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    Red face "Agent 007" Name Hunt - New List, Again

    Updated list!

    Hi Berries! I'm back after a bit of a break for re-evaluating. The big mid-way ultrasound was a couple of weeks ago and it looks like our "Agent 007" is a girl.

    I'm having an awful time because, well, girl names aren't my favorite to begin with. This baby makes for our third girl in a row, and I'm just burned out on girl names. All the other kids have names that have special connections, or the names themselves have nice meanings, or both. I'm feeling like a rotten mother because I could easily name several more boys, but I'm stumped for this poor little girl. I have plenty of "rules" but the one real rule that matters to me is choosing the name that makes me think, "what a great name! More people should use that!" So far, I haven't found it (or else I'm looking at it and don't see it, which has happened before).

    I did start a new list from scratch by cruising around the NB links to "names like this" on the individual review pages. A few of the old ideas made it back on, though not many. Have a look, give some feedback, and if you think of new suggestions just toss 'em out there. You can see I like a couple of different styles going on with the ornate names and the more minimalist ones.

    Anatolia - a bit much IRL? nn Annie is out, we have a cousin by that name now and I'd rather not overlap unless it's, you know, my FAVORITE name. Which we all know... I don't really have a favorite.

    Aravis - Is this even a name outside of Narnia? Too close to Avis the car rental store?

    Avalon - Cred for Arthur, but the car is a real bummer. Some in my circle will remember the band. So maybe another LIKE this.

    Calandra - I'm NOT a fan of Callie. Should I just skip it? I like that this one is intricate without being overly ornate. Repeats an initial but I think I need to drop some requirements at this point. I did have Colanthe/Calanthe and my husband said no because he thought it looked like "calamity."

    Callaia - cal-EYE-ah like Calliope without the ending, or cal-LAY-ah like Calais with an A on the end? I'm seeing both. Is it too confusing? Skip because of the Callie thing? (I don't like Calliope because of the musical instrument).

    Cressida - Nice meaning, terrible associations. That seems pretty unfortunate when everybody else got awesome connections with their name.

    Iolanthe - This one has a whole list of great associations for us, and bonus works as a name honor. I'm really afraid that it's just too out-there as a first name, though.

    Juno - One of the short-but-sweet names. I like it, but I don't want a goddess name, and some people would just think of the movie, so maybe something similar.

    Kerensa/Kerenza - Nice meaning, might sound too much like "credenza." Again, interestingly intricate without being too ornate.

    Lottie - NN that keeps making the list but not ending up attached to anything else. We do like this kind of name as a nn though. Don't like Charlotte/Carlotta/Lolita.

    Octavia - Seems like the real world can cope with this one better than some others. I keep waffling on whether it's just too weird to use an "8" name on a 7th child. The octopus sound doesn't escape me but I'm not sure it's a deal killer, Octavia is seen as a "name" now, though would people automatically try to change it to the mega-popular Olivia?

    Romilda - I don't think this one stands any kind of real chance, but I do like the -ilda ending. Ramona isn't my gig because of the "moan" syllable.

    Soraya - I think this one is in the "something like this" category, it sounds like soiree. I did have Soleil on the list too but it was too Cirque for me and my husband knew of some obscure computer company something-or-other by that name.

    Tova - This one is right there with Juno in the offbeat-but-brief category. Surname is T so I can't really see using it, and Nova is out due to an association, but I do like this style/type a lot.

    Una - Another offbeat-but-brief name. Cred for Irish link. Strikes for sounding like the Spanish word "uno" and Hubby is having a hangup with the little puffin from the Netflix show named Oona.

    Verona - Veronica never has quite fit the bill because of that KA at the end, and Viola doesn't work because of instrument/orchestra associations, so maybe Verona?

    Ysella - Like the sound, not so keen on the spelling.

    Zipporah - My husband likes all the Z names and I think I'm willing to let go of the repeated initial hangup. Pros: I like the meaning and I like Biblical Zipporah, cons: maybe a bit zipper-ish and it seems any time this made my list before, people thought it sounded like the makeup brand Sephora.

    Zoraida - Maybe weird to have two girls from Don Quixote, though hardly anyone will make that connection.

    Zuleika - Nice meaning, but maybe too far outside our heritage.

    Zuzu - Another sweet nn we like that never has been connected with a full "name" name.

    A couple others I liked for style but my husband thought were terrible were Oriel (I thought of the oriole bird... he thought of Oreo cookies), and India (a ton of my husband's co-workers are from India and it's weird). Both of those have really interesting sounds without being crazy, so that's why I liked them.

    My husband says his favorite is still Zelda. And he would suggest Zelda Iolanthe if it weren't for our T surname. Definitely need a second middle in there to mitigate that situation. I'm having trouble with Zelda, though. I do like it. BUT, in a family where Casp!an WAS named for Narnia, Peregr!ne wasn't named for LOTR but we didn't mind the association, and Dulc!nea WAS for the musical version of Don Quixote, etc., etc., I'm having a bit of a hangup with giving my daughter a video game name. I mean, the game is fine and all (I'm not much of a gamer), but... this is not thrilling me. Sometimes it sounds like "sell the" to me and other times it reminds me of zebra, and other times I think it might be my favorite. So, not sold there at all.

