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    Let's be honest...

    What is your first impression of these names?


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    Blythe - I know a family with this as their surname, and to me that is where this name should stay. I find no appeal about it as a first name. It sounds very dull and unfeminine to me.

    Bridget - I never warmed to this name. Something about it seems very 90's (don't know why). To my ears it seems a bit clunky.

    Daphne - really, really love! Beautiful Greek name. I love the softness in the way it sounds.

    Edith - dated, but a bit of a classic. I have seen this name used recently, and somehow it doesn't seem out of place on a baby. It makes me think of Edith Piaf and beautiful old music.

    Fern - very pretty! Not my favourite of the nature names, but I do quite like it. It does have a harshness about the way it sounds in some way, but for some reason it just works.

    Florence - not personally my thing, but it is not awful and has some positive connotations. Like Edith, it seems to be an odd mix of dated and classic. Names like this seem to be making a big resurgence.

    Harriet - Never been a fan or Harriet or Harry. I just don't like the way it sounds.

    Maude - No. This is one name that I will never understand. To me, it is the name version of the colour grey.... dull, boring, sounds like no one really cared... Sorry, not trying to be harsh, but I always cringe at this one.

    Renee - Very nice! I actually really like this as a boys name too. Sounds very balanced and sophisticated, but romantic as well.

    Sybil - I much prefer Sybilla. Sybil is very harsh to my ears, and sounds unflattering.

    Sylvie - Love it! Sylvie is so cute and spunky. Great alternative for the less pretty Sylvia.
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    Blythe - Initially I would attach this to an older woman/man, but since this name has popped up so frequently in naming communities, I really can't think of any age except that of a current 2010's baby. It feels soft and sweet and intriguingly unisex with a hint of femininity. I prefer it to the similar-in-concept name "Blair", which doesn't have the same quality of goodness imo.
    Bridget - I like how quirky this name sounds and how sprightly and adorable it feels.
    Daphne - Another really playful, fun name, but also with some serious classy gravitas! Daphne could be anyone, from a mountaineer to a pearl-clad socialite. It is a really versatile and arresting name.
    Edith - This is a long-time favorite. When I think of Edith, I think of velvet lavender ribbons, fronds of rosemary, dewy morning mist, and pale emeralds. It's lush and calm and very moody- belonging to someone with a lot on her mind.
    Fern - This name embodies all of the above qualities but without the gravity of Edith; Fern makes me think of skipping and laughing- someone playful and bright. I definitely think it's usable.
    Florence - This is a tricky name, because on the wrong person it can feel so decidedly unfriendly and stern. But then I think of Florence Welch and her bold personality and long red hair with blunt bangs showing up to awards events in ethereal gowns. So I also have this really angelic and otherworldly imagery associated with Florence. All that said, I really cannot take the nicknames Flossie or Flo seriously.
    Harriet - I've really never enjoyed Harriet. Partially because it includes the word "harried", partly because it reminds me of the busybody Harriet Olsen from Little House on the Prairie, and partly because it begins and ends in really harsh sounds.
    Maude - Maude is SO cute and fresh. I really wish people would use it more... and I think Maudie is the cutest nickname. It has a really chic 60's Parisienne vibe to it. In my imagination, Maude wears a baby blue shift dress and retro sunnies with pointed flats.
    Renee - This name sounds so soft and pretty but it feels a little worn out and tired due to how many people use the alternate "Renae"
    Sybil - Sybil sounds really odd when I hear it, but it looks charming on paper. I would use it as a middle name.
    Sylvie - Really really cute. There isn't a single problem with Sylvie!

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    Most of these I have a very positive first impression - smart, interesting people (whose parents have great taste in names!): Blythe, Bridget, Edith, Florence, Harriet, Maude and Sylvie. Lots of character, style and strength with these.

    the others I'm not as keen on:

    Daphne - I think of someone fluttery and unable to concentrate.
    Fern - sweet but a bit bland and soppy.
    Renee - nice enough, not strong character.
    Sybil - unglamorous and gauche.

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    Blythe -- I love Blythe. So simple, has a great amount of class, a drop of zest, and the happy meaning is a great bonus.
    Bridget -- It's not a bad name, but I'm not overly fond of it.
    Daphne -- Classy and elegant.
    Edith -- Very heavy to me, though I can see it's appeal.
    Fern -- Sweet. The same simplicity and class/zest as Blythe for me.
    Florence -- Light and classy, albeit a little dated.
    Harriet -- See Bridget.
    Maude -- I find this incredibly heavy, clunky and dated and cannot see it on a modern child at all.
    Renee -- Dated, like 80's dated.
    Sybil -- See Maude.
    Sylvie -- See Daphne. Makes me think forests and elves.

    Favourites: Blythe, Fern & Sylvie.
    Least favourites: Maude, Sybil & Renee.

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