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    Thoughts on the name Gianna?

    I'm on the fence about this name. Can you guys please tell me your thoughts/if you like it and why or why not ? Thanks!
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    I dislike it since where I live (Greece) it's considered kind of dated and I only know old Giannas
    BUT, I think it would sound fun and exotic on a non-Greek/Cypriot baby and I really like its nicknames
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    I like it but it is a very "Catholic"/devout name and also really outdated imo. But that's my Swiss/Italian association. Maybe that's different where you live.

    But it's a really nice and lively name
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    It's epidemic in New Jersey, where I'm originally from. It's a huge heritage choice for Italian-Americans who are fairly removed from Italy, i.e., Italian-Americans who are super proud of their heritage but don't speak Italian and have 2 great-grandparents that emigrated 3 generations ago. I say this as exactly that type of Italian-American
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    I'm not a fan. I don't know how to explain it, but namenculture kind of hits on it.

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