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    Ridgeview Elementary School Round 3


    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female

    Age: Roll 50 sided die and add to 20

    Teachers this Round: 1 principal, 1 vice principal, 1 counselor, 1 school nurse, 2 special education teachers, 1 physical education teacher, 1 art teacher and 1 music teacher

    1. (correct gender, african american and random country)
    2. Boys:
    Girls: Two Syllables
    6. (correct gender, greek myth and igbo)
    7. Ends with S
    8. 7 letters long
    9. Boys: (masculine, ancient norse, limburgish, hawaiian, russian and albanian)
    10. Name starts and ends with the same letter
    11. Boys:
    12. (parent's first name)
    13. (correct gender, kazakh, gluttakh, igbo and georgian)
    14. Nature Name
    16. (generate 6 and choose)

    Last Names
    1. (from cajun last names)
    4. Ends with -aiden
    6. Ramona, Mae, Bruce, Matthew, Etta, Ada, Roma, Romy, Ava, Alouette, Cosette, Harriet, Juliet, Violet, Suzette, Alice, Camille, Elodie, Eloise, Elsa
    7. Flora, Florence, Flossy, Flo, Camilla, Greta, Louise, Lola, Lucinda, Margot, Marguerite, Maggie, Margo, Matilda, Olive, Penelope, Poppy, Nellie, Penny, Petra
    8. ends in -er
    10. Marine/Water associated name
    11. Bickford, Grieve, Ebron, Batchelor, Fick, Mullett, McClure, Mahi, Scalzo, Pingree, Hasegawa, Benes, Mulder, Haag, Cobian, Harney, Rushin, Koster, Malia, Williams
    14. Espinal, Pumba, Cris, Podgson, Bacon, Ziggy, Snoop, Hogg, Kevin, Lawson, Albert, Einswine, Piggy, Azalea, Spamela, Anderson, Hawkeye, Collin, Bella, Poppy
    15. (any word generated)
    18. Long, John, Silver, Jim, Hawkins, Israel, Hands, Treasure
    19. (parent's last name)
    20. (generate 5 of both genders and choose a last name)

    -Roll for anyone over 18.
    -If you get homo/bi more than once it goes back to straight a 3rd brings it back to whichever you rolled etc.
    -Candidates can only be married once every two years, so if the person is 22 and you get divorced 3 times they've only been divorced twice and are now single.

    1. single
    2. boyfriend/girlfriend
    3. divorced
    4. engaged
    5. divorced
    6. married
    7. under 25 boyfriend/girlfriend, 26-35 engaged, 36-45 married, 46-55 divorced, 56+ widowed
    8. married
    9. under 40 married, 41+ divorced
    10. engaged
    11. if divorced or widowed now boyfriend/girlfriend otherwise married
    12. boyfriend/girlfriend
    13. bisexual (odd-male, even-female)
    14. married
    15. married
    16. homosexual
    17. widowed
    18. married
    19. widowed
    20. single

    SO: Names same as above, ages your choice

    Biological Children:
    22 and under maximum of 3 kids. under 30 maximum of 6 kids
    1. 8
    2. roll 8 sided die
    3. roll 10 sided die
    4. 2
    5. 1
    6. 9
    7. 3
    8. roll 6 sided die
    9. 4
    10. 1
    11. none
    12. 4
    13. 5
    14. none
    15. none
    16. 3
    17. roll 4 sided die
    18. 2
    19. 7
    20. 6

    Age - Take parents age -15 and roll for age highest number is infant. If parent is over 50 roll 35 sided die and add number over 50 to age. 35=0

    Adopted Children
    roll for anyone over 25
    1. roll 4 sided die if over 30
    2. none
    3. none
    4. roll 4 sided die if in same sex relationship
    5. none
    6. roll 6 sided die
    7. none
    8. none
    9. none
    10. roll 4 sided die
    11. none
    12. none

    Age: Candidate's age -20 roll that sided die highest = infant

    Step Children:
    1. none
    2. none
    3. none
    4. none
    5. roll 4 sided die
    6. none
    7. none
    8. none
    9. none
    10. roll 4 sided die if over 30
    11. roll 4 sided die if more than one current or past SO
    12. roll 6 sided die

