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    Help with name... in hospital

    I'm in the hospital with 3 baby girl we like the name Sadie but a lot of people say negative things about it, what are your thoughts on name?
    Middle name will be named after family so we could do
    Sadie Mae
    Sadie Michelle
    Sadie Jaye

    Other name we like is kinsley

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    I love Sadie! My favorite is Sadie Mae, but Sadie Michelle is lovely too. Sadie is sweet and spunky, and Mae makes it feel feminine and a bit Southern
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    I absolutely love Sadie! I find it so cute and charming. I like Sadie Michelle best followed by Sadie Mae.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with Sadie. I love Sadie Michelle. I also like Kinsley, and I think Kinsley Mae would be really cute.
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    Sadie Mae is adorable.

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