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    Red face Name Hunt: Agent 007

    Reply 9/25 with Hubby's most recent reviews on the accumulating list:

    EDIT 9/7

    Here is a case of "turning the tables" on the stereotype of husbands vetoing lists of perfectly nice names: I'm looking at a list my husband made... and crossing them all off.

    We're expecting our #7 in February ("Agent 007" for a fun "bump name"). I have somewhat "out there" taste in general, and my husband is just... unpredictable. I really never know what he's going to like. Just about all the names we finally chose were only found through a difficult slog of searching until we finally, finally found a name that we could both love.

    I did realize, however, that all three of our girls' names and/or nicknames are in the U.K. Top 50-100. So I decided that we would just start there, and sent the British Baby Names list for my husband to look through.

    Here's his long list from the Top 500 or so... with all of my objections. Now, in his defense, it IS a "long list" and he did mention that he wasn't 100% on all of them and realized some were completely unusable.

    Emily ...I've never ever liked this name at all, and despite continued popularity, I have too many friends my age to think of this as anything other than a "mom name."

    Grace ... SIL is named this; also our surname begins with T so those S sound endings aren't the best.

    Lucy ... That "LOOSE" syllable. Ugh. It annoys me so much. And, we already have a C@spian.

    Willow ... I really tried to talk him into this one a few years ago, and now I'm sick of it because of all the Wills saturating the little-kid demographic.

    Ivy ... We already have an Ev1e.

    Violet ... Commence nerd overanalyzation: looks like "violent." Looks like "violin." It's just so PURPLE.

    Penelope ... It's cute, I like it and all, but not really enough to actually use it. We already have a Peregr1ne and I don't like those two names together. I do like Nellie. I guess I could survive with that. So... a grudging maybe on this one?

    Darcy ... Wait, you mean like Fitzwilliam?? Ooh, Colin Firth. Pemberley is an interesting name but really only as a middle...what were we talking about?

    Victoria ... This is the ONE name from his list that I also had on mine. And this one had an "it's ok" next to it. I like the full name, in theory. Maybe only because it's 4-syllables and doesn't make people's eyes bug out. I'm not a particular fan of the Queen, though. I loathe Vicki and Tori. Rhea works but I don't like it. Vera, I could do. Which Hubby always vetoes, so. (And this is the one that made both lists!)

    Aria/Arya ... Way too "Game of Thrones" now. Hard pass.

    Iris ... I really liked this one until ISIS became a thing, but again, no.

    Lydia ... This was on my list until about 5 years ago, and I'm completely over it. Also, it sounds like Libya.

    Paige ... Wait, what? He pulled Paige?! Like a medieval go-for boy or a book? No...

    Felicity ... "LISSY" IS LITERALLY THE WORST. Worse than Vicki, worse than Tori. Ok. Other than that. I don't love it, but objectively it has a nice meaning and "fits" with the other kids' names.

    Skye ... Unexpected! I would consider this as a nickname to something more complex, so... it has potential.

    Aurora ... Last time, I wanted Georgiana and he wanted Aurora, we compromised with Georg1a. Aurora is too similar now IMO.

    Pippa ... Super cute, love it, we already have a Pipp1n.

    Alexis ... You mean like the computer that you talk to?

    Hope ... This... this is like the most boring name I can think of.

    Natalia ... This one is interesting, and I like it, but I never can get past that "Christmas" meaning, and this kid is not due at Christmas (BTW we already used An@stasia as a middle name so we do seem to have a bit of overlap on some Russian-type names).

    Anya ... I WANT to love it, but I just hear "on ya." Enya?

    Alexa ... Oh, no THIS is the computer that you talk to. Still pass.

    Piper ... Okay, actually this one is on my GP list but I have never seriously considered it because we have a 2-syllable, ends in -ER surname. And, it's kind of trendy-ish for us, and passing its prime, and... Pipp1n.

    Saoirse ... This has been on and off the joint list of serious considerations for years. We finally ruled it out completely, about six years ago, as being unwearable in the U.S.

    My most recent "for fun long list" without consideration for actual use: Iolanthe, Deirdre, Azalea, Ruby, Rosalind, Octavia, Cordelia, Marigold, Delphine, Calista, Adele, Marian, Caroline, Zuri, Meredith, Renata, Ivanna, Irene, Zelda, Ariadne, Zaria, Faye, Wendy, Inara, Constance (middle), Jeanette (middle), Zenobia, Clarisse, Corinna, Zenaida, Esmeralda, Ravenna, Lorenza, Vasiliki.

    OK... if anybody made it through all that, is anybody brave enough to advise?

    Our boys are:
    Peregr1ne "Pipp1n"

    Girls are:
    Ev3 "Ev1e"
    Dulc1nea "Da1sy" (the end of her full name is prn "NAYA," not "neeya")

    Thanks for any insight or ideas you wish to share. :-)

    EDIT: Super positive Council of Naming with the hubby! He wasn't completely freaked by my "for fun long list" (he definitely would have run away screaming a few years ago), and he was also expecting some counter-offers based on his initial list to happen. I think I've finally trained and Berry-fied him.

    I forgot to include MY list from the British Top Names previously. And since there has been a Council on these, you get to enjoy our own vicious comments:

    .... I maxed out the character limit, so you'll have to see the rest here:
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    hahaha! Sarah, I forgot how opinionated you both are when it comes to names! lol. Every time I read the comments for a name I was like, "Wow this is hardcore. WOW, this is really hardcore. WOOOOW..." hahaha. (I really miss my laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying emoji on Nameberry!)

