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    Opinions on Dorothy?? Not too sold yet...

    I found Dorothy and I'm in love with the idea of Dot or Dottie, but I'm not too sure if I'm sold or not. Are there any names you can think of that give off a similar vibe? We have Clive Evans (our surname) already, our 18m old. We might have a couple of boys' names picked but we're struggling with girls names.

    The boys names we like are Rory, Oliver, Charlie, Archie. I'm guessing you can see a pattern? (Ollie, Charlie, Archie, Dottie...)

    Can you help convince us that Dottie is THE name? Or if you have other ideas? Thank you!!

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    I'm not sure if someone can convince you that a name is perfect for your baby. It just depends on how you feel about naming a daughter Dorothy or using any other name. You may test other names you like or are on your lists and if nothing else feels right, then Dorothy is the one.

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    I LOVE Dorothy with the nn Dottie. So adorable.

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    I think Dorothy is a very cheerful, happy name. It makes me think of soap bubbles, balloons and ribbons. And Dottie is adorable.

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    I love Dorothy!! I think the "th" sound is going to be rising popularity. I think Edith/Edie gives off a somewhat similar vibe and maybe Esther/Essie as well. I also love Muriel/Muri/Ellie--but I know that would be pushing it for a lot of people. And of course there is always Dorothea if Dorothy doesn't seem quite right.
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