mildred, Savine
    3. or
    5. Name from the Last Animated Movie you saw
    6. Boys:
    8. Contains an R and an L
    9. (correct gender, vietnamese, hippy, ancient norse, swedish and hillbilly)
    12. 4 syllables or longer
    13. Boys:
    14. (correct gender, history, biblical, indian and ancient greek)
    15. (generate a box and choose from bottom line)
    16. (from NSRN at top)
    18. (1939, top 100)
    19. (generate 10 and choose)

    Roll for Last Names
    1. (farthest left name on NSRN)
    2. 9 letters long
    4. (female names and choose)
    5. Ends with -ing
    6. (parent's last name)
    7. Start with B
    8. Hyphenated Last Name (roll again for the names)
    9. (creative forms female, choose)
    10. (generate and choose)
    12. Last Name of one of your favorite teachers
    14. (feminine, all categories)
    15. Russel, Grafitti, Ball, Guppy, King, Gray, Robinson, Diaz, Walker, Brooks, Wilson, Hunter, Lyons, White, Becker, Hampton, Wong, Arnold, Hacker, Kaplan, Atkinson, Longo, Bagwell, Avalos, St. John
    16. (from top 10 most common)
    19. (character's first or last name)
    20. 2 letters long

    Roll for Relationships
    -if you get homo/bi multiple times 2nd time it goes back to hetero and back the 3rd time
    -individual can only be married/widowed/divorced once every 2 years if you go over they are single
    -Also roll for all children over 18.

    1. married
    2. widowed
    3. widowed
    4. if already widowed/divorced = single, if not = married
    5. single
    6. under 25 = boyfriend/girlfriend, 26-45 = married, 46+ = divorced
    7. engaged
    8. married
    9. boyfriend/girlfriend
    10. under 30 = married, 31+ = single
    11. homosexual
    12. single
    13. bisexual (odd-male, even-female)
    14. boyfriend/girlfriend
    15. married
    16. married
    17. your choice
    18. engaged
    19. divorced
    20. divorced

    Age: Choice

    Number of Kids
    -under 23 maximum of 3 kids, over that equals 0
    -under 30 maximum of 6 kids, over that equals 0
    -roll for anyone over 18

    1. none
    2. roll 4 sided die
    3. none
    4. 1
    5. none
    6. 8
    7. 2
    8. 2
    9. 3
    10. 3
    11. roll 6 sided die
    12. 4
    13. 9
    14. roll 8 sided die
    15. 7
    16. 5
    17. 6
    18. 1
    19. 4
    20. roll 10 sided die

    Gender: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Age: Take Teacher's name minus 15 and roll that sided die. Highest number = infant. If teacher is over 50 roll 35 sided die and add that number to the number of years over 50 the teacher is. 35 = zero

    Adopted Kids
    -roll if over 25
    1. none
    2. roll 6 sided die
    3. none
    4. roll 4 sided die if in same sex relationship
    5. none
    6. none
    7. none
    8. none
    9. none
    10. none
    11. roll 4 sided die if no biological children
    12. roll 4 sided die

    Age: Teachers name minus 20. roll that sided die highest=infant all others that number

    Step Children
    -roll for each current/ex SO
    1. none
    2. none
    3. none
    4. roll 4 sided die if no biological children
    5. none
    6. none
    7. roll 6 sided die
    8. roll 4 sided die
    9. none
    10. none
    11. roll 4 sided die if more than one current/ex SO
    12. none

    Age: Your Choice (can be their children's step siblings and be born after the relationship was over)

