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    Leaning towards Fiona, but need help !

    Our second daughter is due in three weeks. Oldest is named Penelope Jane (last name starts with B, and is one syllable). We generally call her Penny. Naming the second has been so hard!!

    For a while we were thinking of Josephine, but I think the length is a little much with sibling Penelope, and I also don't really like any of the nicknames (Josie sounds a little inelegant to my ear, and Jo, Joey are a little masculine).

    Enter Fiona. I have loved the name since I read The Thorn Birds as a teenager. Initially my husband wasn't interested, but it's grown on him and now he likes it a lot. I do, too, but there are still those who can't get past the reference to the children's movie (which I will not name ), but I don't have that association. To me, it sounds beautiful, classic, and unusual but not weird, with the bonus that there are no spelling or pronunciation variations to deal with. I think I'd use Fee as a nickname here and there, but generally would probably just use the name in full--not everything needs a nickname !!!!

    The harder part is that my husband's mother passed away a couple of years ago, and he wants to use her name as a middle. It's Maureen. Yikes. And her middle name was Mildred, so that's not a better option. When we were thinking Josephine, we compromised and were going to adapt middle name to Mary, because Maureen is the Irish version of Mary; I thought it was close enough to be an homage. Now, with Fiona, we're back to Maureen, I guess. On one hand, I think it's just a middle name, people don't use them that much, but on the other hand, it's going to be her NAME for the rest of her life and I don't want to saddle her with something that to me sounds terribly unattractive.

    So I guess I'm looking for advice on two fronts--what do people think of Fiona? And what should I do about the middle name issue. Is it terrible of me to hard veto Maureen, even though it would be meaningful to my husband? Is there another option that incorporates it somehow, but sounds better?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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    First of all, I think Josephine works great with sister Penelope, and, if you don't like Josie/Jo/Joey, there's always Effie, Sephie, Fee, etc.

    As for Fiona, I quite like it but DH scratched it off our list because he can only see Fiona from Shrek or the hot mess that is Fiona from Shameless. I actually think Fiona Maureen sounds quite nice despite my general dislike of Maureen. When it comes to middles I'm more likely to use a name I don't love, but wouldn't use a name if I truly disliked it.
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    I know two little Fionas and I quite like the name! I agree you don't need a nickname, but 'Fee' would be an easy and cute short form to call her. I also agree that Maureen isn't the best name. I understand not wanting to use an actual name due to it being unattractive - my grandma's name is Norma. I think Maureen is way better than that! But if you can't stomach Fiona Maureen, I would think any variant of Mary would sufficiently pay homage to your husband's mother. What about May? Penelope Jane and Fiona May

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    Fiona has become a moderately popular name, so I don't think the Shrek thing will be an issue.
    I actually think Maurine as a middle name is pretty, particularly paired with Fiona. At first, I was wondering why you wouldn't like Maureen because it sounds so pretty and Celtic, but when I was looking at the name listing on it's own, I realized, oh wait, this is Maureen we're talking about. It takes on a very different feel as Fiona Maureen. It also might end up being one of the trendy names as she's growing up. I mean, when I was born, Eleanor was an old lady name.

    Alternatively, you could use Maren, which is close to Maureen and can have or not have the Mary connection depending on which country of origin you look at.

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    Perhaps spell it Máirín, which is the original Irish spelling. I think it's more attractive

    Fiona Máirín

    The "-een" ending is funny in tat if it's spelt "een" for some reason it's less attractive that a similar or equivalent name ending in "ine"

    For some reason
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