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    I don't have children and I haven't had a lot of experience with postpartum mental health, I know my sister (who has an 8yo, 2yo and is pregnant) did have PPD after her first and she's always had severe anxiety which has been very closely monitored throughout the last two years because she gets so worried about SIDS or something else terrible happening to her children.

    My whole family has a really extensive history with mental illness and while I've been fortunate enough to not really have had any significant issues myself, I'm really concerned that when/if I do get pregnant I will be at a higher risk of PPA/PPD.

    As the child of someone who has untreated/unmanaged bi-polar disorder I can tell you that I have never been upset at my mum for her mental health, but for as long as I've understood it I've been devastated that she hasn't tried to seek help. She has ended up with significant debt and substance abuse issues because she would be manic, just buying everything she wanted spending thousands of dollars in a day, she wouldn't sleep for days and start these huge projects like renovating the whole house and then she'd crash and be so depressed, she would either stay in bed or completely disappear for a week and she would self medicate! She won't even acknowledge that she has an issue, "I was only diagnosed with bi-polar once by one doctor!" - a direct quote from my mother.

    To sum it up, don't ever be ashamed of mental illness, it is just as legitimate as any physical illness/injury, but seek help if you need it. Use any resources available to you that you feel work (just don't self medicate, find a healthcare professional who will listen and work with you). If you had diabetes you wouldn't ignore it, you would find a way to manage it using diet, exercise, lifestyle and/or medication that work for you; depression, anxiety and any other mental illness are the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    Were you able to see a doctor and get meds? I'm pretty sure that I also had this with my first, but didn't get insomnia and wrote it down to bad circumstances. That time it took over a year before I felt good... The doctor essentially told me this time that the earlier you catch it and treat it, the better the prognosis is... and the sooner you'll be "back to normal". That being said, I'm not a fan of the side effects of my meds... an upset stomach, inability to get a deep sleep, etc.
    @tfzolghadr, how are you doing? Have you had any relief from the side effects of your meds? I know some go away after an adjustment period...Thanks for checking in. I did visit my primary care provider to talk about starting anti-anxiety meds again (I had had very good results with a low dose of a particular med before getting pregnant), but the breastfeeding-friendly option I was prescribed made me too exhausted to function (and I was already pretty damn tired from waking throughout the night with my LO). I hope to re-start with my preferred med after weaning. In the meantime, I've been able to manage my anxiety with lots more exercise, and eating better (I was barely eating, or eating unbalanced meals at random intervals, for the first six months after my son's birth). I've also tried to stop doing the things that spike my anxiety, like "consulting" the internet about every little day-to-day change in my LO. I am somewhat nervous that I will dip down again this winter, as I do get seasonal depression most years. I am seeing a therapist, though mainly for help resolving some communication issues with my partner. Anyway, he has been very helpful providing concrete methods for tuning in and recognizing the underlying needs that influence our behavior.

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    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. I'm blown away by what strong women we have on here...

    @seedsandstones The meds are definitely helping. I was trying to exercise more, but I've been having some postpartum pains that I think I should get checked out first. Also, some chest pain that worries me a bit... Glad to hear exercise is helping. Can you recommend any exercise in particular? I hope you are getting enough rest with your LO.

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    Don't be ashamed to get medicine. It's very helpful. I think there is still such a stigma attached to mental illness, but it's not something you can decide not to have. It's like diabetes, you can't change the fact that you have it and it's not your fault. It's a very widespread condition. Getting help will make you a better mom.

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    @tfzolghadr, how are you doing? I saw on @poodle’s post about bathing/nudity around little kids that you broke your leg?!? My dear, what a terrible time to be in a cast, with a preschooler and a newborn! How are you getting along? I’m thinking of you and hoping you heal quickly!

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