    Roll for First and Middle Names of Children and Great-Grand Children
    1. (combine the two names into one)
    3. Boys:
    4. 5 letters long
    5. Boys: Isaiah, Michael, Knox, Blue, Rhodes, Emilio, Andrew, Noah, Elijah, Mark, Sam, Richard, Artie, Adamari, Azzedine, Stephen, William, Wolf, Leon, Levi, Sawyer, Brooks, Atticus, Ripley, Everest, Dashiell, John, Roman, Robert, Ignatius, Martin, Erwin, Terrell, Cliff, Kristofer, Mohamed, Erick, Kyle, Cristobal, August, Arlen, Antony, Hal, Virgil, Ollie, Alex, Tanner, Rich, Nigel, Antwan
    6. (parent or child's name)
    9. (click create more names and choose)
    10. Boys: Ends with a C or K
    11. (from list of slimed celebrities)
    13. Boys: Ends with O
    Girls: Ends with A
    14. (from today's popular names in the middle)
    16. 9+ letters long
    17. (correct gender, welsh)
    18. (generate 5 of correct gender and choose)
    20. Boys:
    Girls: Contains a Q

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    Physical Education
    [48]: Coach Melanie Karla Arkwright
    -DH[52]: Daniel Clarence 'Dan' Arkwright (nee Fleming)
    -DS[23]: Charles Frederick 'Chuck' Arkwright
    -DD[22]: Lauren Clarice Arkwright
    -DD[21]: Holly Genevieve Arkwright
    -DS[18]: Marshall Stephen Arkwright
    -DD[16]: Reed Esther Arkwright
    -DS[14]: Derek Nelson Arkwright

    [24]: Coach Trevor Calvin Day
    -Dfiancee[21]: Ruth Giuseppina Nardovino

    [52]: Nathanael Tolliver 'Nate' Jones
    -DW1[dec]: Anita Morven Cook
    -DD[30]: Elana Temperance Durham (nee Jones)
    --DH[30]: Royce Alexander Durham
    --DS[3]: Jason Neil Durham
    -DD[26]: Georgia Enid 'Gia' Jones
    -DD/DD/DD[23]: Freya Josephine, Daria Alice & Blair Susanna Jones
    -DW2[50]: Ella Louise Paul-Jones
    -DS[18]: Willoughby Randall 'Will' Jones

    [36]: Grant Albert Spalding

    Home Economics
    [54]: Gloria Irene Becker (nee Nurenberg)
    -DH[54]: William Cornelius 'Bill' Becker
    -DS[27]: Tristan Douglas Becker
    -DD[22]: Samantha Frances Becker

    [33]: Melissa Susan Kaplan
    -DBF[33]: Hill Morrison Brannon

    [44]: Jennifer Ruolan Wu
    -DH[53]: Edward Winston 'Ed' St. John
    -DS[18]: Kent Chang St. John
    -DD[15]: Megan Yinuo St. John
    -DD[14]: Grier Huian St. John

    [32]: David Alexandre 'Dave' Bonhomme
    -DBF[36]: Alexander Ogden 'Sandy' Golding

    Foreign Language [Spanish]
    [39]: Valentina Abigaíl 'Tina' Chavarría (nee Basurto)
    -DH[43]: Joseph Aurelio 'Joe' Chavarría
    -DS/DS[12]: Gilbert Francisco 'Gil' & Leopold Anastasio 'Leo' Chavarría
    -DD[10]: Olga Magdalena Chavarría
    Favorite names- Olivia Margot Gwendolyn ^ Ezekiel Gregory Thaddeus

    20 year old girl - College Student - Name Enthusiast -

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    Mr. Andre Jujube Zo (63)
    physical education teacher

    ----DD: Kaolin Ethel {Zo} Bartlett (38)
    -film librarian
    --------DD: Taylor Jeraldine Zo-Brown (17)
    ------DH: Maddix Chester Bartlett (39)
    -kosher butcher
    --------DAD: Claudianna Morven Rangi (22) "Claude"
    --chiropractic office front desk receptionist
    ------------DS: Ulric Xaver Rangi-Hades (6)
    ----------DF: Souta Luciano Nahum (28)
    --------DAS: DeAndrew Day Bartlett (18)
    ----------DGF: Alice Belle Pratt (18)
    --kitchen staff at church mission
    --------DAD: Carol Raelynn Bartlett (17)
    --------DAD: Ursula Diksha Bartlett (13)
    --------DD: Payton Salima Bartlett (8)
    --------DS: Reese Brooke Bartlett (3)
    ----DS: Goffredo Wilan Zo (18) "Goff"
    ------DLW: Kayanna Urola {Olson} Zo (18)
    -disc jockey
    --DF: Nancy Guli Walton (60)
    smokehouse worker

