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Thread: Ttc 2018

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    shalexis: Ok, keep us updated. Sometimes it can take around 3-4 days after implantation to get a positive test. It's never over til AF shows. Always hear ppl say each pregnancy is different so what you may have experienced the first time might be totally different from what you could potentially experience now. FX.

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    This week has been WILD. First we were hoping to build a house, then we were buying, and now my husband got a job offer. The pay would be better, but he'd either have a ridiculous commute or we'd have to move closer. The cost of housing there is way higher than here. But he'd have a lot more potential to grow in this position, and he doesn't really love the people he works with now. It also has some benefits, and his current position doesn't have any.

    Big cons: we LOVE the area we live in. We want to settle here. The hope would be that a job would open here after a few years if we did move. I also really like my job, and would feel bad if I left. I might see if they would let me work remotely and just commute on the days I needed to be there, but that might be a stretch. And I like my daughter's daycare provider and it took forever to find one, and the idea of finding another one that would probably be more expensive is overwhelming.

    Also, I could be pregnant in four days ish. Soooo my head is spinning from everything. We still have a lot to figure out before we decide anything. But WOW the last few days have been crazy.

    Sorry for the rambly novel. I just have a lot of thoughts.

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    @jemimak - I'm glad your scan went well! Fingers crossed for you.

    @rosebeth - Very normal to feel overwehelmed at the thought of #2. At least, I hope it is! We were going to start trying six months ago but I was too nervous and we kept delaying it. The way I see it now is that we know we want another one, and everything will work out in the end. There will probably be a few crazy months but it will be worth it! Good luck!

    @shalexis - Right there with you wanting to test. I don't remember being this anxious to test with my daughter but maybe I blocked it out -- I waited until the day before my missed period with her and had a *super* dark line so in the back of my head I've been thinking "Well, I could have probably tested earlier..." so now I want to test early! I'll be holding out til Sunday as well (tomorrow for me! Eeek) which I think is roughly 11-12 DPO (not temping, don't know exactly when I ovulated). We will see. Good luck with your decision about moving/not moving!

    @namergirl - I'm wishing you the best of luck! Pre-AF symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be very similar so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I love your attitude.

    @hml - It is so hard to make time! Good idea marking your calendar. Fingers crossed for you!

    I'm still in the TWW trying not to test until tomorrow. I don't know, this morning I don't "feel" pregnant though I have felt like I am a few days this week. I feel like I'm not going to be hugely surprised/upset if I get a BFN but I do keep thinking about what great timing it would be for us if I was!

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    @shalexis, that was not a rambly novel - that was one of the most succinct explanations of anyone's life wildness I've read! Well done you - my mind would be a jumble. It sounds like the pros and cons of the new job offer might be balanced with the pros and cons of the current job. We had to make a similar decision just a few months ago - my partner took a job in an unrelated field so that he could make more money in fewer hours and with a much shorter commute - but professional development and an upward career path are important, so this was a short-term compromise. I'm here if you want to hash out all the pros and cons without feeling like you're rambling - we absolutely talked it out with our family and friends before he took the job.

    This is the first time I've checked this thread in several months - and I won't pretend I'm going to get to the hundred-something pages of updates I've missed - but I will say that my heart goes out to everyone who has lost a pregnancy and all of us who are struggling to conceive. We put a hold on TTC to focus on my health and to make some major decisions about where we live and what we do for work. Now, I'm anxious to have another baby, but my partner is comfortable with our family of three right now, and I still haven't had a period, 21 months after giving birth, so my readiness is a moot point!

    Until my body gives me a clear sign that I'm fertile, we're focusing on building a house here in the northeast; it feels like the right decision after some tossing around the idea of moving back out west. We break ground in September and think we'll be able to move in before New Year's - though I'm hopeful we'll be nested before Christmas!

    To those lucky ones in the TWW, fingers crossed!
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    @seedsandstones A home for the holidays sounds lovely! Maybe focusing on that will help the conception part become background and easier. Everyone always told me to "stop thinking about" getting pregnant and it would happen. Useless advice in my book, but when we threw the most changes into our lives was when the timing was apparently right haha.

    @shalexis Lots of big decisions! It sounds like you all are weighing them well, though. Good luck in that process!

    I caved and tested this morning and got BFN. It was mid-morning though, so I suppose if it's early then my levels could've been too low. I've been nauseous the last two days, however that's usually a sign of AF for me, not pregnancy. Hoping this time may be different, but honestly we already have too many March birthdays so if it doesn't take this time that's okay, too. I have one more test, so if there's no change early next week I'll test again.

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