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    I think Mami and Mama is gorgeous and I think your child would be able to easily call you those names and differentiate the sound. However, sometimes babies chooose what they call you! My daughter calls me mama (mumma) even though I always said mummy and my husband called me mummy. But she chose to call us mama and dada we think it is super sweet and hope she always does And of course now we refer to ourselves as Mama and Dada.
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    Freddie calls me Mumma and my wife Mummy, if he wants a specific one of us. If he doesn't care which one he wants, he just calls us both Mum.

    I don't think Mama and Mami are too close at all. Freddie has never got Mumma and Mummy mixed up. You should use whatever you want though, don't feel obliged to use what your family think you should use.
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    I think it will come naturally from the children themselves
    My cousin's name is Megan, and her wife's name is Genevieve. Originally their son was going to call Meg "Mom" or "Mommy" and call Genevieve by her real name. But as a toddler, he could not pronounce her real name, so not she is known as Gigi to the entire family now. Their kid is 17.
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    I don't think they're too similar but like other's have said it may come naturally from the child as they learn. My nephew would mix up my name 'Annie' with his Nanny as he was practicing his speech - and they are obviously quite different, but he doesn't do it anymore. As time goes on the distinction will become clearer for the little one but that doesn't mean they won't understand, maybe just struggle to vocalise it initially.

    If I were you, I wouldn't worry about the similarities, choose the names you're happy with and see how it goes, your baby will work it out in their own time.
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    My three-year-old niece has a mama and a mommy and she will not hesitate to correct you if you use the wrong name.
    "No, I went there with mommy, mama was at work" and stuff like that.
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    We're mom/mommy and momma (to our cats for now).
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    Most couples I know have their kids call them Mama and Mami/Mommy. No one is ever confused about to whom they are referring.

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    In a story I’m putting together, the main character has to
    Wo moms. She calls one Mom and the other Mama.

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    Adding onto those who have said most couples I know use Mama "mah-ma" and Mami / Mommy, it's sweet, and kids can and do learn quickly how to differentiate the sound both when heard and spoken. However - in rereading over your post, I think you actually have even less to worry about than most couples, given that for you, your names will be "mum-ah" and "mah-mee." These are pretty distinct relative to each other.

    When you're blending cultures in the creation of a new family, it doesn't always work out perfectly, as you've seen in the fact that "mami" refers to a very specific person in your partner's culture (and that diverges from yours in the sense that many women are Mami at any given time). If you're adopting, you may want to consider that the child who enters your life could have their own ideas of what you should be called based in their own cultural understanding and upbringing. But you're doing a great job, and your kids will not grow up confused - though they may grow into teens who find it hilarious to shout "Mom!" and see who responds!
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    I agree with all the people above who have stated that Mama and Mami are not too similar! I love that the names both come from your cultures.

    You also made the statement about being concerned since on your wife's side since mami can be used for your child's aunt. If I were you, I would explain to your family members that Mami is used for mom in your Hispanic background, and that you would appreciate it if they could use a different affectionate term for auntie where your child is involved, at least until you child is old enough for the terms to be explained to them. I mean, as 4 or 5, I feel like it would be confusing to call your mother mami and then being told at family gatherings to call this other person mami too... but once your child gets older, like once they hit 8-10, if people kind of slip up and call their aunt mami in front of the child, I would probably start letting it go a bit - once the kid can kind of start to understand that cultures come into play, different languages etc, one can be a affectionate title and one can be name for Mom.

    Also if I were the aunt in question I would respect that the mother's culture or term for mom kind of takes precedence over the other side's term for aunt. It is more important to you, that mom be called Mami, than for the aunt on the other side to be called mami. If it were me, I would understand and let it go, even if it might feel a little uncomfortable to me. I don't think it is a big deal, and if everyone keeps their cool about the conversation and is level headed, it doesn't need to hurt anybody or be something to be concerned about.

    Good luck!
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