    You seem pretty nonplussed about Penelope, but like Nell(ie), so maybe another name for her? Like Cornelia, Eleanor/Elinor? If you're not married to the idea of each kid having their own initial, I think Eleanor would suit your girls' perfectly! (Obviously, just rudimentary ideas! I'm sure you would find a Nell name that suits your tastes much better than Eleanor and Cornelia!)

    I LOVE these from your for fun list:

    Rosalind (although I prefer Rosina, Rosamund, and even Rosaline/Rozalina these days... I sort of like the idea of the Russian Rozalina to tie in with Ev1e's middle)
    Marigold (EEK! Marigold's adorable with your girls)
    Adele (I can't decide if my oceans-wide love for Adele makes me super want you to use Adele for a little one or hoard it for myself, haha.)
    Zaria (this was considered in another pregnancy, no? I feel like I remember you talking about the meaning. I like Zoe and Zara more, personally, but it's super pretty and I remember liking the meaning?)
    Ariadne (although I prefer Arianne or Ariana or even Ariadna, I'm not sure I can see you with an Arianne or an Ariana)
    Esmeralda (super loving this as a middle lately, and I love it with your girls!)

    And I've never gotten into Vasiliki, despite the lovely Greek berry we have bearing the name, but I do love another similar -liki name, Angeliki, which seems pretty cool with your girls to me, but maybe too harsh?

    Marigold, Adele, Delphine, Caroline, and Esmeralda are my favorites for you.

    I came across THIS link in another Berry's signature, and it's got me super in love with Delphina lately, and I thought of it when I saw Delphine in your signature. I'm super loving the nns Della, Dia, or Fia for it, and I know you went through a Fia stage (back with D@isy, if I remember correctly!) at one point. Just figured I'd share.

    Not sure if this is helpful at all, but hopefully it got you started. :P So excited for you, which I know I said already, but it bears repeating. :P I can't wait to see what precious name you gift this little one!

    I'm off to see if you have a boys' post yet. :P

    ETA: Coming back to edit in Beatrix, Fiala, Amélie, and Lilavati (means "playful" I think), because random names sometimes occur to me that I think you might like. :P
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    Congrats on number seven! I remember it was a lot of fun trying to help you name Georg1a, so it's exciting to do it again.

    First, looking over your husband's list, I would actually suggest putting Saoirse back in contention if you still like her. Six years ago, yeah, it was a bit unwearable in the U.S., but it just made the Top 1000 last year, so I think it's becoming a lot more familiar than it was. And maybe with the right middle(s), you could even get Skye as a nickname? Saoirse Kalista Irene? Eh, just a thought.

    If Aurora is too similar sounding to Georgia, what about Aurelia?

    Rory would work as a nickname for Victoria. (And if you like the idea of Vera a nickname, then I suggest Veronica or Verity as more logical ways to get there, although I guess it works okay for Victoria.)

    Are all Alex- names out of contention due to the computer thing? Because I love Alexandrina for you, nicknamed Sasha (which sounds similar to Saoirse).

    Seeing Hope and Natalia next to each other on his list makes me think of Nadia, which means "hope".

    I like Ash's idea of finding other names that Nellie can be short for if Penelope isn't doing it for you. Anela, Antonella, and Eleanora are some pretty possibilities.

    Moving onto your list... Well, I really like almost everything on it! If this was your eighth baby, I would be rooting for Octavia, but it seems a little weird to use it for a seventh baby. I also love Zenobia with Zoe as a nickname, but maybe not with sister Ev3.

    I'm unsure of how I feel about the flower names when you already have a Da1sy, but considering that her full name stands out so much from her sisters, maybe it would be nice to have a flower tie-in.

    Something about Marian is sticking out to me. I like that she's familiar, but really not used at all nowadays. I also like that she's less frilly than Dulc1nea and Georg1a, more in the style of Ev3. With Marigold and Meredith on you list as well, it seems like you're drawn to the Mari- sound, so I suggest Marina, Marilla, Maribel, Marisol, Marielle, Marissa, Marit, Maren, Mariposa, and Mariska (Skye as a nickname?).

    I love Esmeralda and how she's more similar to Dulc1nea in style. Cordelia, Renata, and Lorenza also have a Dulc1nea-like vibe to me.

    And I just personally love Ravenna and Ariadne in general!
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    From your list
    Marian: feels like it ties together unique Dulc1nea, classic Ev3 and popular Georg1a. It's known but not widely used.
    Zaria: pretty, fits in very well with your kids name, especially the boys.
    Adele: I think Adela would fit in better and have less of a connection to the singer.
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    I like Esmeralda from your for-fun list too.. Maybe nn Esme as an answer to Emily. Also LOVE Zelda for you. I mean you definitely have more-adventurous-than-average taste so no wonder most names from that list bored you lol.

    Of the "maybe's" on his list I like Felicity most...though I share the cringe at "Lissy" ...but she could have lots of other nn. Felicity is just so fun to say. Sweet for a baby but smart for a woman. Great meaning. Anyway. Victoria just does not do it for me as it reminds me of outdated & fussy Victorian furniture.

    Random idea generator....

    Antonia "Annie / Noni / Nia etc"
    Antonella "Nell"
    Saskia "Sky"
    Miriam "Mamie" or "Mimi"
    Jesminda "Minnie" or "Indie"
    Primrose or Paloma "Posy"
    Phaedra "Fae"

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