    Miss. Jaylah Victoria Routh (44)
    physical education teacher

    ----DS: Lazslo Les Routh (27)
    -elementary school psychologist
    ------DW: Virtue Wilhelmina {Bulut} Routh (27)
    -correctional facility health technician
    --------DSS: Chuck Severus Bulut-Gustav (8)
    --------DSD: Aline Felicia Bulut-Gustav (7)
    --------DSS: Samuel Soril Bulut-Gustav (5)
    --------DSS: Bernard Spike Bulut-Gustav (3)
    --------DAD: Rachel Benedita Routh (11 months) --adopted as a newborn--

    Mr. Oliver {no middle name} Davis (61)
    art teacher

    --DW: Katrina Rosalind {Ford} Davis (61)
    ad agency art director
    ----DD: Kim Kaolin {Davis} Oh-Su (45) {bi}
    -grocery store cashier
    ------DLH: Cedric Dave Oh-Su (51)
    -police officer
    --------DS: Taran Cecelio Oh-Su (20)
    --border customs officer
    ----------DW: Nayo Samantha {Ponti} Oh (20)
    --automotive mechanic
    ------------DD: Sarah Dew Oh (4)
    ------------DD: Ocean Zenobia Oh (1)
    ------------DS: Emmean Laurencio Oh (7 months) "Em"
    --------DD: Kalila Ruth Oh-Su (15)
    --------DD: Itzel Beverly Oh-Su (13)
    --------DS: Dieter Joseph Oh-Su (12)
    ------DF: Rachel Eurwen Nala (42)
    -aquacultural worker supervisor
    ----DD: Laurie Margara {Davis} Van Der Berg (45)
    -postal worker
    ------DH: Semiramide Evans Van Der Berg (43) "Sem"
    --------DD: Bahri Ju Van der Berg (14)
    --------DS: Beau Spree Van der Berg (14)
    --------DS: Henry Gwynfor Van der Berg (13)
    --------DS: Nathaniel Grant Van der Berg (4) "Nate"
    --------DD: Ariana Vera Van der Berg (1)
    ----DD: Charlotte Hattie {Davis} Doolittle (44)
    -flight test mechanic
    ------DH: Rick Madoc Doolittle (44)
    --------DD: Sienna Koppany {Doolittle} Eslime (27) {bi}
    --metallurgical engineering technician
    ----------DH: Grant Theo Eslime (26)
    --------DD: Shania Amara Doolittle (25)
    --rural postal carrier
    ----------DF: Viking Dinis-Jaiden Winslet (24)
    --postal sorting worker
    ------------DS: Domenico Ambassador Doolittle (6) "Dom"
    ------------DD: Kiri Esta Doolittle (4)
    ------------DD: Annie Azema Doolittle (2)
    ------------DS: Ovidio Idris Doolittle (newborn)
    ------------DS: Roosevelt Octavio Doolittle (newborn)
    --------DS: Eric Leonard Doolittle (25)
    --work from home customer service representative
    ----------DW: Fatima Mafalda {Bridget} Doolittle (25)
    --clinical laboratory technician
    ------------DS: Don Gustavo Doolittle (9)
    ------------DS: Jim Eldon Doolittle (7)
    ------------DD: Olivianna Eloquinn Doolittle (7)
    ------------DD: Linett Moon Doolittle (5)
    --------DD: Martha Gwynfor Doolittle (17)
    ----DD: Hilary Alaide {Davis} Johnson-Wolfie (42)
    -factory worker
    ------DLH: Nicholas Kuriah Johnson (43)
    -haunted history tour guide
    --------DD: Piper Ariel Johnson (23)
    --registered nurse
    ------------DS: Killian Nixon Johnson (1)
    --------DD: Haley Eilonwy Johnson (15)
    --------DD: Dominiqua Selena Johnson (12)
    ------DH: Bill Berwyn Wolfie (46)
    -armed security driver
    --------DD: Ava Levent Wolfie (5)
    --------DD: Viviana Taffy Wolfie (2)
    --------DS: Wilson Gabriel Wolfie (3 months)
    ----DD: Penelope Lynne Davis (26) "Penny"
    ------DH: Nemo Zembo Bob (29)
    -food delivery driver
    ----DD: Veronicka Myrtle Davis (19) "V"
    ------DLW: Easter Blueberry Anemone (19)
    -massage therapy office-front desk receptionist
    ------DGF: Gwawr Quintessa Hauntley (22)
    -middle school special needs teaching assistant
    ----DD: Simonetta Chloe Davis (14)
    ----DS: Quendro Ilswyn Davis (12)

