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    Jan 2016

    Comic Book Men CAF

    I've been obsessed with the AMC show Comic Book Men lately. It's about 5 guys working at a comic book store (one of those guys being the filmmaker Kevin Smith who doesn't work there anymore). This game is to create five *new* comic book men and their families.

    You choose last names.

    Name: Benjamin Collin James Kian Sean / Anthony Flynn Greyson Oliver Ray (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Black Panther, Batman, Green Lantern, Cyclops, The Flash
    Affinity: Horror, Firefly, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Doctor Who
    DW (46): Cordelia Emma Jessica Linette Rachael / Camille Grace Holliday Ruby Samantha
    DD (18): Blake Hollis Kendall Piper Quincy / Billie Carol Jade Logan Shannon
    DD (16): Ashton Baylor Darcy Riley Teagan / Cameron Dakota Joss Mackenzie Reese

    Name: Bernard Conrad Henry Louis Malcolm / Alexander Grant Joseph Nathanael Xavier (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Daredevil, Aquaman, Wolverine
    Affinity: Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Avatar, The Walking Dead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    DW (47): Delilah Eva Jacquelyn Liza Vanessa / Alison Elizabeth May Nicole Pearl
    DS (15): Arden Caius Dashiell Kaiden Max / Cypress Hawthorne Sebastian Talon Zade

    Name: Brent Glenn Ian Maclean Rory / Anderson Jay Kendall Matthew William (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Spiderman, Deadpool, Mister Fantastic, Captain America, Hawkeye
    Affinity: Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Transformers, Rick and Morty
    DD (11): Crystal Delaney Fiona Harper Shae / Blue Catherine Marianna Paige Willow
    DS (9): Bronson Liam Noel Sterling Zander / Andrew Caleb Jude Maddox Stone

    Name: David Jackson Mitchell Samuel Zachary / Daniel Harrison Lee Taylor Vann (48)
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk, Green Arrow, Luke Cage, Star-Lord, Iron Man
    Affinity: Suicide Squad, Mystery Science Theater, Star Wars, Halo, Ghostbusters
    DH (48): Adam Gabriel Jonathan Phillip Simeon / Franklin George Levi Robert Sirius
    ADS (19): Brycen Hardy Kane Luke Seamus / Clay Damien Jon Vincent Wyatt
    ADD (16): Corey Joy Leia Mara Quinn / Alexandria Clementine Elliott Jade Maisie
    ADS (15): Dallas Jayden Micah Nash Weston / Brogan Castiel Isaak Lachlan Tate

    Name: Christopher Elijah Hunter Nico Tyler / Aiden Dash Geoffrey Lucas Simon (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman, Thor, Superman, Professor X, Magneto
    Affinity: World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Welcome to Nightvale
    DW (45): Adriana Emily Jordan Marina Sydney / Blythe Jain Natalia Rosaline Zoe
    DD (5): Charlotte Grace Maeve Phoebe Samantha / Annika Hope Indigo Paloma Trinity
    DS (5): Booker Caspar Milo Solomon Theo / Angus Christian Jonah Noe Tobias

    All-Time Favorites
    Aria Carrie Erica Hazel Leslie Maxine
    Asher Brady Dustin Ezra Jonas Rory

    Thinking About...
    Athena Dylan Harley Lyric Milana Sawyer
    Alexis Casey Dawson Micah Quinn Sebastian

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    Apr 2014
    Loki Land
    Name: Sean Oliver Peterson (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Black Panther
    Affinity: Harry Potter
    DW (46): Emma Ruby Peterson
    DD (18): Blake Logan Peterson
    DD (16): Ashton Cameron Peterson


    Name: Bernard Grant Brown (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Black Widow
    Affinity: Lord of the Rings
    DW (47): Eva Pearl Brown
    DS (15): Kaiden Zade Brown


    Name: Rory Anderson Danton (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain America
    Affinity: Guardians of the Galaxy
    DD (11): Shae Blie Danton
    DS (9): Zander Stone Danton

    Name: Samuel Taylor Dryden (48)
    Favorite Superhero: Iron Man
    Affinity: Ghostbusters
    DH (48): Adam Sirius Sutton
    ADS (19): Kane Jon Dryden-Sutton
    ADD (16): Quinn Elliott Dryden-Sutton
    ADS (15): Weston Brogan Dryden-Sutton

    Name: Nico Dash Taylor (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Thor
    Affinity: Legend of Zelda
    DW (45): Marina Zoe Taylor
    DD (5): Samantha Indigo Taylor
    DS (5): Milo Noe Taylor

