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    Jan 2016

    Comic Book Men CAF

    I've been obsessed with the AMC show Comic Book Men lately. It's about 5 guys working at a comic book store (one of those guys being the filmmaker Kevin Smith who doesn't work there anymore). This game is to create five *new* comic book men and their families.

    You choose last names.

    Name: Benjamin Collin James Kian Sean / Anthony Flynn Greyson Oliver Ray (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Black Panther, Batman, Green Lantern, Cyclops, The Flash
    Affinity: Horror, Firefly, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Doctor Who
    DW (46): Cordelia Emma Jessica Linette Rachael / Camille Grace Holliday Ruby Samantha
    DD (18): Blake Hollis Kendall Piper Quincy / Billie Carol Jade Logan Shannon
    DD (16): Ashton Baylor Darcy Riley Teagan / Cameron Dakota Joss Mackenzie Reese

    Name: Bernard Conrad Henry Louis Malcolm / Alexander Grant Joseph Nathanael Xavier (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Daredevil, Aquaman, Wolverine
    Affinity: Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Avatar, The Walking Dead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    DW (47): Delilah Eva Jacquelyn Liza Vanessa / Alison Elizabeth May Nicole Pearl
    DS (15): Arden Caius Dashiell Kaiden Max / Cypress Hawthorne Sebastian Talon Zade

    Name: Brent Glenn Ian Maclean Rory / Anderson Jay Kendall Matthew William (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Spiderman, Deadpool, Mister Fantastic, Captain America, Hawkeye
    Affinity: Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Transformers, Rick and Morty
    DD (11): Crystal Delaney Fiona Harper Shae / Blue Catherine Marianna Paige Willow
    DS (9): Bronson Liam Noel Sterling Zander / Andrew Caleb Jude Maddox Stone

    Name: David Jackson Mitchell Samuel Zachary / Daniel Harrison Lee Taylor Vann (48)
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk, Green Arrow, Luke Cage, Star-Lord, Iron Man
    Affinity: Suicide Squad, Mystery Science Theater, Star Wars, Halo, Ghostbusters
    DH (48): Adam Gabriel Jonathan Phillip Simeon / Franklin George Levi Robert Sirius
    ADS (19): Brycen Hardy Kane Luke Seamus / Clay Damien Jon Vincent Wyatt
    ADD (16): Corey Joy Leia Mara Quinn / Alexandria Clementine Elliott Jade Maisie
    ADS (15): Dallas Jayden Micah Nash Weston / Brogan Castiel Isaak Lachlan Tate

    Name: Christopher Elijah Hunter Nico Tyler / Aiden Dash Geoffrey Lucas Simon (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman, Thor, Superman, Professor X, Magneto
    Affinity: World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Welcome to Nightvale
    DW (45): Adriana Emily Jordan Marina Sydney / Blythe Jain Natalia Rosaline Zoe
    DD (5): Charlotte Grace Maeve Phoebe Samantha / Annika Hope Indigo Paloma Trinity
    DS (5): Booker Caspar Milo Solomon Theo / Angus Christian Jonah Noe Tobias
    Favorite Combos

    Dustin Asher, Dylan Jonas, Jasper Jude
    Carrie Christina, Maxi Hazel, Nova Berlin

    Favorite Singles

    August, Brady, Connor, Ezra, Logan, Noel, Reuben, Rory, Taylor, Tucker
    Aria, Brooke, Erica, Fatima, Hadley, Kennedy, Leslie, Maxine, Nevaeh, Rowena

    Fan of Star Wars & Impractical Jokers

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    Name: Sean Oliver Peterson (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Black Panther
    Affinity: Harry Potter
    DW (46): Emma Ruby Peterson
    DD (18): Blake Logan Peterson
    DD (16): Ashton Cameron Peterson


    Name: Bernard Grant Brown (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Black Widow
    Affinity: Lord of the Rings
    DW (47): Eva Pearl Brown
    DS (15): Kaiden Zade Brown


    Name: Rory Anderson Danton (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain America
    Affinity: Guardians of the Galaxy
    DD (11): Shae Blie Danton
    DS (9): Zander Stone Danton

    Name: Samuel Taylor Dryden (48)
    Favorite Superhero: Iron Man
    Affinity: Ghostbusters
    DH (48): Adam Sirius Sutton
    ADS (19): Kane Jon Dryden-Sutton
    ADD (16): Quinn Elliott Dryden-Sutton
    ADS (15): Weston Brogan Dryden-Sutton

