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    If you had to choose one letter...

    There is a TV family many people know, The Duggar’s, who have nineteen children!
    All of their kids’ first names start with the letter J.
    My question is that if you had to pick just one letter to name all of your kids- not necessarily nineteen of them- what would you choose? Or which letter is consistently the first in your favorite names?
    I can’t decide- I’d have to lean towards B, A, E, S... there’s too many good ones! And the letter would have to work with both genders...
    What would you do??

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    E or L most likely.
    I still think that many names would end up being too similar, but I could definitely come up with an imaginary family with E or L names.

    I will gladly provide examples, lol
    Eliza, Evelyn, Ezra, Ethan, Eve and Emmeline

    Levi, Liora, Liam, Liv, Lena, Lila and Luke
    grace . praying for patience .
    Mae Evelyn / Ella Octavia / Iris Adeline / Lena Camille / Ada Claire / Liv Eleanor / Liora Jane / Eliza Winter

    Jack Shepherd / Reid Elijah / Owen Archer / Benjamin Abel / Jonah Matthew / Levi William / Ronan Isaac / Silas Archer

    Thinking about...Luke Amias /

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    J for boys (example: Jesse, Jay, Jackson, Jonas...)
    E for girls (example: Everly, Emily, Emmeline, Erin, Eliza...)
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    erin amelia • sophia camille • natalie sage
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    I would choose P
    Boys- Parker & Phelan
    Girls- Penelope, Phoebe, Piper, Poppy & Paris


    I would choose L
    Girls- Lila & Liana
    Boys- Levi, Logan, Leo, Luca & Lincoln
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    My Favorites
    Calvin Anthony, Jasper Harrison, Levi Sebastian, Wesley Theodore
    Amelia Rowan, Juniper Esme, Kaya Genevieve, Octavia Grace, Penelope Ingrid, Phoebe Eloise

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    I'll do a few because it's quite fun

    - A BOYS: Alexander "Sasha", Atticus "Kit", Arthur "Ari", Asa, Artemus "Misha", Alistair
    - A GIRLS: Adelaide "Ada", Alice, Amelie, Anastasia "Ana/Scout", Anouk "Anoushka"

    - E BOYS: Edmund, Elijah, Exton, Esa
    - E GIRLS: Elspeth "Effie", Eulalie "Lula", Edith "Edie", Elodie "Lola", Evanthe, Estelle, Ebba, Emmie, Eir

    - I BOYS: Indio/Inigo/Indigo, Ira, Ignotus "Not", Iago
    - I GIRLS: Ingrid "Indie", Ida, Isbe, Isa, Irene, Iseult, Isabeau

    - L BOYS: Lysander "Sasha", Leo, Lorcan, Lachlan, Lynx
    - L GIRLS: Leda, Lilibet "Lili", Lucy, Lux, Lavender "Lali", Lumi

    - M BOYS: Misha "Mishka", Milo, Magnus, Marius
    - M GIRLS: Matilda "Memo", Maude "Maudie", Minerva "Neva", Magda, Margo, Maeve, Merida "Ira", Malka, Madelief "Del"
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    elspeth cordelia bambi "effie" | dorothea magda gwendolen "dora" | florence matilda juni "lola"
    wilhelmina estelle solace "lumi" | euphemia evadne sybil "fia" | rosamund evanthe ebba "rosa"

    arthur peregrine milo "narfi" | rufus theodore james "rue" | edmund marius harry "teddy"
    remy sebastian wolf | fox alexander indigo | percy frederic leo | kit lysander poet "loki"

    adaline ophelia frankie "ada" | lilibet anastasia luna | nala cecilia diana | augustus fabian darcy "asa"

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