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    Sister for Marée... helppp

    So a couple of weeks ago, I had a fair list of girl names that I like to go with our daughter Marée. We thought we wanted to make a theme of having French word names (Marée means tide, but also sounds just like Marie), but the more I look at them the less I like them. Also, there just doesn't seem to be anything as perfect as Marée.

    And if we have more children, I feel like I'll just be pulling myself into a really tight space. It'd be one thing if there were a lot of names I liked, but since there doesn't seem to be, I just don't see this as a viable theme for names. Sigh. So I guess just back to French names? I do want to continue that trend, as they're the names I find myself most drawn towards.

    I like Estelle and that's about it. Do you guys have any other suggestions that might sound good with Marée? I don't want it to be too complex, and I do want it to go with not only the spell, but the sound of Marée. It seems monumental to me, but perhaps you guys are more up to the task! Thanks in advance for any help

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    Adeline, Amelia, Ava, Caroline, Eleanor, Eliza,
    Elizabeth, Elowen, Esme, Estelle, Georgia, Isla, Laurel,
    Lila, Lillian, Lydia, Rosalie, Ruby, Vera, Willa

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    Howard, Iver, Jude, Julian, Nash, Oliver, Rory

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    @tamparays8, thank you so much for the huge list. I went through and chose a few that I could see going well with Marée, but also is a beautiful stand-alone name:


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    How about...

    Adelyn, Adela, Adaliz, Adelaide, Adrienne/Adriana, Aida, Alair/Allaire, Alisanne/Allison, Alyssandra, Amabelle, Angeline/Angelina, Angelique, Anette, Antionette, Apollina/Apolline, Aubriana, Audra, Avenelle

    Bella/Belle, Bellamy, Bettine, Blanche, Brigitte

    Cadence, Calandra, Camilla, Carina, Carlotta, Celie, Cerise, Cherise, Chanel, Chantal/Chantel, Charlene, Cheyenne, Chloe, Clara, Clarinda, Clementine/a, Claudette, Clarita, Claribel, Constance, Coretta

    Delaney, Delphine, Denise, Desiree, Destiny, Devana, Diamanta, Diandra, Diana, Dominique, Doreen

    Elaina, Elicia, Elisa, Eliza, Ella, Ellaine, Eloisa, Emilie, Esmeraude, Estee, Eulalie, Evelyn, Evonne/Evonna, Evony

    Fawnia, Faye, Fayanna, Felicienne, Felicity, Fleurette, Floressa, Floretta, Floria, Floriana, Fontaine, Francine

    Gabriella, Giselle, Gemma, Geneva, Georgette, Georgina, Gwenaelle

    Helaine, Helena, Hettie, Hilaire, Honore

    Isabeau, Ivonne

    Jasmeen, Jasmin, Jessamine, Jeslyn, Jocelyn, Joelle, Joyelle, Julia, Julienne

    Lacey, Laurel, Lauren, Laurent, Leandre, Leala, Leona, Leondra, Leonore, Liana, Lili, Liliane, Lirienne, Liselle, Lisette, Loraina, Louisa, Louella

    Magnolia, Maiya, Matilda, Maura, Maxime, Melanie, Melodie, Melisande, Merryl, Minette, Mirabelle, Monique

    Nathalia, Nicola, Noemie

    Olympia, Ophelia/Ophelie

    Pascaline, Philippa, Prunella

    Rachelle/Rochelle, Raina/Reina, Romana, Rosamonde, Roselin/Roslyn/Roslin/Roselyn, Roxanne, Ruby

    Sinclaire, Solange, Soren, Stefania/Stephanie, Susanne/Suzette, Sylvestre/a

    Tiffany, Tilda, Tilly

    Veronique, Victorine/a, Violetta

    Ysabel, Yolanda, Yvonna


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