    Name: Nico Dash Taylor (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Thor
    Affinity: Legend of Zelda
    DW (45): Marina Zoe Taylor
    DD (5): Samantha Indigo Taylor
    DS (5): Milo Noe Taylor

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    Dec 2016
    Lost in a Book
    DH(47): Collin Anthony
    Favorite Superhero: The Flash
    Affinity: Doctor Who
    DW(46): Rachael Samantha
    DD(18): Kendall Jade
    DD(16): Darcy Dakota
    Collin and Rachael; Kendall and Darcy
    DH(49): Bernard Nathanael "Bernie"
    Favortie Superhero: Wolverine
    Affinity: Avatar
    DW(47): Vanessa Pearl
    DS(15): Max Cypress
    Bernie and Vanessa; Max
    DH(49): Ian Matthew
    Favorite Superhero: Spiderman
    Affinity: Dungeons and Dragons
    DD(11): Harper Willow
    DS(9): Sterling Maddox
    Ian; Harper and Sterling
    DH(48): Zachary Vann "Zach"
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk
    Affinity: Star Wars
    DH(48): Adam Robert
    DAS(19): Kane Vincent
    DAD(16): Mara Clementine
    DAS(15): Nash Lachlan
    Adam and Zach; Kane, Mara and Nash
    DH(43): Christopher Geoffrey "Chris"
    Favorite Superhero: Thor
    Affinity: Pokemon
    DW(45): Sydney Natalia
    DD/DS(5): Grace Indigo/ Theo Christian
    Chris and Sydney; Grace and Theo
    Proud Member of The One and Done Club
    Mommy to a Son: N.R.G.*.

    <3 <3 <3 Loving <3 <3 <3
    Vivienne, Clover, Lydia, Piper & Maya
    Walker, Silas, Logan, Adlai & Xavier

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    Jan 2015
    DH: James Greyson (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Green Lantern
    Affinity: Horror
    DW: Emma Grace (46)
    -DD: Piper Jade (18)
    -DD: Darcy Reese (16)

    DH: Henry Alexander (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Wolverine
    Affinity: The Walking Dead
    DW: Eva Elizabeth (47)
    -DS: Dashiell Sebastian (15)

    DH: Brent William (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain America
    Affinity: Dungeons and Dragons
    -DD: Harper Catherine (11)
    -DS: Noel Andrew (9)

    DH: David Lee (48)
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk
    Affinity: Star Wars
    DH: Jonathan George (48)
    -ADS: Brycen Wyatt (19)
    -ADD: Leia Maisie (16)
    -ADS: Nash Brogan (15)

    DH: Christopher Aiden (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Superman
    Affinity: World of Warcraft
    DW: Adriana Blythe (45)
    -DD/DS: Phoebe Hope & Theo Noe (5)
    Isaac + Alice + Alvin
    auntie to Milia, Colin & Lovelia

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    Mar 2014
    Name: Sean Anthony Delgado (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Batman
    Affinity: Horror
    DW (46): Jessica Ruby Delgado (MN: Davis)
    DD (18): Hollis Jade Delgado
    DD (16): Baylor Mackenzie Delgado

    Name: Malcolm Alexander Reeves (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Wolverine
    Affinity: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    DW (47): Vanessa May Reeves (MN: Hawthorne)
    DS (15): Kaiden Hawthorne Reeves

    Name: Brent Matthew Gibson (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain America
    Affinity: Guardians of the Galaxy
    DD (11): Harper Catherine Gibson
    DS (9): Liam Andrew Gibson

    Name: Zachary Daniel Turner-Watts (48) "Zach"
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk
    Affinity: Star Wars
    DH (48): Adam Robert Turner-Watts
    ADS (19): Brycen Clay Turner-Watts
    ADD (16): Mara Elliott Turner-Watts "Elliott"
    ADS (15): Nash Lachlan Turner-Watts

    Name: Nico Simon Fisher (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Professor X
    Affinity: Game of Thrones
    DW (45): Emily Jain Fisher (MN: McDaniel)
    DD (5): Charlotte Hope Fisher "Charlie"
    DS (5): Milo Tobias Fisher
    Baby naming days are over but I'm still addicted to Nameberry!

    Kylee Jane 2/2/99 ~ Matthew Dylan 3/14/02

    ~Current Obsessions~
    Everly Danielle ~ Eden Elizabeth ~ Lauren Brooke ~ Bristol Katherine
    Elliott Thomas ~ Andrew Rhys ~ Joshua William ~ Everett Charles

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