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Thread: Ttc 2018

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    I'm sure you can hold out! I am feeling a lot less calm now, and I want to test. But I'm going to try realllly hard to wait until at least Friday haha. It's only 55% likely that I would test positive even on that day (according to that site anyway) but I am beginning to understand why people pay $$$ for the tests that are supposed to detect super early, I'm tempted right now!

    I had a big dip in my temps today, which of course made me think "implantation dip?", even though I didn't have one with my daughter. It's also possible that the dip means that I'm going to get my cycle and have a really short LP, but it was long last month, so I would think it shouldn't change that much? UGH. I probably will test tomorrow haha. Or definitely Friday if I hold out that long.

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    @shalexis: Good luck with whatever you guys decide, house-wise I came across that site before and it does help keep me on good behavior...for a little while lol... I buy test strips in bulk off of Amazon, so I don't feel super guilty testing early. Still, the worst part about testing early means more sadness at seeing so many negative tests...I agree there lol. Anyhow, I hope that these are good signs for you!

    @rosebeth: I think it is probably totally normal to worry about adding a new baby to the mix. A friend of ours recently welcomed her second baby and she told us that it was a HUGE challenge at first...but then they settled into a routine and things have improved! So, I think it is like any change: it's a bit rough at first but then you find your new normal

    I'm CD 27 now. I'm 2 weeks removed from my last dose of Clomid, so ovulation and stuff should've taken place awhile ago, if they indeed did, and I should be at the point where I would be able to notice early signs. I've had a couple of very slight twinges of nausea but I also did have some pretty intense cramping yesterday, so I'm thinking it could be AF. Despite the medicated cycles and PCOS, my Ovia app has still proven to be relatively accurate with its predictions, and it says AF is due a week from yesterday. If AF is indeed on its way, then the cramping and nausea falls right in line with the timing of my usual AF symptoms. Trying to hold positive either way. I'm holding the attitude of "if it happens, great!" and if it doesn't then we have time to pay down some bills and save up for baby-related costs.
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    @namergirl3 Hoping that it's no AF, but it's nice to already have a "silver lining" if it is.

    Being newly in this TTC boat, I just didn't realize how busy I am and how hard it can be to make time to BD during the week. It hasn't worked out for us so far, and I know it won't tonight because I get home late. Friday/Saturday are the tail end of my fertile week, so that's what we're left with. I'm taking from this cycle, that I really have to keep my calendar clear during fertile weeks, so I've marked my calendar for the next few months with what Ovia predicts. I don't have high hopes for this cycle, so the silver lining is that I'll be able to go to a wine festival with friends next month without having to abstain!
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    shalexis: How many DPO are you now? If it's implantation it could be 2-3 days before BFP!

    namergirl3: Holding out hope for you!


    AF ended yesterday but I'm still so far from potential fertile week. Feeling impatient already. Gotta start getting back into the BD groove anyway though.

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    I'm 9 dpo today. I did end up caving and testing even though it's super early, unsurprisingly BFN. I think that might've been my last test, if it was I'm not buying anymore unless things are looking good still on Saturday, then I will test again Sunday.

    I'm not super optimistic. Temps are still above coverline, but the last two days have only been right above. I don't know definitively if that means anything, but they were way higher at this point with my daughter, and even last cycle after I ovulated. I wish I had symptom spotted more with my daughter, so I could compare things this time around. But I haven't really noticed much either way still, so it probably wouldn't really have helped anyway.
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