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Thread: Ttc 2018

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    @namergirl DH is absolutely ready to be a daddy, so it definitely meant the world to him. The onesie I chose didn't have anything "daddy" related on it, but had special meaning for us. I found a "Monster's, Inc" one styled after the Mike Wazowski character, which is our favorite Pixar movie, and our nickname for our first fur baby that we adopted together is cuddle monster/little monster... she may now have to share at least a version of that title with her human sibling! He absolutely loved it... :-) As far as telling our families, we have a working idea of doing something for Father's Day in June... probably onesies with something about Grandpa for my dad and my FIL to open. It will be the first grandchild for my FIL, and if we have a boy the first grandson for my dad. I think it would be cool to center the announcement around them because the mother's/grandmother's tend to get more focus in both our families (they are both pretty traditional patriarchal, stoic/unfussy men, although very much loving family guys)! Both DH and I are a bit torn about announcing even that early, both because of our 14 week loss last year, and if we announce to our parents, we are announcing to our entire families. However, we should have an early ultrasound and confirmation of heartbeat by then, and it is going to be a challenge to keep it under wraps even until June (we see our families often, including this coming weekend)!

    @bedhead Thank you, DH is definitely thrilled. <3
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    @bedhead: Ava Braclet should show up about 2-3 days after AF leaves town. I'm fairly certain I ovulate 2 weeks later - I got one of those 28 day cycles and have had since I was 12. So while it's not a long time to get the braclet synced and giving it data it should at least give it some.

    I'm also in need of a new Lady Doc since we moved since our first baby and my old one is an hour drive away. So I guess I'll be getting on that this week as well when we get home. Just not psyched about finding a new person as I loved my old one so much. (Seriously best doctor of any kind I've ever had.)

    @namergirl13: Sorry to hear your wonky cycle wasn't good news. Fingers crossed for you (and me) for this next one though!
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    @bedhead: Thanks yeah, we definitely have to take the time to breathe. It's a good idea to check your thyroid! I have hypothyroidism and it is really amazing how much those conditions can impact the rest of the body as a whole. Good luck!!

    @jems: Awe, that's so sweet! I love how the onesie had such meaning! A Father's Day announcement to everyone else would be really special, if you guys are ready to tell by that time, but I'm certain they'll love it no matter when you announce something about grandbabies can usually turn stoic men into teddy bears lol.

    @lexiem: Thanks! Definitely crossing my fingers for you, too, and for everyone else here! It'd be amazing if we can all move into the Due threads together! Good luck finding a new doctor! I hope you can find a good one...definitely can be hard to do!
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    @namergirl3, I'm so sorry to hear about AF showing up after what seemed like a hopeful first test. I am so impressed by your grace and attitude in this situation, you are absolutely right to try to give yourself the space to be sad but also make summer plans and keep on enjoying other aspects of your lives. I think we can all get very tunnel-vision when we want something so deeply and your positivity is so beautiful in the face of all the difficulties you have faced so far. I really hope this next cycle brings about a good outcome for you but I also wish for you that regardless of the result you enjoy the beginning of summer.

    @jems16! Congratulations on your BFP! I love that you are thinking of a way of announcing that is centered around your fathers. I think they can be sometimes a little left out. When I told my family, I painted little wooden frames with an illustrated announcement for my sisters and my dad joked that he would have like to receive a frame too. He is pretty minimalist/ doesnt like stuff so he was mostly kidding but it's true that often cute gestures are directed towards my mom and sisters and he feels a little left out! Let us know how your doctor visit goes.

    @phloxie, I am so sorry for your loss. Take good care of yourself. I hope the doctor finds some answers and that the next time you conceive it will be a sticky one.

    @shalexis, that's great that your first period post-partum was not too intense and that you are approaching your first weight loss goal! Good for you! I love the story about your husband. He sounds so nurturing and caring and I hope you have as easy a time conceiving your second as you did your first.

    @bedhead, wow I just caught up on everything of these last few days and what a confusing whirlwind for you! It must be so frustrating to not know whether or not you ovulated and when it would be if you did. I hope that this was just a random strange cycle. It sounds like your doctor is being very helpful amidst all the unknown which is great. Let us know what your results are.

    As for me, I hit 5 weeks (21 dpo) yesterday. Its feels very real and I'm hopeful this one is sticking. I am still taking my temperature almost every morning and it has been constantly high. I also have been testing every 2-3 days and the tests have been getting progressively darker. Yesterday I finally got a test where the second line was as dark as the control! I am also hit with full on symptoms now, nausea on and off all day (+threw up this morning), extreme fatigue, wild mood swings, and tender breasts. I am switching over to the due date thread, but will pop in and out, if that's alright. I really hope that you will all be joining me soon.
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    Hi ladies!

    I am 3 days late on my period but tested yesterday and got a BFN. Bummer! This is cycle #8 with no pregnancy, while both my kids were conceived "first try" previously. Anyway, I spoke to my OB about it and I have an appointment (just my annual) in July. In the meantime my doctor suggested taking Pregnitude to help with egg quality. It also helps with menstrual regulation. Thankfully I'm pretty regular (except for this month, apparently??). The reviews look pretty good; has anyone ever tried it?
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