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Thread: Name These Boys

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    Name These Boys

    Again I'm interested in what you would name these children, this time boys, from the past?

    1. 8338b3ddf24311b643d08fda160eb391.jpg

    2. 805c9b9e8cef567e485563815d2c694d.jpg

    Violet Ofelia Mary
    Edgar Friedrich Basile
    Hugo Nicanor Auguste
    Flora Elisabeth Maud

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    sylvie • jessamy • lilac • esme • marianne

    theodore callum river • oliver bennett pierce
    maxwell caspian jules • linden rafferty grey
    hugo november • remy valentine • aubrey sebastian
    avery • heath • ansel • shepard • bellamy

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    Hmm I can't quite find a right name for the first one, but the second is Eddie or maybe even Ned! Could be short for anything. Edward, Edmund, Frederick, Edwin, Edgar, Cedric or Alfred. A fun, cheeky nickname with a more full given name.

    The first needs a more serious, beautiful name. Ellis maybe? Garnet, Avis or Marion? For some reason I'm finding the older gender crossing names to suit.
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    The first is a Christopher to me that goes by Kit.
    The second a Carl.

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    1 is upper-class, with a hint of snarkiness - Torquil, Clarence, Hector, Quentin.

    2 is Billy, Oliver, Clark, or Lucian. Something pugnacious, but impressionable.

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    1) He's a Louis or a Lawrence to me

    2) I'm thinking something grand or classic but with a nickname that was meant to be used by family, but ended up being used more than his full name? (Similar to what Columbiacharm said!)
    Tobias nn Toby was the first one that came to mind, maybe Edwin nn Eddie, Herbert nn Herbie or Horatio nn Harry?
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    Numer 1 needs an upper-class name, he looks like a little lord. The heir of a county, probably. My first thought was Richard Evelyn, but I think, being a heir, he would have three or four names.
    Richard Horatio Evelyn
    Richard William Evelyn
    Richard Theodore Horatio Evelyn
    Furthermore, he would be called Dick or Dickie because he would share his name with his father, and probably his grandfather. Even if it is not an usable nickname nowadays, Dickie suits him.

    Number 2 is Floyd, definetely. It's a name I wouldn't use and I really don't like that much, but this boy looks like Floyd to me. I also think he has a "USA" name, something that feels from the State.
    Floyd Russell
    Floyd Morris
    Floyd Cornelius (This one is too much, but at the same time it's my favorite)
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    The first is Oliver and the second is Geoffroy

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