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    The Aurora Project

    (And yes, it's a project, lol.)

    I've been messing about with Aurora a little bit again, and I could use some thoughts. Aurora is one of those names I love, and when I really think about it, I know I want her on my list, but her combo-making is so frustrating I sometimes think about throwing in the towel.

    I have a couple fresh ideas (or recurring ones) that I've been toying around with lately, and I could use your thoughts/help sorting out ideas/fresh inspiration, as I'm giving her another shot.

    Random middles I've been thinking of: Esme, Eyre, Katherine, Lily, Mercy, Petra, Xanthe. (I'd really like to use Eyre somewhere, and with Aurora is my favorite so far.)

    I've been thinking of leaning more Italian with Aurora, so Aurora Maddalena (Magdalena?) and Aurora Giovanna are maybes. Some family names I've been thinking of pairing with them are Helene, Jane, Lily, Katherine, Noelle/Natalie, Ruth. I do two middles, one of which will honor family.

    I'm sort of toying with Aurora Katherine Eyre, Aurora Lily Eyre (too soft?), Aurora Xanthe Jane? Meh. Aurora ties my brain in knots. Anyone feel like messing around with Aurora for a bit? I'll gladly take any combo suggestions of any of these, fresh suggestions you think I may like, or just straight-talk saying these are awful, honestly.

    Thanks, Berries!
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    Aurora Maddalena is GORGEOUS. My favorite double mn combo, though, has to be Aurora Katherine Eyre. I think Katherine grounds the whimsical Aurora, and Eyre adds...the element of surprise that you always use in your combos. I do like it a lot

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    I've been doing the same! I love Aurora but I can't commit for some reason. I love Aurora Giovanna but my DH won't let me use it.

    What about Aurora Isabella? This is my fav combo right now

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    I like Aurora Katherine Eyre. Lily Eyre doesn't work as well to me, tho I like Aurora Lily. I also like Aurora Xanthe Jane a lot. Maybe

    Aurora Giovanna Lily
    Aurora Esme Helene
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    Ash I think you’re getting tied in knots because Aurora is a little bit on the mouthful side to begin with, and then you’ve got a bunch of middles with similar sounds that you say in the top of your mouth, Eyre especially. And, your middles are mostly pretty big too. So it gets to be a lot of name in a hurry, which gets frustrating.

    I like the contrast of Aurora Maddalena because you get some nice consonants you can chew on in the middle name, but I don’t like any of your family names with that, Ruth would be best because you can echo the R of Aurora in the second-middle and tie everything up together, but the UTH part is so much different than all the floaty A’s of the other two names that it sticks out too much. If you had a family name with a rounder sound like Jane but with a softer consonant you might be about to wrap it up nicely, something like Aurora Maddalena Raine.

    Aurora Katherine Eyre has potential because you have the two soft “airy” names separated by a harder consonant name, and Katherine keeps the round vowels going. So that one is good. I think this is why Aurora Lily Eyre is too soft - you don’t have anything to ground it.

    Xanthe is too much contrast next to Aurora, but if you used a soft family middle first, you could build up to the surprise - Aurora Helene Xanthe, though I think it rolls along more nicely if you pronounce an A at the end of Helene, so it sounds like “layna” - Aurora Helena Xanthe.

    Same prescription applies to Aurora Natalie Xanthe, though in that one you get the exact same short A sound in Nat and Xan so it starts to get a bit rhymey.

    Ok, you can go have fun with those random thoughts. Maybe it will help.

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