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    Dec 2016
    Lost in a Book
    DH(47): Collin Anthony
    Favorite Superhero: The Flash
    Affinity: Doctor Who
    DW(46): Rachael Samantha
    DD(18): Kendall Jade
    DD(16): Darcy Dakota
    Collin and Rachael; Kendall and Darcy
    DH(49): Bernard Nathanael "Bernie"
    Favortie Superhero: Wolverine
    Affinity: Avatar
    DW(47): Vanessa Pearl
    DS(15): Max Cypress
    Bernie and Vanessa; Max
    DH(49): Ian Matthew
    Favorite Superhero: Spiderman
    Affinity: Dungeons and Dragons
    DD(11): Harper Willow
    DS(9): Sterling Maddox
    Ian; Harper and Sterling
    DH(48): Zachary Vann "Zach"
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk
    Affinity: Star Wars
    DH(48): Adam Robert
    DAS(19): Kane Vincent
    DAD(16): Mara Clementine
    DAS(15): Nash Lachlan
    Adam and Zach; Kane, Mara and Nash
    DH(43): Christopher Geoffrey "Chris"
    Favorite Superhero: Thor
    Affinity: Pokemon
    DW(45): Sydney Natalia
    DD/DS(5): Grace Indigo/ Theo Christian
    Chris and Sydney; Grace and Theo
    Proud Member of The One and Done Club
    Mommy to a Son: N.R.G.*.

    <3 <3 <3 Loving <3 <3 <3
    Vivienne, Clover, Lydia, Piper & Maya
    Walker, Silas, Logan, Adlai & Xavier

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    Jan 2015
    DH: James Greyson (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Green Lantern
    Affinity: Horror
    DW: Emma Grace (46)
    -DD: Piper Jade (18)
    -DD: Darcy Reese (16)

    DH: Henry Alexander (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Wolverine
    Affinity: The Walking Dead
    DW: Eva Elizabeth (47)
    -DS: Dashiell Sebastian (15)

    DH: Brent William (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain America
    Affinity: Dungeons and Dragons
    -DD: Harper Catherine (11)
    -DS: Noel Andrew (9)

    DH: David Lee (48)
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk
    Affinity: Star Wars
    DH: Jonathan George (48)
    -ADS: Brycen Wyatt (19)
    -ADD: Leia Maisie (16)
    -ADS: Nash Brogan (15)

    DH: Christopher Aiden (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Superman
    Affinity: World of Warcraft
    DW: Adriana Blythe (45)
    -DD/DS: Phoebe Hope & Theo Noe (5)
    Isaac + Alice + Alvin
    auntie to Milia, Colin & Lovelia

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    Mar 2014
    Name: Sean Anthony Delgado (47)
    Favorite Superhero: Batman
    Affinity: Horror
    DW (46): Jessica Ruby Delgado (MN: Davis)
    DD (18): Hollis Jade Delgado
    DD (16): Baylor Mackenzie Delgado

    Name: Malcolm Alexander Reeves (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Wolverine
    Affinity: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    DW (47): Vanessa May Reeves (MN: Hawthorne)
    DS (15): Kaiden Hawthorne Reeves

    Name: Brent Matthew Gibson (49)
    Favorite Superhero: Captain America
    Affinity: Guardians of the Galaxy
    DD (11): Harper Catherine Gibson
    DS (9): Liam Andrew Gibson

    Name: Zachary Daniel Turner-Watts (48) "Zach"
    Favorite Superhero: The Hulk
    Affinity: Star Wars
    DH (48): Adam Robert Turner-Watts
    ADS (19): Brycen Clay Turner-Watts
    ADD (16): Mara Elliott Turner-Watts "Elliott"
    ADS (15): Nash Lachlan Turner-Watts

    Name: Nico Simon Fisher (43)
    Favorite Superhero: Professor X
    Affinity: Game of Thrones
    DW (45): Emily Jain Fisher (MN: McDaniel)
    DD (5): Charlotte Hope Fisher "Charlie"
    DS (5): Milo Tobias Fisher
    Baby naming days are over but I'm still addicted to Nameberry!

    Kylee Jane 2/2/99 ~ Matthew Dylan 3/14/02

    ~Current Obsessions~
    Everly Danielle ~ Eden Elizabeth ~ Lauren Brooke ~ Bristol Katherine
    Elliott Thomas ~ Andrew Rhys ~ Joshua William ~ Everett Charles

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