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    More Beautiful Names for a Bilingual Baby?

    Hello! I'm looking for suggestions for girls' names that you think are:

    1. Beautiful pronounced in both Spanish and English (even if it's not typically considered a Spanish name)
    2. Can be shortened to a Spanish nickname
    3. Are not popular or very common (unless you think it's too good to pass up!)
    4. Similar to the ones listed below that I already greatly admire!

    Anastasia (I like nn Nai, Ania, or Ani pronounced with a short o sound, not short a like in Annie)
    Anatalia (Talia)
    Anelisa (Ani/Nelia. Going for a bilingual Annelise. Eh?)
    Adelina (?)
    Alessandra (Alessa/Alessia)
    Catalia (Talia)
    Catalina (Talia)
    Celestia (?)
    Celestina (?)
    Evelia (Eila?)
    Liliosa (Lilia)
    Milena (Mila)
    Rosalia (don't like Rosa)
    Rosalina (again, don't like Rosa)
    Soraya (Sora? Does thatE sound too much like "zorra?" Does it matter?)
    Eliora (Eila?)
    Elula (Lulu/Lula. Maybe this is silly since Elula is already so short. Lu?)
    Carlotta (Lola)
    Seraphina (Sera?)

    Any feedback on these names would be great as well.

    I'm also interested in any unusual/more unique Spanish nicknames and the names they stem from. I plan to use my favorite names that are only easily pronounced in English as firsts, and any of these more bilingual options as middles. Signature is English nicknames, not full first names!

    Expecting a boy (first child!) this time around so this is for future reference!

    *Also, they don't have to end in 'a'. Apparently I just prefer the ones that do!
    ~Expecting in November~

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    Amaryllis Elora. miri | Beatrice Alouette. birdie lou | Clementine Jane. jane | Elula Primrose. posie | Gwyneth Milena. gwyn | Liliosa Ardith. lila | Ophelia Lavender. opal | Sophronia Mae. prim

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    Beautiful name list! I love names that end in "a" too (as you can see from my signature, haha). Other suggestions: Eliana, Emilia, Elara, Sienna.

    I LOVE Anastasia, and would use it myself if I wasn't so worried about the "Ana" nickname (bad personal associations). I also really like:

    Alessandra (Sandra?)
    Catalina (I like the nicknames Cat or Lina for this)
    Celestia (Tia?)
    Celestina (Tina)
    Milena (Mila's great)
    Rosalia (Rose or Lia could work as nicknames)
    Soraya (Sora's great)
    Eliora (Eila works)
    Seraphina (Sera's great)
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    Guinevere Edith / Winifred Charlotte / Marian Rosalie
    Lydia Celeste / Paloma Katharine

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    You seem to like names that end in 'a'. My daughter's name seems to travel well among English and Spanish speakers, and is not very common:


    variations are Talia or Athalia.

    Love my Thalia WaiChi

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    You have some really nice and unusual names in your list. Have never heard Lillosa before, such a gorgeous name. Love Seraphina as well

    Some other bilingual names that I think might tick the boxes:

    Lavinia, nn Vivi, Nia, Vinnie
    Esmeralda, Esme
    Paloma, Lola, Peppi
    Penelope, Peppi, Nel,
    Lucia, Luz
    Aurelia, Lia, Elia
    Eulalia, Laia, Lali, Lia, Lula
    Clementina, nn Tina, Clem, Clemmi
    Florencia, nn Flor, Florrie, Flora
    Guinevere, Guinny, Quinn, Vera
    Arcelia, Celie, Celia
    Marielena, Elena, Leni,
    Novella, nn Nova, Ella
    Cecilia, Ilia
    Leticia, Zia, Lettie
    Fiorella, Fifi, Ella
    Elizabella, Eliza, Bella
    Amália, Lia, Máli
    Carmelita, Carmen, Melli, Lita
    Feliciti, Felice, Lizzy, Fifi
    Genoveva, Viva
    Nevada, Ada, Eva
    Solana, Sol
    Octavia, Tavi, Tavia
    Mirabella, Mira, Bella
    Iliana, Ilia, Ana, Lana

    Sorry for any repeats

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