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    I don't see a problem with Penelope and Josephine as sisters -- and if you like Fee, that works just as well as a nn for Josephine! Also consider Fia, Fina, Fifi, and above suggestions of Sephy and Effie too. Unsolicited on the advice front, but you can have it for free anyway. :-D

    Fiona is a beautiful old Irish name, but some people really cannot get past the animation that is not to be mentioned. My husband has hard vetoed Fiona several times because he's one of these people. Unfortunately, this just a thing you will have to accept as the existing, inescapable cultural baggage that comes with the name, and decide whether that puts you off. The Unmentioned Title is not going anywhere, especially as there is now a Broadway musical version which won quite a few awards, ensuring its reappearance in high school productions down the road. There are certainly worse associations people could have for a name.

    As for the middle name, I feel your pain. My husband absolutely insisted we use his dad's name, without variation. This happens to be a name that makes me cringe, made worse by the number of men I've known who also had this name and were terrible people. The compromise we finally came to (with our THIRD SON) was to use two middle names, both of them family honor names, so that I didn't have to use THAT NAME as my poor boy's only middle name option, and so my husband didn't feel like I was just "burying" his dad's name. The kid ended up with a big name - Peregrine Wesley Donald - but it is what it is. Nobody has died over his 9-total-syllables name, and if you decided to go that route, nobody would perish over a Fiona Louise Maureen, either. And I have some kids with two middles and some with just one. I haven't heard any complaints. Each name is special in its own way with its own story and/or meaning, and they seem to accept and recognize that.

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    I love Fiona. I actually know two Fiona's (one being 9, the other a baby) and from what I've seen, neither have gotten much trouble about the Shrek connection.

    As far as the middle name, my first thought was using Maura. Such a pretty name and connected enough to Maureen. Fiona Maura isn't the best flow though. I don't think Maureen is awful but it's tough when you don't actually have love for it. I think Fiona Mary is nice too though.
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    Completely forgot about the Shrek association. I think Fiona is a really lovely name! I know two, both of them are 13. I also love Josephine and don't find it too long with sibling Penelope, personally. There are a lot of other nickname options than the ones you listed such as Sophie, Fia, Fifi, Effie, Phina/Fina, Sephie, etc. Fifi, Fia, and Fina can also be used as nicknames for Fiona. Maybe Maren/Marin as an alternative for Maureen?

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    Fiona Maureen sounds very Celtic and lovely. I like it. And as others have pointed out, Maureen could well move from dated to old lady to cool again within another decade or so. Even if not, a lot of people will accurately guess it's a family name. So either way, a good deal.

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