    Age: Your Choice (whatever makes sense)

    Children's Names:
    2. (1885, top 100)
    4. (from any of the lists)
    5. Boys:
    6. (oklahoma, 1995, top 100)
    7. or
    8. (box in middle)
    10. (correct gender and roman myth)
    12. Boys: Sacha, Max, Joe, Bresson, Domino, Leo, Kingston, Taylor, Giacomo, Travis, Myles, Wesley, Pegasus, Jet, Sunny, Beau, Baron, Sasha, Mario, Midnight, Salem, Wario, Odie, Bowser, Goya, Blakely, Pal, Fargo, Ricky, Tim, Kiwano, Trouble, Bandit, Jefe, Sherlock, Risky, Blu, Pillie, Poli, Tuna, Simms, Oliver, Paisley, Doc, Don, Juan, Gordon, Peter, Hansel, Milo
    Girls: Sacha, Max, Kiyah, Lauren, Bresson, Tink, Kitty, Boo, Aurora, Taylor, Ruby, Goldie, Cashmere, Princess, Eve, Emerald, Jet, Pebbles, Babs, Amaris, Gracie, Sunnie, Vicky, Morticia, Tanya, Sasha, Midnight, Salem, Girly, Zuri, Rosarita, Lucy, Blakely, Diva, Trouble, Peaches, Blu, Princess, Jasmine, Pillie, Poli, Rhianna, Paisley, Amelia, Harley, Nefertiti, Gaia, Marmalade, Sonia, Whisper
    13. (correct gender, biblical)
    14. (correct gender, slovene, yoruba, turkish, ukrainian and dutch)
    16. (child's first or middle name)
    17. (generate boy girl and choose one from correct gender)
    18. Boys: Maury, Nicholas, Hugo, Alex, Mark, Dane, Arun, Ethan, Herbie, Sam, Bob, Rutger, Peter, Xavier, Louis, Eric, Benoit, Jeremy, Teo, Dan, Graham, Luthor, Gil, Maxwell, Martin, Tyler, Shayne, Matt, Elden, Wilson, Brett, Frank, Marion, Wess, Adler, Marshall, Zachary, Evelyn, Travers, Zayden, Colin, Nathaniel, Luca, Asa, Eamonn, Keiran, Lee, Magnus, Jareth, Lathan,
    Girls: Emily, Lorene, Elizabeth, Lauren, Aqueela, Carrie, Kelly, Alexis, Laureline, Rihanna, Kris, Kelsey, Julia, Joan, Alice, Althea, Karen, Adalynn, Beatrice, Eila, Leela, Marion, Sarolta, Carrie, Elodie, Leia, Tabitha, Amabel, Clemensia, Evelyn, Leta, Mildred, Amica, Helena, Lindy, Violet, Araminta, Dwyn, Ikeia, Luca, Reignbeau, Vivienne, Asa, Lee, Mabel, Mara, Gabriella, Thalia, Caroline, Mikki
    19. version of parent's name or SO's name
    20. (correct gender first or last name)

    For each kid over 18 roll for relationships and children. For SO's names use same as children and for their children use the same as for teachers.

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    Adam Pyotr Maquarter (33)

    ----DD: Bessie Janis Maquarter (14)
    ----DS: Eric Philip Maquarter (12)
    --DLW: Nina Hekate {Buttons} Maquarter (35) --died 3 years ago--
    disabled adult caretaker
    ----DSD: Taylor Venus Buttons (19)
    -church secretary
    ------DF: William Seraiah Harris (19)
    -special needs caretaker
    ----DSD: Chris Arabella Flowers (13)
    ----DSS: Roberto Lucien Okwara (9)

    Lilo Kat {Aaron} John (37)
    vice principal

    --DH: Richard Yazeed John (43)
    corporate travel consultant
    ----DD: Hedda Jennifer John (3)

