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    What does a _______look like?

    We've all envisioned a name looking a certain way. For example, when I think Clementine, I think of a girl with short, thick blond hair that curves inward, bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks and a round face.

    How this works:
    One poster writes a girls name. The next poster has to say what they imagine that person looking like, and then posts another name. And so on. Here's an example:

    Poster 1: Afton

    Poster 2: Afton has Short brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles, short with a bright smile.

    Poster 3: Elodie hasLong blond hair, vibrant purple eyes, tall, with a very prominent nose

    And so on.
    Feel free to be as detailed and creative as possible. You can also describe their personality and such.
    Have fun!

    The first name is Willow.
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    Willow has long, stringy, light brown hair. She has messy bangs and deep chocolate - brown eyes. Her complexion is very pale, and she has a small nose. She wears glasses that push against her long eyelashes. She is small for her age and very introverted. She is sweet, sensitive and has a big heart. She is content watching others. Though she doesn't talk much, shes very intelligent and a deep thinker.


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    Alayna has long, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is very quiet, but kind and very creative and artistic.


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    Rosanna has long, thick, strawberry blond hair that she usually wears up and big, bright green eyes behind black framed glasses. She is is small and slender, a member of the theatre club, mostly doing the sets and behind the scenes work. She is quiet but fierce, loves her cat more than most people, is an avid reader of classics, and she stands firmly by her beliefs.

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    Lucy has long wavy blond hair and golden-brown eyes. She is tall and physically fit. She loves sports but also enjoys getting stuck into a good book. She is outgoing and smart, and always stands up for what she believes is right.

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