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    Iolanthe is a lovely name and if you love it I would say go for it. Also as well as the game there is Zelda Fitzgerald as a name sake for your little one, which gives her a literary connection like her siblings. I also really like Esmeralda nn Zelda although I understand if it's not your style.

    Either way you have some lovely choices and you will find the name!
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    We have been considering Zuzu for this pregnancy as well. Susannah/Susana/Suzanna/Suzanne/Suzette all feel too dated for us to personally pull the trigger on them so they keep floating on and off our list, but someone should use them. Perhaps you would be interested in Zuzana or Azure as a way to get to Zuzu.

    I think there are some good suggestions from pps about getting Zelda as a nn vs a given name if you are looking for a different story, although I do love the games.

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    I love the suggestions of Tilda and Blythe.
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    OK I’m going to to have to read a page at a time and reply to those because things are busy around here and wow... what a lot of replies already! Thanks, everyone.

    @ccmrath - I do rather like Tilda, though unfortunately we have a T surname and alliteration with that initial is just so very tricky. I did notice that Zelda has the -da ending - as does Cressida and Zoraida. Seems to be a thing I’m digging at the moment, yeah. Do you happen to know of any variations on Ysella that come out with a nicer spelling? Hee hee, I just noticed your kitties are Viggo & Zelda. Great names. :-D

    @trina14 - Ha, yeah I’m not very enthusiastic about anything around here, am I? The burnout is real…. Eek, thanks for the input about Zuleika. And for the other suggestions, you have many nice ones.

    @larkub101 - Oh, it’s ok. Don’t worry about repeat suggestions/ones I’ve tossed already. I really wouldn’t expect anyone to be able to remember all of this madness! Most of your new suggestions have indeed been tossed, unfortunately, though I hadn’t considered Lumina before so I added that to the list. Although that one might be a car model, too, ugh. I’m not sure about the Zelda-as-a-nickname idea, I guess I could get on board if there were a full name I was dying to use yet thought was too much (like our Dulc!nea/Da!sy compromise) but I’m not floating on clouds over Hazel or Giselle. I don’t know that I’d say I’m leaning toward Iolanthe per se, I want it for a middle name definitely, but I’m for sure not convinced on it as a first. Not that I’m convinced on ANYTHING as a first right now.

    @mousehouse7 - Eh the musical/opera theme is going to be pretty hit-and-miss for us, it’s going to have to be just exactly the right show, right character, right song, etc. Pretty sure Iolanthe will be the middle either way so that might be a bit much musical reference, even for us. ha ha, Willoughby is a SCUMBAG. Nonononononoooooo. Yeah, “kids these days” probably don’t know what a credenza is, but if *I* feel like I’m calling “Credenza” or “Sell the” or “Zebra” or “Car Name” every time I call the kid, it doesn’t quite work. Wren is sweet, it comes and goes but never quite makes the list. Such a plain little bird. Thanks for the good wishes, I may just have to set and simmer some more.

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    Skip Callandra and the like, because she will be called Callie.

    Indigo or Indiana instead of India?

    I like Octavia, I think you are the only ones that would think of the 8 association, I don't think it's a problem.

    If you like Verona & Viola, what about Venice?

    Zuzu could be a nn for pretty much any z name I think... Zaylynn, Zahra, Zariah, Zarina, etc...

    I just met a woman named Jax, I thought it was a great name! Not sure if it's her full name.

    Carys is a beautiful name, it means love.

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