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    Married to a footballer BNG

    I got the inspiration from an old "married to a superstar" CAF and decided to make a football (soccer) edition. Enjoy!

    For this game, use this dice:

    1. You

    Roll an 8-sided dice for nationality
    1. British
    2. German
    3. French
    4. Russian
    5. Swedish
    6. Italian
    7. Spanish
    8. Your real nationality

    First name:
    If you're British:
    If you're German:
    If you're French: Germaine, Elise, Genevieve, Esme, Aurora, Lissa, Ines, Sesame, Anais, Clementine
    If you're Russian: (name with K, N or D)
    If you're Swedish: Astrid, Agnes, Signe, Freja, Linnea, Hedda, Hedwig, Saga
    If you're Italian:
    If you're Spanish: a name starting with M and ending in A.
    If "your real nationality" use your own name.

    Middle name: (roll an 8-sided dice)
    1. Greer/Greta/Grace
    2. Starting with Al-.
    3. Starting with El-.
    4. Ending in -belle.
    6. (load a random page in Wikipedia, take a name from it)
    7. Starting with the same letter as your first name
    8. (History, Norwegian, Croatian)

    If you're British: Coleman, Lockwood, Crawford, Anders, Smith
    If you're German: Fischer, Hoffman, Herbst, Sauer, Sturm
    If you're French: Gaultier, Roux, Gaston, Durand, Baptiste
    If you're Russian: Antonov, Yevgeniev, Sokolovsky, Fyodorov, Utkin
    If you're Swedish: Alexandersson, Simon, Egil, Vilmar Svenson
    If you're Italian: Rossi, Antonelli, Cremona, De Vito, Franco
    If you're Spanish: Castillo, Gomez, Gonzalez, Perez, Rojo
    If you're your own nationality: choose from the above.

    2. Your DH:

    Choose one of the images below:
    4. http ://

    If you've chosen:
    1. DH is Manuel Peter Neuer and he is German!
    2. DH is Gareth Frank Bale and he is Welsh!
    3. DH is Lionel Andres Messi and he is Argentinian!
    4. DH is Karim Mostafa Benzema and he is French!
    5. DH is Miroslav Josef Klose and he is Polish/German!
    6. DH is Antoine Griezmann and he is French!
    7. DH is David Olatukunbo Alaba and he is Austrian!
    8. DH is Robert Lewandowski and he is Polish!
    9. DH is Mats Julian Hummels and he is German!
    10. DH is James David Rodriguez Rubio and he is Colombian!
    11. DH is Gianluigi Buffon and he is Italian!
    12. DH is Sergio Ramos Garcia and he is Spanish!

    3. Your kids:

    Pregnancy #1:
    Roll a dice, if it's even you have a girl, if it's odd you have a boy.
    First name honours your nationality, middle name honours DH's nationality.

    Pregnancy #2:
    Roll six-sided dice:
    1. G
    2. B
    3. G
    4. B
    5. Miscarriage (then, continue to pregnancy #3)
    6. Twins (roll for genders: even - girl, odd - boy)

    First names: Asher, Rylan, George, Rudy, Marcel, Truman, Colby, Cashier, Merlin, Oscar, Sterling, Noel, Clyde, Clay, Morris, Fergus, Asa, Monty, Lorcan, Pine
    Sadie, Lucia, Fanny, Coco, Mildred, Prudence, Drusilla, Lorelei, Abilene, Mila, Brooke, Charlie, Cheyenne, Anna, Victoria, Eulalia, Nicolette, Penny, Amber
    Middle names from here: (generate some cities and then choose)

    Pregnancy #3:
    Roll a six-sided die.
    1-3: girl
    4-6: boy

    Names come from: (box in the middle)

    Pregnancy #4: multiples time!
    Roll a 4 sided dice to find out the number of babies. If you get 1, then you choose the number of babies, but it can't be just one.
    Roll for genders: even - boy, odd - girl.

    Roll twice for first and middle names for each baby:
    1. (Italian, Welsh, Romanto)
    2. A name that honours you.
    3. A name that honours your nationality.
    4. A name that honours DH.
    5. A name that honours DH's nationality.
    6. Contains the letter Z but doesn't start or end with it.
    7. (choose from the predictions)
    9. (parents names for inspiration)

    Pregnancy #5
    Roll a six-sided dice:
    1. G/G
    2. G
    3. B/B
    4. B
    5. B
    6. G

    First names:

    Middle names from here: (click Make a wish and then choose one of the two names)

    PLOT TWIST: Your DH changes teams! Where does he transfer to? (Roll)
    1. Galatasaray (Turkey)
    2. FC Groningen (The Netherlands)
    3. Kashima (Japan)
    4. Nottingham Forest (England)
    5. New England (United states)
    6. Lanus (Argentina)
    7. FC Seoul (South Korea)
    8. Al Nassr (Saudi Arabia)

    From the new country you live in, you adopt a 3-months-old baby. Roll for gender (even-girl, odd-boy). The first name honours the baby's country, the middle comes from here:

    Pregnancy #6
    Roll a six-sided dice:
    1. G
    2. G
    3. G/B
    4. B
    5. B
    6. G/B

    Roll for first name:
    1. Starts with the same letter as the family name.
    2. Ends with the same letter as your name.
    3. Contains at least 3 vowels.
    4. Originates from your new country.
    5. A place name.
    6. A name, similar to his father's.

    Middle names:
    Aurora, Colette, Gwen, Anouk, Lila, Soraya, Celia, River, Yara, Wanda, Florence, Minerva, Imogene, Isobel, Maxine, Matty, Stella, Orla, Mae, Kai, Belle
    Phillip, Arthur, Colton, Bryce, Victor, Vincent, Patrick, Pierce, Wilbert, Quentin, Nolan, Alec, Daniel, Roman, Isaac, Levi, Declan, Edwin, Thor, Olson, Yannick

    That was all! List all your family and you can add backstories and pictures if you like.
    Harbor Aurelia

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    DW: Freja Alice Alexandersson *swedish*
    DH: Mats Julian Hummels *german*

    DD: Dagmar Helene Hummels
    DD: Anna Surat Hummels
    DS: Andrew Knute Hummels
    DS/DD/DS: Bastian Viggo Hummels/Matilda June Hummels/Jules Holden Hummels
    DS: Flann Aiden Hummels
    DAD: Virginia Lyra Hummels *adopted from USA*
    DS: Josef Patrick Hummels

    Freja & Mats Hummels with Dagmar, Anna, Andie, Basti, Matty, Jules, Flann, Ginny & Josef
    Harbor Aurelia

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    DW: Ines Grace Gaultier
    DH: Gareth Frank Bale

    DS: Maximilien Rhys
    DS: George Oscar
    DD: Holland Honor
    DD/DS: Gwendolyn Ines/Lloyd Antoine
    DS: Frank Camden

    Transferred to Galatasaray, Turkey

    ADD: Mayda Lyra
    DD/DS: Roma Colette/Griffith Quentin

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    DW: Linnea Milanka Svenson (Swedish)
    DH: Sergio Ramos Garcia (Spanish)

    DD: Svea Carmen Garcia
    DS: Asher Lagos Garcia
    DS: Caius Victor "Cai" Garcia
    DD/DD: Milana Lynette Garcia and Manuela Soleil Garcia
    DD/DD: Fleur Stella Garcia and Fenella Julia Garcia
    ADS: Oliver Deneb Garcia
    DD: Yara Isobel Garcia

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    Aurora | Francesca | Emilia | Louisa | Valentina | Philippa | Estella
    Edward | Romeo | Sebastian | Matteo | Christopher | Adrian | Raphael

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