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    I agree that having to explain that you're actually an eighth child due to a miscarriage would be rather sad. What about a name related to the number seven? Maybe not Septima, but Felicity means "happy, lucky", so she could be lucky number seven! (And there's also variations Felice and Felicia).

    If Esmeralda isn't quite right, what about Esperanza (which funnily enough also means "hope")? Some others that give me an Esmeralda-vibe: Magdalena, Paloma, Lavinia, Salomea, Oriana, Valeriana.

    Along the lines of Mariska, here's some other -ska ending names that could lead to Skye as a nickname: Agneska, Alaska, Anoushka, Eliska, Franziska, Valeska. It bothers me a little that most of those are actually diminutive forms, but I think they can work well enough as formal names in English.

    I think all the connections Iolanthe has for you are pretty cool, although you husband totally killed the cool factor of Io with his cow comment! I'll never be able to look at Io the same. Maybe Thea or Theo could work as a nickname? Or to split the difference between his mainstream Violet and your obscure Iolanthe, there's also Violetta or Yolanda.
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    @mombaloo - sorry I missed your message before - Carlotta is definitely going to be to Phantom of the Opera for us. There are surprisingly less "lottie" names than I figured would be out there!

    @mega_muffin - Eh, I'm going to have to go into "simmer mode" here. I don't seem to love any of these suggestions, even though they are good (Yolanda is definitely less crazy while still being interesting, but we knew one and while she was nice, the association is way too strong). I really don't know what direction I DO want to go, just a whole bunch of vetoes. I think I'm going to have to file Iolanthe away along with Constance AND Violet as possible middle honor-names, otherwise I'm going to get hung up on "but does it work with Iolanthe" and that's just putting the cart before the horse. Choose what to call the kid, THEN make a nice combo for the full name.

    Hubby seems to be coming around to Verity, that was added to the list, and Serafina was also OK though nobody is nuts about it. At the moment, we both seem to like these alright. Either we haven't found "the one," we need a nickname to make something more appealing, or we're just going to have to wait and see if something "grows" on someone.

    Marigold (might use a nickname on this one?)
    Penelope (nn Nellie?)
    Lottie (I'd like a full name here, Ottilie is the best idea so far)
    Ruby (could use this standalone, or as a nn for something else)
    Victoria (nn Vix? but I think we're really after something LIKE this)
    Adele, (also Adela)
    Cordelia (maybe a nickname here)
    Skye (as a nn, though none of the -ska names are doing it for me)
    Anya (also nn, I don't like it as a standalone)

    - Or maybe keep sniffing around names that are "like" these but lean slightly to the unusual side?

    Iolanthe/Constance/Violet put aside as possible honor middles.
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    From your fun list, I think Ravenna works with your other kids names.

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    @summs - Thanks for the input! Unfortunately, my husband vetoed Ravenna because he thought it looked like the word, "ravenous."

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    Annika, maybe? For a longer name for Anya. Overall I think your list is really lovely. I especially love Serafina, Victoria nn Vix, Ariadne and Felicity.


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