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    ISO Perfect Girl Name

    I am 9 weeks pregnant with my first child. I will be getting the Harmony test done next week and will know my baby's gender then. I want to announce my pregnancy to family and friends by sharing the ultrasound along with a "Hello my name is..." sticker. Therefore, I need to choose a name.

    I have a list of names that my SO and I have selected, and I'd love if you could help us narrow them down. Any insight or opinions are very much wanted! Our last name is Phelps and her middle name is going to be J'Nett after my mother. If it's a boy we will be naming him King Marquise Phelps.

    1.) Aaleah
    2.) Tierra
    3.) Jazmin
    4.) Miracle
    5.) Reigna
    6.) Sariyah

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    Is J'Nett said like Janette? I'd suggest spelling it this way.

    Aaleah, Jazmin, and Reigna are my favorites. I'd prefer Aaliyah, Jasmine, and Reina but I guess your spellings work in today's world too. I *do* think Reigna and King would be wayyy too much as siblings, so that's something to consider.

    Miracle is just...bad. Tierra is okay, and Sariyah makes me think of Psoriasis.

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    Yes J'nett is said like Janette but my mother spells it J'Nett. Thank you for your feedback!

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    I love Aaleah and Sariyah the most - they're both so pretty!

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    Sariyah or Tierra are really sweet
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