    Mr. Dalben Anise Budapest (65)
    home economics teacher

    ----DS: Leslie Roy Nitla (49)
    -cost estimator
    ------DW: Corin Salina {Bell} Nitla (49)
    -it manager
    --------DS: Horatio Severin Nitla (23)
    --------DS: Henry Saul Nitla (23)
    --industrial real estate agent
    ----------DexW: Violeta Ursula {Johnson} Nitla (23)
    --marketing analyst
    ------------DD: Taylor Easter Nitla (4)
    ----------DLW: Mary Aria {Gross} Nitla (22)
    --travel agent
    ------------DSD: Rosie Latifah Gross-Vampirina (4)
    ------------DD: Jennie Isabel Nitla (2)
    ------------DD: Francesca Emma Nitla (1)
    --------DD: Layla Talula {Nitla} Nomi (21)
    --charter pilot
    ----------DH: Hugo Damon Nomi (21)
    --front desk receptionist
    --------DS: Jasper Josaphat Nitla (11)
    --------DAS: Theophilus Anise Nitla (9) --Leslie's Half-Brother's Son adopted at age 8--
    --------DAS: Omar Abe Nitla (7) --Leslie's Half-Brother's Son adopted at age 6--
    --------DD: Loren Anabella Nitla (4)
    --------DAS: Cornelius Emanuel Nitla (2) --Leslie's Half-Brother's Son adopted at age 1--
    ----DS: Richard Zayne Phoebus (33)
    ------DGF: Beverley Quarry Smith (29)
    -credit reference clerk
    --------DSD: Sula Joyce Smith-Lasking (3)
    --DF: Rachna Marta Ezra (65)
    clinic scheduler-receptionist
    ----DD: Joyce Opalescent {Budapest-Ezra} Ethan (19)
    -in school to be an architect
    ------DH: Oren Emerson Ethan (19)
    -in school to be a web developer
    --------DSS: Ledger Chaucer Ethan-Cook (1)
    --------DSS: Dominico Amyntas Ethan-Cook (1)
    ----DD: Ellen Vida Budapest-Ezra (16)

    Mr. Michael Oliver Sengul (50) {bi}
    choir teacher

    --DexW: Autumn Millay {Bill} Sengul (49)
    college sociology professor
    ----DAS: Aeolus Justin Rais (28) "AJ" --adopted at age 17--
    -management consultant
    ------DGF: Leah Milla Yeolno (24)
    ----DAS: Oleksander Fiorello Rais (27) --adopted at age 16--
    ------DGF: Mason Irina Wilson (27)
    --------DS: Austin Nash Wilson (5)
    --------DS: Richard Branch Wilson (4)
    --------DS: Barney Bob Wilson (3)
    --------DS: Henry Valentino Wilson (1)
    --------DS: Edgar Amadeo Wilson (4 months)
    ----DAS: Willoughby Luther Rais (25) {bi} --adopted at age 14--
    ------DBF: Quintavius Randy Diaz (25) "Quin"
    -estate lawyer
    ----DAD: Avalon Kris {Rais} Naveen (23) --adopted at age 12--
    ------DH: Konstantin Ellis Naveen (29)
    -bank teller
    ----DAS: Hayden Milo Rais (22) --adopted at age 11--
    -personal care assistant at an elderly living center
    ------DGF: Keira Ada Piven (20)
    -local news camera operator
    --DexW: Ella Madhavi {Dinah} Sengul (45)
    jewel bearing facer
    ----DSS: David Chasm Ivanhouse (20)
    -bank teller
    ------DW: Jadanna Seneca {Yawen} Ivanhouse (20)
    -bank teller
    --------DS: Shawn Hai Ivanhouse (1)
    ----DSS: Sean Charm Ivanhouse (19)
    -in school geometry major
    ------DGF: Lucy Zilla Nyca (18)
    -m60a2 armor crewman
    ----DSD: Joan Tavia Dinah (9)
    --DLH: Ozias Juneau Elli (53)
    master fire control technician
    ----DAD: Athena Vicky Brown (16) --adopted at age 16--

