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Thread: She's Here!

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    She's Here!

    Hi Berries! I am so very pleased to announce that our little lady Georgia Lucy was born on June 17th, 2017.

    Though this was always our frontrunner, we had a moment of major indecision just before she was born. You all helped very much with convincing us to stick with our guts! She was Eliza Pearl for about 20 minutes, but she is a Georgia (and often "Gigi") through and and through. Her middle name honors my husband (Luke) and my mother (Linda). Lucy also means "light," which she most certainly is.

    Thank you so much to all of you for your input.

    Now, out of curiosity, what would you name a sibling to Georgia Lucy?

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    Beautiful name! Classic and spunky at the same time!!
    Other first names to go with Georgia, (That I think are spunky yet classic)

    Caroline, Anneliese, Ruby, Helena, Matilda, Hadley, Linnea, Miranda, Naomi, Iris, Stella, Tegan, Vivian, Willow!

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    I have a Georgia Faith (we also call her Gigi ) and big sister is Camille(Millie) Rose and I am pregnant now with my third girl who will be Harriet (Hattie) Mae. Clearly I have no experience with boy names, but if Harriet had been a boy we were going to name her August. Love Georgia Lucy! Congratulations!!

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    Congrats! Love the name Georgia (: I also love Eliza Pearl, and would encourage you to use that name if you have another daughter! I think it complements Georgia Lucy really well! I also like the idea of something like Harriet June nn Hattie; Hattie & Georgia, Harriet & Georgia. Little Hattie June! For a boy, maybe something like Henry, Harry, Philip, Thomas, James? Thomas Henry or Henry Isaac would sound nice with your girls, imo
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