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    @Carlasworld, I can't remember if I ever congratulated you for Audrey's arrival! What a gorgeous and sweet baby girl!

    @Julylacs, Rowan is one of my favorite nature names for a boy, it's actually one of the rare names I like on both sexes and I don't think it leans more girl or more boy, so it's legit unisex IMO.

    Anyway, I'm officially 36 weeks today! About ready to burst and I can't wait to meet my baby girl. I'm having mixed feelings right now regarding her arrival, nothing serious, but I would prefer it if we had a name picked out already, it's been an endless search and nothing has clicked. With Rupert, my last birth baby, it was so easy! We landed on Rupert Willow and there was no more discussion, it simply felt right.

    Girl names are my favorites, but they're also the worst to choose from!

    Baby girl's been kicking more and more and I'm finding it very difficult to sleep on my bed, so right now I've been sleeping on the floor, on top of a small pile of duvets, lol. We have set up her crib in our room, but changed all of the bedding and decor and stuff, new baby, new style. A lot of it I made myself on the sewing machine and some DIY stuff I found in tutorials and Pinterest.

    She's a summer baby so we tried to use summery colors like yellow, orange and light green in terms of cute florals and such. Her mobile is lovely and was a gift from my mother, it's Brambley Hedge themed with a bunch of cute little mice and it plays Brahm's lullaby, which is my go-to classical lullaby for all baby's. Knocks them out in seconds, bless their souls. This weekend I'm going to get a head start on cooking and freezing dinner for us because the last month of pregnancy and first month with a newborn are a challenge until we've gotten into a sort of routine. I recommend doing this to all expectant mamas!

    How have you other moms been feeling and preparing?
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