    Garnet Charlene {Anderson} Benoit (38)
    school counselor

    --DexH: Ben Federal Benoit (38)
    street sweeper driver
    ----DD: Carrie Mul {Benoit} John (20)
    -children's entertainer
    ------DH: Harley Emile John (20)
    -private investigator
    ----DS: Donald Hezekiah Benoit (20)
    -airplane rigger
    ------DW: Tiffin Thyrza {Crustacean} Benoit (20)
    -in school for accounting
    --------DS: Christian Pasha Benoit (4)
    --------DS: Sherwin Phobos Benoit (2)
    --------DS: Bingham Kealoha Benoit (1)
    ----DS: Albert Perseus Benoit (19)
    -fundraising event coordinator assistant for local humane society
    ------DexW: Meryl Alexandria {Indaiden} Benoit (19)
    --------DS: Malcolm Ansley Benoit (1)
    --------DD: Amara Epona Benoit (1)
    ----DD: Miriam Callie {Benoit} Poppy (18)
    -school bus driver
    ------DH: Blake Don Poppy (18)
    -ceramics instructor
    --------DS: Wayne Robert Poppy (newborn)
    ----DD: Mickey Zelpha Benoit (16)
    ----DAS: Jove Jupiter Benoit (13) "JJ" --Ben's Nephew adopted at age 3--
    ----DAD: Yen Alma Benoit (13) --Ben's Niece adopted at age 3--
    ----DS: Noah Kenric Benoit (9)
    ----DD: Annet Louise Benoit (8)
    --DF: Asketill Otes Rodrigue (45) "Rod"
    account executive
    ----DSS: Brad Asketill Haiden (26)
    -art director
    --------DD: Opal Jhone Haiden (9)
    --------DD: Georgia Berry Haiden (9)
    --------DD: Europa River Haiden (9)
    --------DS: Ash Ebisu Haiden (6)
    ----DSS: Maxwell Otes Haiden (26)
    -adult education art teacher
    ------DLW: Carrie Marmalade {Mae} Haiden (26)
    -volunteer program coordinator
    --------DD: Izzi Marisa Haiden (7)
    ----DSD: Petra Buena {Haiden} Livingston-Jim (24)
    -office cleaner
    ------DexH: Bryce Will Livingston (24)
    -nursing home administrative assistant
    --------DD: Danae Marine Livingston (8)
    ------DH: Cory Aries Jim (29)
    -retail cashier
    --------DS: Hercules Alfred Jim (2)
    ----DSS: Lawrence Gravity Rodigue-Suzette (18)
    -in school to be a high school english teacher
    ------DW: Jacqueline Blanche {Batchelor} Rodrigue (18)
    -hebrew instructor
    ----DSS: Maverick Rufus Rodrigue (15)
    ----DD: Jessie Katheryn Rodrigue (3)
    ----DS: Anthony Hawkins Rodrigue (3)
    ----DAS: Orpheus Kong Banks (2) --adopted 6 months ago--

    Adannaya Torielle {Schulman} Atlantic (40)
    school nurse

    --DLH: Jimmie Jeffery Atlantic (41)
    ----DD: Amalay Maxwell {Atlantic} Benes-Thomas (20)
    -direct support professional for disabled adults
    ------DLH: Ocean Lazaros Benes (20)
    -pension agent
    ------DH: Aman Muhammed Thomas (20)
    -real estate agent
    --------DSS: Greg Bogdan Malia (4)
    --------DSD: Eugenia Kate Malia (4)
    ----DAD: Berkley Moorhead {Renay} Zaitsev (19) --adopted at age 8--
    -in school for business management
    ------DH: Kevin Liber Zaitsev (19)
    -in school to be a paralegal
    --------DD: Remy Miriam Zaitsev (2)
    ----DAS: Ray Logan Kexler (14) --adopted at age 11--
    ----DAD: Susan Jillian Kexler (13) --adopted at age 10--
    ----DAS: Bert Remus Kexler (11) --adopted at age 8--
    --DBF: Lorenzo Chryses Williams (46)
    respiratory therapist
    ----DSD: Cassiopeia Willow Albert (14) "Cassie"
    ----DS: Alex Christopher Williams (2)

    Thomas Zach Flaxis (22) "Tommy"
    special education teacher

    ----DS: Martin Kofi Gloom (6)
    ----DS: Harley Adan Harriet (2)
    ----DS: Pluto Rufus Harriet (2)