    Miss. Tootsie Morticia Norla (25)
    band teacher

    ----DD: Angharad Hayden Norla-Eklixphone (7) "Angie"
    ----DD: Averlynda Bellaquinn Norla-Eklixphone (6) "Avery"
    ----DD: Azucena Hailena Norla-Eklixphone (6) "ZuZu"

    Mr. Hudson Matias Hauntley (61)
    orchestra teacher

    ----DS: Kyson Pisandro Ayaan-Hauntley (37)
    -cat breeder
    ------DexW: Fiorella Alexandria {Quartmans} Hauntley (34)
    --------DD: Jacqueline Isla Hauntley (3) "Jacki"
    ----DS: Billy Quinto Page (30) {homo}
    -parole officer
    --------DS: Xavier Charms Page (8)
    --------DS: Carson Zachary Page (6)
    --------DD: Evelyn September Page (6)
    --DW: Lucy Tamora {Wendy} Hauntley (59)
    ----DS: Justin Fenne Hauntley (23)
    -local news anchor
    ----DS: Finn Vincenzo Hauntley (22)
    -maintenance and repair worker
    ------DLW: Kate Adela {Canyon} Hauntley (22)
    -sunday school teacher
    --------DS: Erik Slater Hauntley (6)
    --------DS: Jedidiah Xavier Hauntley (6)
    ------DF: Morwenna Oliie Walton (22)
    -political campaign worker
    --------DS: Renato Kyle Hauntley (1)
    ----DS: Gregg Innocentius Hauntley (17)
    ----DS: Max Rodrigo Hauntley (16)
    ----DD: Natalie Tiger Hauntley (16)
    ----DS: Derek Trahaearn Hauntley (14)

    Mr. Fitz Lloyd Zo (69) {bi}
    foreign language teacher

    --DexW: Elianna Tirzah {Jason} Zo (71)
    --DW: Oundus Vitoria {Vampirina} Zo (63)
    an/sqq-89(v)14 sonar system level I operator
    ----DSS: Mike Leandro Masterson (27)
    -high school boys basketball coach
    ------DF: Verna Zamarlina Abate (25)
    -high school girls basketball coach
    --------DD: Lamora Olivia Abate (2)
    ----DSS: Will Donald Masterson (26)
    -tattoo artist
    --------DS: Finn Zavier Ca (10)
    ------DF: Rosa Siana Tayyibe (25)
    -police officer
    ----DSD: Amy Jina Vampirina (18)
    -in college to be an architect
    ------DexH: Manhattan Alessio Johnson (18)
    -golf course greenskeeper

