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Thread: Ttc 2018

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    Ttc 2018

    Is it too early to start this thread? It's only like three months until 2018... I figure there are probably a few people out there just waiting anxiously, right? I know the 2017 thread got started in December of 2016, because I started posting there and then I got pregnant like a week later (literally on the first cycle we were TTW), so then I left... I've also been posting in the Pre-TTC thread, but some of the people there are waiting a lot longer and I don't want to bum them out.

    I'm like 99% sure we're going to TTC #2 starting in March, but it might get moved up. We're kind of just TTW right now, because my cycle still hasn't come back since my daughter was born last September. Yay breastfeeding. We probably should be more careful about using protection, because I know it is possible to get pregnant the very first time you ovulate, but right now I feel like that is never going to happen anyway, because we are no where near being done breastfeeding yet . Getting pregnant on the first cycle doesn't seem very likely, and it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if we got pregnant earlier than we were planning. The only real bummer would be that I'm still working on losing my stupid baby weight from the first time around, but I am working on it! So anyway, we're just kind of going with it until my cycle comes back, and then we'll figure our plan out haha.

    I've been flipping between being kind of baby hungry and wanting to try for #2 just because we don't want them super spread out. The closest I would want them would be two years, and right now I'm thinking more 2.5-3. If we start TTC in March and get pregnant right away (I got pregnant the very first cycle we were kind of thinking about it last time!) then it'd be a little less than 2.5. But, then I started thinking about trying in January, because what if I had a boy this time and he was born in October and I named him Casper?!?!? how cute would that be for a halloween baby!?!? Haha, I'm crazy, it's fine. We're definitely not officially trying until January, because we're going on a big trip in December that I would like to not be pregnant for. But other than that, nothing is really set in stone.

    So anyway. Hopefully I'm not the only one who is excited for 2018 even though it's still three months away!

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    We will also be TTC #2, probably starting early in the year. We're aiming for a roughly 3-year age gap and we were initially planning on starting in January but I think we might hold off for a few months more so that my daughter can be just that little bit older and hopefully understand more what's going on. She's still very clingy and a total boobaholic so I'm worried she's not going to want to share me with anyone! She loves babies though and I know she'll love being a big sister and having someone to play with at home.

    I'm actually not at a baby fever stage right now -- I'm still waiting for that longing feeling that I had before TTC #1 -- but we're in a great place to TTC now, and other than DD being quite dependent I'm feeling ready.

    I was actually thinking a February baby might be nice. Not too close to DD's birthday but close enough that the seasons will be right for the baby to wear her boxes and boxes of hand-me-downs!

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    Hey! You're not alone. We originally wanted an age gap of about four years between kids, but now that our first's first birthday is mere days away (!!!), we're talking more seriously about the pros and cons of a second child closer in age.

    I wonder if we'll want to go back to the baby phase all over again if we wait until R is 3+ to think about another kid. Bedsharing, breastfeeding, and diapering will probably be well behind us by then (right?), so I can imagine not wanting the sleeplessness, the nursing x pumping, and packing a diaper bag before going anywhere to begin anew. Now, while all of that is normal, it doesn't seem so crazy to double down, haha.

    Another reason to have our second child sooner rather than later is unsentimental but logistically important: R's October birthday means he'll start school a year later than some of his classmates, when's he's about to turn six. That's five more years during which I'll need to be with him during the day, and limited to working and finishing my education (both part-time) at nights. Extending that time-frame from five years to eight or nine by spacing our kids further apart seems impractical, currently. In the grand scheme of things, I don't know if 6/7 years instead of 8/9 years will make so much of a difference, but especially because we even dream of a third kid, closer age gaps make more sense when it comes to minimizing my time away from my career.

    I'm overthinking the season/month in which I'd like the baby to be born. I'd rather not go through a third or "fourth" trimester in the heat of summer, but if I got pregnant in November and ended up with an August due date, that would be ok. If we want to time things so the baby grows up with a birth month to himself/herself, we'll try to avoid a May, June, or October due date. We spend so much of the winter cozied up at home anyway, so wouldn't it be nice to have a newborn in December, January, or February (or would cabin fever be exacerbated)? I'm still breastfeeding, and still haven't menstruated, so we'll have to wait to see when my fertility returns, anyway. At the very earliest, we might ttc in February, March, or April. If we hold off or nothing happens, we probably won't try again until November. Fingers crossed for everyone trying next year!

    @northernlights, your thinking about hand-me-downs reminded me of a friend who was so bummed that her second daughter would be born two seasons off from her first daughter's birthday. "Now those hand-me-downs are useless!" she thought, but her younger daughter has such a small build that by the time the hand-me-downs fit, they're seasonally appropriate, as well!
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    Hi all,
    Kind of hoping to join this thread. We're actually looking into adoption, too (long story). If DH is on board and we TTC or take the plunge into adoption, it probably won't be until June-August-ish because we are going to a wedding in India in March. I honestly think it's kind of unlikely that we will go for another pregnancy because I had so many issues w/ my last two pregnancies, but we shall see.

    Wish us luck with these major decisions!

    @shalexis, you are right to think about it in terms of pros and cons--lots to think about. On one hand, it's extra exhausting when they're very young to have them close in age. On the other hand, they do seem to have a special bond (at least, mine do). My oldest two are actually in the same grade, just started junior high this fall, and I don't have to worry as much because they walk together to the bus stop (which is actually a city bus; we don't have school buses in our district anymore). Plenty of fighting, but plenty of playing together, too. With a large gap, like between our third and fourth kids, there is more of a nurturing, "little buddy" thing going on, and that can be really neat, too.

    @northernlights, it's tough to know when the best time is for a sibling. The late twos/early threes can still be very dicey and their needs (for independence, but also for closeness) can still be pretty high. I've heard people say that three years is most ideal, developmentally. No matter what you decide, it will probably all be fine, though.
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    Hi all! I can't believe I'm posting here, but it looks like we'll be TTC our first soon... very nervous and can't believe it could soon be happening!

    We're waiting to start TTC until maybe November of this year (does that still count??). We have a big trip coming up at the end of October/early November and it coincides with my 27th birthday. My husband just turned 30 yesterday, and we always thought this would be a good point to start trying. All three of my husband's siblings have young babies so there are lots of little kids on his side.

    We also have 2 nephews and a niece that all have July birthdays, and so maybe it's silly, but I really want to avoid a July due date. I wouldn't mind a Fall/Winter birthday though.

    While this will be #1 for us, it's interesting to read everyone's thoughts on ideal age gaps... I suppose once you start on the journey of having kids it's something to think about. But I'd say at this point, I'm most nervous about conceiving... since it's our first time trying, I just hope everything goes well! Best of luck to us all!
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