    Effie Rapunzel {Hawkins} Easter (52)
    special education teacher

    --DLH: Michael Peter Easter (55)
    customer service representative
    ----DSD: Karen Leigh {Easter} Paul (33)
    ------DH: Jeremy Evander Paul (33)
    --------DD: Maggie Amaya Paul (16)
    --------DS: Douglas Bramb Paul (14)
    --------DS: Charles Furnell Paul (12)
    --------DS: Harrison Ferapont Paul (11)
    --------DAS: Antoon Ouranos Paul (9) --Jeremy's Nephew adopted at age 6--
    --------DAD: Aikira Tanya Paul (9) --Jeremy's Niece adopted at age 6--
    --------DD: Amy Chika Paul (5)
    --------DD: Della Aqua Paul (3)
    --------DS: Matthew Rahsaan Paul (2)
    ----DSS: Kyle Max Easter-Gadsden (16)
    --Effie and Kyle's mother share custody of him since Michael's death--

    Zorayah Lola {Williams} Naomi (30)
    physical education teacher

    --DLH: Doug Yannick Naomi (34)
    tour guide

    Ikaia Jaymore Hanger (39)
    art teacher

    --DW: Margot Dina {Lawrence} Hanger (41)
    registered diet technician
    ----DD: Jordan Franciska {Hanger} Matthew (18)
    -community support living program coordinator assistant
    ------DexH: Baron Sasha Matthew (18)
    -wallpaper hanger
    ----DD: Jennifer Kaia Hanger (13)
    ----DS: Eric Micah Hanger (12)
    ----DS: Beau Kenric Hanger (10)
    ----DD: Maia Rashida Hanger (7)
    ----DS: Colton Vinton Hanger (2)

    Harris Quincy Nellie (30)
    music teacher

    --DF: Ursula Winter Chowdhury (34)
    corporate travel consultant

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    [43]: Shawnta Pauline Morgan
    -DH[44]: Eugene Milton 'Gene' McClure
    -DD[17]: Berkley Judith McClure
    -DS[15]: Christian Andrew McClure
    -DD[10]: Marshall Nehemiah McClure

    Vice Principal
    [49]: Kathryn Irma 'Kathy' Warren
    -DW[44]: Maxine Cynthia 'Max' Hawkins
    -DS[12]: Jesse Maxwell Hawkins Warren
    -DD[11]: Aurora Anna Hawkins Warren

    Student Counselor
    [24]: Guy David Crotton
    -DGF[24]: Kaitlyn Dawn Matthews

    F[54]: Odelle Carolyn Cranford
    xH[55]: Francis Norwood 'Frank' Fortson
    -DD[26]: Joanna Elisabeth Fortson

    Special Education Teachers
    [33]: Georgette Tamar Abraham
    -DH[34]: Otto Morton Tobias
    -DS[12]: Zachary Ernest 'Zach' Tobias
    -DS[10]: Nathaniel Jasper 'Nate' Tobias
    -DS[7]: Charles Vincent 'Charlie' Tobias
    -DD[4]: Stephanie Karen Tobias

    [29]: Lacey Howard Tolliver

    Physical Education Teacher
    [46]: Timothy Gerardo 'Tim' Bianchi
    -DW[38]: Rita Flavia Bianchi (nee Giordano)
    -DS[19]: Martin Basilio 'Marty' Bianchi
    -DS[17]: Ralph Ottavio Bianchi
    -DS[12]: Wesley Daniele Bianchi
    -DS[8]: Samuel Claudio 'Sam' Bianchi
    -DD[8]: Shanae Carmen Bianchi

    Art Teacher
    M[36]: Adonis Etienne Babineaux
    -DFiancee[29]: Winifred Shinobu 'Winnie' Matsuo

    Music Teacher
    [29]: Winifred Shinobu 'Winnie' Matsuo
    -Dfiance[36]: Adonis Etienne Babineaux

    Favorite names- Olivia Margot Gwendolyn ^ Ezekiel Gregory Thaddeus

    20 year old girl - College Student - Name Enthusiast -

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