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    Names from the past

    Hello berries I have been lurking on the forums for a while and finally decided to make an account and post.

    One of my hobbies is geneaology and I love discovering unusual or underused names from generations ago. Here are some of the more interesting ones I have discovered:

    Everard : love it, and I think it is totally usable today
    Febronia : my understanding is that this is usually a female name, but it was the middle name of a distant uncle, Karl Febronia.
    Luck : lived with his wife Lucy in 17th century Cornwall
    Farquhar : very Scottish. Personally I would never use it, as here in Australia people would pronounce it to sound like a swear word :/

    Euphemia : personally I think this name sounds too much like 'euphemism' to be used today, but the nickname Effy is adorable
    Petronel : personally I much preder Petronella. Nelly or Petra could be nicknames?
    Loveday : poor 5x great-grandmother Loveday
    Wilmot : my understanding is that this name is traditionally considered masculine, but it was used here on a female
    Dorcas : I don't think this name will ever make a comeback!
    Hartley : I also have a male Hartley on my family tree, but I prefer it on a girl personally
    Helewise : lived in the the 11th century
    Alida : love!

    And finally my favourite mismatched historical sibset (from the 1800s):
    Ethelbert Llewelin
    Edaburgha Elswitha
    Sarah Elizabeth
    Esther Godiva

    What are your thoughts on these names? And what unusual names have you discovered far back in your family trees?


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    Welcome to the site fellow Australian berry!
    Everard : I actually really love this. It's so unique in this day and age. I like the name Edward which this reminded me of.
    Ambrose : This is an interesting name for a male. I've heard this used as a female name before.
    Febronia : Not my personal taste.
    Pascoe : I'm a huge fan of the name Pascal which this reminded me of! Definitely like this name.
    Shadrach : Not a big fan of this one.
    Luck : This is adorable. I think this could be a really lovely middle name.
    Amos : This is a nice name that I've heard before. Strong religious connections so maybe not my taste but still nice.
    Farquhar : Definitely not my taste. To be honest this reminded me of two things: the king from shrek and there's actually a place in Australia called this that I've been to. As an Australian myself I understand your concern of it being misspoken.
    Montague : Instantly reminded me of Romeo and Juliet as this is Romeo's surname.
    Hiram : I personally really like this name and have heard it many times before. There's actually a character in the hit netflix series Riverdale with this name.
    Mostyn - Interesting name. I don't like it but I don't dislike either if that makes sense. Very neutral towards it.
    Burnett - Not a fan. Not really sure why though.
    Theophilus - Another name with a very strong connection to religion.

    Thomasina - This is one of those feminine variant names. I'm not a fan of this one though.
    Euphemia - I do understand your concern of it sounding too much like "euphemism".
    Tamar - I don't like this name purely because I have strong personal connections to the name Tamara. This just looks wrong to me.
    Petronel - I have to admit this name reminds me of the word "petrol" which isn't too nice but I do really like the nickname Petra!
    Loveday - While a little out there I think this name is endearing! Wouldn't use it though...
    Wilmot - Reminds me of the name Wilma. Not my taste.
    Dorcas - I think it's safe to say that you're right about this one not making a comeback!
    Hartley - This name's so pretty! I love it.
    Emlin/Emlyn - I personally don't like spelling anything with "lyn" so I prefer the first variant. This name sounds nice when spoken.
    Helewise - Maybe it's just my immaturity but I instantly made a pun on "hella wise". Sorry.
    Alida - This is a really nice name! So short and sweet.

    I don't know my family tree well as I've only gone back a very small portion. No weird names but a lot of pretty ones I hadn't thought to add to my longlist until I saw them. It's actually the young generation of my family with the unique names.
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