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Thread: Ttc 2018

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    @namergirl13: So sorry to hear about all the drama unfolding in your life. A few thoughts: 1) you have every right to mourn your grandfather. not matter what the drama and family feuds might have been, he is still your family and I bet an influencial part of your life (even if he wasn't around, that does influence you). You might also not find that you are mouring him so much as the idea of him or the future hope of reconciliation or whatever.... but whatever it is, you have the right to mourn the loss of a big piece of your life. 2) I don't really know what you do for work or what the situation is, but it does seem like a good decision to leave if it lets you work less for more money in the long run. I know the first 90 days will be rough. Taking a little break from the Clomid while you work through all this is probably a good idea for you.

    I hope everything goes well and that this month will bring you the peace of mind you need/deserve.
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    namergirl3: I'm truly sorry for your loss. You are allowed to mourn and grieve the loss of your grandmother as any granddaughter should. I know how difficult it is to come to terms with as I just went through the same thing... I'm also sorry to hear you dealing with all that crap at work. I think the new job would be a great change even if a bit of an adjustment in the beginning. I wish you the best in this whole process.

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    @namergirl3 I'm sorry about your grandfather. Please allow yourself to mourn him in whatever way you need to. Sometimes I think we miss the idea of a relationship more than the person themselves (in my case anyway) and I think it's okay to mourn the loss of that even if they weren't really in your life. I'm sorry about your situation at work and I think moving on to better things is a great decision, for you and your future unborn child. You'll be making more money and will hopefully feel more secure and less stressed. It's a big step but I would go for it and put everything else on the back burner for now. Still keep trying, don't prevent, but don't actively intervene either as you said, and if it happens it happens. Things may not be ideal for a baby right now, but 9 months from now things may be very different, and all of those issues aside, you are such a sweet person with such a big heart any baby would be lucky to have you, regardless of circumstances. Nothing is forever, things change. All the best with all of this change.
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