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Thread: Ttc 2018

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    @anotherkate Welcome! FX for you this cycle. Sharing a birthday would be so fun! I'm in the same boat with some travel planned for March and May. Will probably go ahead and book March trip to London this month regardless of whether we're successful but I'm gonna wait and see on May.

    FX for you @morgantaylore!

    @seedsandstones Yay for AF! I know you're so relieved to have the clock "reset"

    CD6 here. Will starts OPKs on CD11, which is predicted beginning of fertile week. MH has work trips on either side of my fertile days, so that'll be a challenge for us this month. But I'm up to the challenge!
    TTC #1 in 2018!

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    I didn't have any early symptoms with my daughter, so don't stress about the nausea being gone!

    It is a bummer feeling like you're out and still having days to wait to start again for the next cycle! That's where I'm at right now and it's making me crazy

    So, I have no idea what is going on. Well, I have a guess. I think I actually ovulated 4 days later than I thought I did. I had a veeerrrry slight temp jump that I was counting as a shift, then a more significant shift at what I was assuming was 5 dpo. But if I ovulated when I thought I did, I would be 16 dpo right now, when my LP has only been 15 days lately, and if I was pregnant I would be testing positive at 16 dpo, right?

    So I guess I must be 12 dpo. Which sucks, because that means I likely missed my fertile window, due to my husband's work trip. I know they say sperm can live 5 days, so there's a chance, but I would also think I should be testing positive at 12 dpo (with FRER), so I'm betting I'm still out and just have to wait 4 days longer than I was expecting for AF to show up.

    I'm frustrated, because the whole point of temping and tracking is that I'm trying to avoid all this uncertainty! At least I know that I ovulated, and I should definitely know one way or another in the next few days. I've been kind of crampy, so I was really surprised AF didn't show up yesterday as expected. But maybe I was just over analyzing things, because I was expecting AF?

    Anyway... good luck to everyone this week!

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    Does anyone else get headaches around the time of ovulation? I'm normally more of a week before my period is due headaches and sore breasts person (the latter being a 9/10 times thing) but the last two months I've had headaches and a sore side right where my ovary is (right side this month). This is an occasional thing for me. Does anyone else only get pains every so often? Not every month?

    At least I know I'm ovulating on the expected day!!
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    @cactuspear Welcome to the group! This is such a supportive group of women! Hope you get your positive soon, but just know we're here for you if it gets difficult!

    @libelluleclaire how frustrating! I hope you get an answer soon!

    @morgantaylore fingers crossed!

    @ashybear02 I never get any symptoms when I ovulate or maybe I'm just not noticing them. It sounds like you might be experiencing ovulation pain. I wish I had that, at least than I'd know if I ovulate! lol

    As for me, period showed up three days late this cycle. I used to take ovulation tests (never temp) and stopped when I figured I was ovulating around CD 15-17. I think I might start again just to make sure were getting the timing right. Fingers crossed for a positive pregnancy test in cycle 12!

    Thanks for the book recommendation! I'll look into that, anything to help get me out of this negative funk!

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    @ashleybear02 I got a positive OPK this morning and woke up with a headache. Nothing too serious. So maybe? I never noticed it before.

    So this is our third month trying and doing the Schettles method (to try for a girl) when my fiance read a recent study that debunked the whole thing. Which means that's done and if we had have found that in the first place we might not have wasted two months already having sex BEFORE ovulation and not during as the method suggested. Ugh. I'm annoyed but also hopeful that now that we're just trying normally we'll have more luck. I don't even care so much what it is at this point. A girl would be wonderful but three boys would be kind of fun too. At this point I just want to be pregnant, regardless. So we'll be trying normally going forward now and I'm ovulating so fingers crossed! Hope all you ladies are doing well!
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