    Other news: most notable news for those of you who have been following along is that Constance is completely out, and all variations thereof. My husband never has been able to come around to it, and he finally put his finger on why: he's a computer programmer, and all of his job is dealing with "variables" and "constants." Ohhhhh. Liiiiight bullllb. Yep. Got it. The whole point of Constance was because I'd like to do a name honor for my dad, Ethan (I know, my grandparents were way ahead of their time), and Ethan means something like "steadfast." Dad has been a DBA forever, so he would surely hear the "constants" thing too. Which kills that idea as an honor name, for sure. I'd be sad to say goodbye, except that I'm completely relieved to have a solid decision on that name so we can move on.

    OK, thanks all for the feedback & ideas, as always. Maybe you can sell me on one of these, or put me on track for that one AMAZING name I've been overlooking.
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    Callaia - When I saw this, I though of the nickname Caia, which is cute and bypasses the nickname Callie if you don't like it.
    Romilda - If you like the 'ilda' ending, you might like Hilda, Tilda, or Swanhilda (I kind of like clunky antique names) and it's worth considering that Zelda has the 'da' ending, which is similar.
    Zelda - We recently named our cat Zelda - my husband initially liked it more than I did, but this name has grown on me. I love Zel and Zelie as a nickname (Zelie has a very french vibe to me). Some other variations are Griselda and Selda.
    Octavia - This could get you the nickname 'Tavi' which is similar to another name on your list, Tova.

    Other names I like on your list are Cressida, Tova, and Ysella.
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    Hmmmm, well from your descriptions, it seems like Iolanthe is the only one you seem to really like?

    I like Verona a lot, as well as Calandra (Andi or Andra instead of Callie?) and Soraya (I don't think it sounds like Soiree at all... and I do like some of the others, but let me see if I can give some other options:

    Since you like Romilda, what about Hilda or Gilda? I personally love Hildie as a name, but I also like Hilda....
    There's also Ramira.

    Since you like Aravis (which is a character in one of my comics, lol) maybe you'll like: Amaris, Viridis, Veradis, Floris, Meris, Corliss, Tallis, Loris, Glynnis, Lyris, Mirias, or of course, Mavis or Maris?

    Since you like Zuzu, there's Zurina or my fave, Zulima. I do like Zuleika too, it's beautiful, but I have a pen pal by this name who lives in the Middle East and she said everyone, even there, calls her Zoo-lee-kuh instead of Zoo-lay-kuh....

    Do you like Lettie as well as Lottie? Because there's a lot more names to get Lettie: Florette, Nicolette, Colette, Jolette, Paulette, Letitia and Letya as well as Odelette (on our own list, though no one seems to like it on here). Loretta with Lottie as a nn could work.

    I'll see if I can brainstorm more for later, but this is what I've got for now.... Don't stress too much about it, you'll find another gem of a name for sure.
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    Hello, congrats on number 7! Sorry to hear you're struggling so much with a name for her, but I'm sure you'll get there, all your other children have lovely names. From your new considerations, I think Kerensa stands out as a great option because it bridges the range of classic to unusual that I would use to describe your daughters' names. That said, it sounds like you're not over the moon about Kerensa. Zelda is a great name, but you don't seem dazzled. So my first thought is, what name could you give this girl that your husband could call her Zelda as a nickname? This is what I came up with.

    Hazel - It's pretty popular compared to some of your other choices, but I think a decadent middle name of your choosing could make nn Zelda more plausible and make the name as a whole more fanciful - a la Hazel Andromeda "Zelda"
    Giselle - Really a straight shot to Zelda, but pretty similar to your last daughter's name. Regardless, the same scenario could apply as with Hazel - Giselle Andromeda or something or something along those lines could be Zelda.

    Other than that, I would say steer clear of Zelda if you're not crazy about it. Some other suggestions (having only skimmed the other threads, so I'm sorry if you've already discussed them/said you don't like them) would be Lumina/Luna, Mazarine, Blythe, Clover, Cosima, Laelia, Valencia, Francisca, and and Delphine.

    I look forward to seeing how the naming process plays out for you! Also, I want to add that Iolanthe is pretty awesome, so if you're leaning in that direction, embrace it!
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    I like the musical/opera/artistic name inspiration: so...

    Cosette (victor hugo, les mis etc...) (zetta is a cute
    Carmina (carmina burana - epic! masterful! gorgeous!)
    Clara (Schumann, nutcracker)
    Cosima (Wagner's wife; I like how it references the cosmos...holst's the planets is gorgeous)
    Satie (after Eric...a gp of mine)
    Casilda - not musical, but I believe it means castle, and it sounds medieval, and seems straight-forward yet romantic.
    Brynja - not a musical name, either, but a super Icelandic, cool name with lots of charm IMO.
    Amadea - a pretty choice, imo.
    Elysium - referenced in Ode to Joy.
    Nairne - a Scottish name, kind of like narnia. I like nairne - it's fun and zippy and cute!
    Elska - Norwegian word for love.
    Corinthea - I like how this is so many things; a type of architecture; a smooshed name; a bible reference (Corinthians) etc...
    Willoughby - just fun. and literary. And romantic and willlowy.
    Susannah/Shoshana/Shenandoah - oh! (Hee hee). I actually think this is sweet
    in your set, and the nn zuzu is perfect.

    I think you are like me in that you weigh all angles of a name...but one thing I do think after naming kids and then having them grow up is that really any name can be stunning. And every name has something wrong with it. So maybe just focus on what names make you happy...or more happy than most!

    Also, Fwiw of your new suggestions my fav is Karenza...I love that name. And most young people have NO idea what a credenza is, certainly not kids. Wren is a cute nn, too. I think it's great! I am also firmly in the Iolanthe is great camp, too. Good luck!
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