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    What’d you call your kids before they were born?

    What’d you call your kids while they were in the womb before you found out the gender/had a name in mind? My boyfriend and I have been calling our baby girl Bean until she has a name.
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    Our daughter was "nugget" or "peanut" and actually we still call her those sometimes. This time around I've been using "baby" and "little dove." Not sure where I came up with that one, but I just felt so happy and peaceful about getting pregnant so it stuck.
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    My husband always called our son, when in utero, nugget or little nugget because on a early scan he thought the baby looked like a chicken nugget. I always called my son and now our twins either nugget or bebe, the French word for baby. My husband has recently started calling the twin figgy and pistache because I have been craving and eating boat loads of figs and pistachios.
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    My sister called my little one "Peach" while I was pregnant.

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    my niece was "jelly bean" and my friends nephew was "gummy bear".
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    Two of my friends and I were pregnant at the same time and didn't want to share our name choices, so we all came up with names that were absolutely silly with our last names (like rhyming, or a silly phrase), in other words, we named each other's babies the names the names they would least likely use.. My baby ended up being called Robin because it was the worst name they could come up with for my last name--Robin Graves.

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    Friends of ours used "sesame".
    My SIL and another girlfriend used "poppy".
    Other family has used "peanut" and "nugget".

    I wonder what we'll do...
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    I call my baby piccolina or pickle, but mostly piccolina. My family is Italian and it's the feminine form of the word Little.
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    With Liam, we were team green, so I think we basically just called him "the baby". I don't remember any cutesy nicknames offhand, although I'm sure there probably were some.

    With Cate, we found out she was a girl and had already picked a name (our girl choice from last time), so we called her Cate the Great!

    With Vera, we were team green again (although not by choice) but had decided on Veronica for a girl and Alexander for a boy. Smooshing the ending of the names together, I came up with Nicander (which is actually a legitimate name), so that became her "in utero" nickname.

    And with Axel, we knew he was going to be a boy, so we called just called him Axel.
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