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Thread: Ttc 2018

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    Hey everyone!

    So excited to be part of this thread now. New years can't come soon enough! I've had serious baby fever for the last couple years but just recently got married earlier this year and we finally agreed that January '18 would be a great time to start trying. I'll be 26 early next year and DH will be 27 this month. We will be TTC our first so that's exciting and so much unknown too. We actually want kids closer in age as well, especially since we would like 3-4 children. I'm 5 years older than my sister and growing up we were like cats and dogs, yet my DH is 4.5 years younger than his brother and they've always been super close and get along great so idk that age gaps have too much influence but still don't want to wait too long.

    Do you all have names picked out already? Purchase any baby things yet?

    Wishing all of us the best of luck!

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    How great, something more specific for us!

    My SO and I have agreed on casually beginning to try for another baby starting in March 2018. I'll be casually ditching the birth control pills late January or early February in order to start prepping my body. We want a 2 year age gap between Eleni and a new baby in order to get her potty trained in time, that's really important as when I welcomed Eleni I was still struggling with Ziva on that and it was basically a nightmare!

    Beginning of 2018 also gives us enough time to finish fixing the house we bought just last week (yay!!!), she has more room for our large family and a nice big yard with these beautiful trees. I am completely smitten! We start working on her in a couple of weeks so hopefully we'll be living in the new house by the time baby comes. I'll also have to go through the grueling process of getting my own house nice and fixed so I can sell it. Kind of breaks my heart at the same time letting the old girl go... But oh well, c'est la vie! I'm looking forward to reading about your own journeys!

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    House stuff is so fun and so stressful at the same time! We bought our house a few years ago, and it's fine, but part of me would really like to move before we have another baby. That's not likely to happen if we do TTC early next year, so I'll keep dreaming I guess. My current home is fine for what we need right now, but it's definitely not our forever home. It's tiny (like 800 sq feet of livable space, plus a tiny disgusting spidery basement haha), over a hundred years old, and has a really weird layout that I'm getting more and more annoyed with as my baby gets more mobile and is into everything. Basically, the deal breaker is that the kitchen is on the opposite side of the house from the family room, so I can't cook or clean in there unless I bring my baby or leave her on the opposite side of the house. It's hard to clean with her in there, and I don't want to leave her unsupervised for too long, so basically I only clean when my husband is home, which is also annoying because I'd like to spend time with him. I have this dream of having a house with an open living room/kitchen area, so she can play and I can see her. Also, this is silly, but I REALLY want to have a kitchen with a sink in the island, so I can face the living room and do dishes at the same time. Plus it's a farmhouse sink, so I can also bathe baby #2 there (my family loves to bathe babies in the sink, but I never could with this baby at our house!!). Most of my cleaning problems are probably just due to my own laziness and messiness, but I just feel like I would keep things way cleaner in a different house! Anyway. None of that is going to happen unless we build a house with the layout that I want, and I don't think we will be doing that for another few years, so I need to stop dreaming and figure out what we're going to do in our current home if we have another baby. Maybe by the time we're ready for #3 haha.

    I'd love to have my first potty trained before #2 comes, but I'm not sure how likely that is. We're not even thinking about that yet haha.

    I have names sort of picked out, but I probably won't get more serious about them until we're officially TTC, and then start really getting into it when I'm pregnant. I have a few girl names that are pretty firm, but I'm currently gutting my boy list and starting over. My first baby is named Juniper, and we pretty much had her name picked out before I got pregnant, so it'll be interesting this time around.

    I'm not super feeling it yet either. I do get little twinges of baby hunger every now and then, but right now I'm still breastfeeding my first, so even though she's rapidly turning into a toddler, I think I'm a little in denial? We're sort of in a better place to TTC this time around. My husband is finishing his Bachelor's degree this semester, and will likely have his master's done before #2 get here unless we get pregnant sooner than we're planning right now. We have more loan debt than I'd like, but we both just got pretty good new jobs, and he's getting a stipend because his dad let him use a year of his GI bill for his Master's, so between those three incomes we're hoping to pay the debt off pretty aggressively and hopefully pay it all off by the end of next year. I'm a little worried about insurance stuff. Right now my baby and I are just on a temporary plan, we can enroll with my husband's job next month, but I have no idea what the coverage is like, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad for #2. I had really good insurance for #1, but still ended up having all of these issues with my anesthesiologist's bill, and I'm not even 100% sure that everything with the hospital is paid off yet because they kept having issues communicating with my insurance, but I haven't received any bills so I'm just calling it good for now.

    I'd really like to avoid having an end of summer baby again too. I got SOO big at the end last time, and I'm really hoping to gain less weight next time around, and I feel like the heat made me so sluggish and didn't help anything. Now that I'm thinking about it, I was still walking a ton, but I was retaining water really bad. I don't know. I'm just thinking I'd rather not be huge next summer, our house still won't have AC haha. Other than that, I'm not really picky about the month.

    Good luck! That sounds very stressful to be deciding!

    I was super nervous about having issues conceiving the first time, because I had an IUD and had read all these things about having difficulties... I did TONS of research into things, and ended up getting pregnant literally the first cycle we were even thinking about it. So I'm probably going to be super nervous when it doesn't happen as fast the second time! I have book recommendations and things, if you're interested!

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    Yay, definitely not too early to start this thread! Looking forward to sharing everyone's journeys over the next year.
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    Hi all, just dropping by to say hello even though we won't be trying for at least another 8-9 months. My baby boy is only 3 months old at the moment so I'm not remotely broody yet (!) but I'd like a similar age gap between him and our third and final baby as we have between our two: roughly 2 years. For us, it's worked out really nicely.

    I'm still feeding Kit around the clock (zzzzz) and if last time is anything to go by, my fertility won't return until that reduces dramatically. I tend to lose an awful lot of weight breastfeeding too, which doesn't help on the baby-making front.

    Ideally, I'd conceive around the time of K's first birthday, for a spring baby. Like @lirio, I'd rather not have a late summer baby because of the way the school years work here in the UK; I already worry about how my little June-born boy will get on. But we wouldn't selectively TTC only certain months - que sera sera and all that!

    I've got a ton of name ideas, as ever (@lailanotlilah - I especially love your style! Anouk/Anoushka is high on my list too!) I'm sad that I'll never get to use all of my favourites, but realistically we don't have the space or the finances for any more than 3 (already pushing it, really!) Maybe I'll have to give the next one 40 middle names to get them all out of my system! Our (well, my) boy's name for next time is pretty much set in stone, but I always find it harder to settle for girls. We shall see...

    Super jealous of all of you ladies with house projects! I'd love our own home to do up (or not!) but sadly young children and me not working for the time being has set that side of things back quite a bit. But I'd like to move out of our flat to somewhere with a bit of outside space before the kids are too much older, and ideally before adding another baby into the mix.

    I'm also training to be a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter at the moment, so I'd like to qualify and start doing some voluntary work experience here and there before being out of action with a newborn again! My dream is to go back to university and train as a midwife once my children are all at school, which is another reason why I don't want to leave it tooo long before trying for #3. I'm 24 now, so if I had my final baby in the next couple of years, they'd all be in school by the time I turn 30 and I could really focus on the career I never managed to have after falling pregnant while still at uni!

    Wishing you all the very best of luck
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