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    Physical Education

    1. Euan Tolliver Spiring (25)
    Fiancé: Elvira Clover Brunnet (32)

    2. Suzi Velvet Deniz Geraldine (47)
    Husband: Murray Otto Geraldine (46)


    3. Scarlett Cameron Blue (58)


    4. Krista Tamora Vaughan Takara-Riley (22)
    Husband: James Thane Takara-Riley (22)

    Home Economics

    5. Denise Emma Ming Daune (42)
    Husband: Carl Jasper Daune (46)


    6. Rachel Rosalind Ilmarinen Martinez (52)
    Husband: John Cillian Martinez (34)


    7. Dudley Emmet Johansenn (68)
    Ex-Wife: Maria Diana Racing Johansenn (52)
    Wife: Lylie Anne Tiali Johansenn (52)


    8. Levi Tyler Gosselaar (32)
    Wife: Fiona Sasha Van Dervan Gosselaar (33)
    Daughter: Vera Ethelinda Gosselaar (8)
    Daughter: Taylor Maddie Gosselaar (5)
    Son: Ryland Emril Gosselaar (5)
    Daughter: Eva Noa Gosselaar (3)
    Daughter: Rose Beatrice Gosselaar (3)
    Son: Cameron Hayes Gosselaar (1)
    Daughter: Samantha Wilma Gosselaar (1)
    Son: David Owen Gosselaar (1)

    Foreign Language

    9. Jacob Nash Samuel (53)
    Ex-Wife: Graciela Liviana Jarring Samuel (32)
    Son: Randell Slater Samuel (7)
    Son: Lake Asa Samuel (5)
    Daughter: Cecilie Lena Samuel (4)
    BOYS: Lysander, Raphael, Holden, Kearsarge, Merlin, Leo, Jasper, Scott, Byron, Wilhelm

    GIRLS: Serena, Rose, Lucky, Athena, Charity, Stella, Diamond, Brittany, Anastasia, Lorelei

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    Sep 2013
    Anora Elizabeth (Chasity) Rufus (44, PE)
    -DH: Sebastian David Deald (49, deceased)
    --DD/DD: Laura Kathleen Deald/Thalia Stephanie Deald (20)
    --DD: Bronwyn Josephine Deald (12)
    -DH: Abel Manuel Rufus (43)
    --DS: Milo Collin Rufus (5)

    Ross Maximilian Jones (46, PE)
    -DW: Stacy Christine (Williams) Jones (48)
    --DD: Anastasia Brooklyn Jones (16)
    --DS: Nathanael Miller Jones (15)

    Wade Bradach Gordon (33, Music)
    -exDW: Lara Audrina Zu (31)
    --DD: Maggie Thelma Gordon (11)
    -DW: Kayla Sarai Light (34)

    Stephen Michael Berry-Landin (66, Art)
    -DW: Alice Syrilla (Britton) Berry-Landin (63)
    --DS: Elijah Gwilim Berry-Landin (39)
    ---DGF: Louise Carla Berry-Landin (40)
    ---DS: Rowan Elexis Berry-Landin (10)
    ---DD: Clara Olive Berry-Landin (5)
    --DD: Yvette Sarah Berry-Landin (35)
    ---DF: Isaac Gregory Ravenson (34)
    ---DD: Annie Kate Ravenson (12)

    Simon Alexander Zeig (57, Choir)
    -DW: Susan Elaine (Becker) Zeig (53)
    --ADS: Lawrence Harry Zeig (19)

    Rani Jon Salomone (26, Band)
    -DGF: Ella Marie Nicholaas (24)

    Adam Marco Baker-Ponti (38, Orchestra)

    Heather Carrie Benson (26, Home Ec)
    -DH: Daniel Eric Bones (25)
    --DD: Jacqueline Mia Bones (6)
    --DD: Savanna Gigi Bones (1)

    Vanessa Rosalyn Cassidy (40, Languages)
    -DH: Damon Jahleel Lewis (45, deceased)
    --ADS: Henry Bryan Lewis (18)
    --ADD: Coral Charlotte Lewis (14)
    --DS: Patrick Marc Lewis (9)
    -DF: Nathaniel Wesley Stemn (41)
    --DsS: Michael Dirk Stemn (20)
    24 year old writer, teacher and name collector.

    Ramona June ~ Rowan Barbara ~ Audrey Rosetta ~ Zelda Felicity ~ Aphra Francine ~ Briony Auden ~ Alba Evelyn ~Tamora Fable ~Io Salome
    Oscar Louis~ Jack Stephen~ Julian Fox ~Vincent Hector~ Byron Haddox~ Basil Henry~ Franklin Wise ~ Asa Laurent~ Alastair Frederick

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