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    I know a couple and they go by "Mama" and "Mummy" (mummy to me sounds the same as I imagine Mami would). They have 2 daughters. It's never confusing as far as I can tell. Go with the names you want, and little one will pick up on it

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    It is not clear to me from your post if beyond names you will be speaking to/teaching your child Urdu and Spanish, but if you are I think that will reinforce the fact that these are completely different names in completely different languages. I also suspect it would naturally encourage the division in pronunciation you are hinting at in your phonetic spelling.

    That being said, like someone else mentioned depending on the particulars of your adoption I would suggest being flexible. If you happen to adopt an older child they may well have their own opinion of what they feel comfortable calling you, at least initially, for instance. Or if you adopt a child of another cultural/linguist background it might be nice to incorporate that into the names/words you use. Or if it is an open adoption perhaps you can consult with the birth mom or family.

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