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    Help Me Name My Characters


    Contemporary sweet romance. Located in a fictional small city in the midwest that serves as the hub for several farming towns in the area.

    Ethnicity: Irish-American
    Race: White
    Religion: Conservative Christian (formally Catholic)
    Age: 40s
    Occupation: Mechanic
    Character Background:
    Formally a military man. When stationed in Southern Florida met an Afro-Cuban female and they eloped. While stationed abroad, experienced a near death experience that made him more of an evangelical christian. His is authoritative, but lovable. Strict, but not quite Duggar strict. He is responsible, organized/orderly, believes in tradition and regulations. He is reliable and dutiful

    Ethnicity: Cuban-American
    Race: Black, Mixed Race
    Religion: Conservative Christian (formally Catholic)
    Age: 40s
    Occupation: Homemaker
    Character Background:
    Child of Cuban immigrants and grew up in south Florida. Previously worked as a nursing aid, but became a homemaker after a difficult pregnancy. She is introverted, nurturing, and subservient.

    Oldest Child (protagonist)
    Ethnicity: Mixed Race, Irish and Cuban
    Religion: Conservative Christian
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Former High School Student, Office Assistant
    Character Background:
    Raised in an extremely religious home, looking to break free. Sensitive soul. Harmonizer. Still waters run deep. Sees more than they speak. Attempting to find self and establish identity. Creative and artistic.

    Middle Child
    Ethnicity: Mixed Race, Irish and Cuban
    Religion: Conservative Christian
    Age: 17
    Occupation: High School Senior
    Character Background:
    Rebellious family member (as can be within family constructs), outgoing, open minded and vivacious. Always there to help others, but on the bad end can be too spontaneous and get into sticky situations

    Youngest Child
    Ethnicity: Mixed Race, Irish and Cuban
    Religion: Conservative Christian
    Age: 2
    Occupation: Toddler

    Character name ideas I have:
    Father - Michael Kelly
    Mother - Esperanza
    Oldest -
    Middle -
    Baby -

    I am looking for names for the children that are Hispanic, religious, but also seem easy enough to pronounce as they be in a semi-rural white area and racism is not a central part of the story.

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    It seems you haven't decided on the kids' genders yet?
    possible nicknames in brackets

    girls could be called: Adoracion (Adora, Dora), Agnes, Ana (Anita), Catarina, Consuelo, Concepcion (Chita, Conchita), Cristina, Dolores (Lola), Donata, Dorotea, Encarnation/Encarnita (Nita), Ester, Estevania, Eva (Evita), Felicidad, Francisca, Gracia, Ignacia, Immaculada (Imma), Isabel, Visitacion, Josefa, Judit, Lidia, Lourdes, Lucia, Magdalena, Maite, Maria/Mariana/Maribel/Marita/..., Nuria, Perla, Rafaela, Rebeca, Regina, Rut, Sara, Soledad, Susana, Teresa, Veronica

    boys could be called: Benito, Bonifacio, Clement, Cristian, Daniel/Danilo (Dan), David, Elias, Felipe, Francisco, Ignacio (Nacio, Nacho), Inocencio, Jakobo, Jaime, Javier, Jesus, Joel, Jonatan, Jorge, Juan, Lorenzo, Lucas, Manuel, Marcelo, Marco, Martin, Miguel, Modesto, Nicolas, Pablo, Pedro, Prospero, Rafael (Rafa), Ruben, Salvador, Samuel, Simon, Tadeo, Teodoro (Teo), Tomas, Yago

    either could be called: Amor, Angel, Rosario

    I like Susana or Manuel for the first, Isabel or Nicolas for the second, and Lidia, Amor or Jorge for the third.
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    I like the idea of a mix of the cultures in their names. Like, a Spanish first name with an Irish middle. (I know you said Cuban, but mom's name is spanish).

    Such as...

    Matteo Aidan
    Maria Colleen
    Rosalind Bridget
    Alanzo Collum

    And i love the name Paz. It means Peace. I knew a sweet elderly spanish woman by this name when i was a kid.

    Paz Aileen?

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