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    I like:
    Avriana- I'm pronouncing this Ah-vree-on-uh and I really like it pronounced that way.
    Isabel- I prefer the spelling Isabelle though
    Isla- It took me a while not to mistake this for Ilsa, but most other people don't seem to have that problem.
    Lily- maybe Liliana, Lillian, Lilias, Tigerlily nn Lily
    Sophie- Depending where you live, Sophie might be less popular than you'd think. In my country (the US) It's ranked well below names like Cora, Lily, Hazel, and Aria and barely beats out Delilah. (though I'd also check state/providence/city/county/region ranks as well because they might be more accurate for reference)
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    I like Aria, Cora, Delilah, Gemma, Isabel (prefer Isobel), Isla (actress Isla Fisher is pretty well known so I wouldn't worry about this), Lily, Maeva, Nova, Stella, Sophie,and Zella.

    If I had to narrow it down further, my favourites are Cora, Maeva, or Zella (beautiful, feminine, but unusual with Jones).
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    What a lovely list! No wonder you're struggling. :P

    If I had to pick just my favorites, I'd pick:

    Everly (although I prefer this as a MN)
    Isabel (although Jiselle and Isabel seem a bit matchy, unfortunately!)
    Lily (maybe something like Lillian, Lilia, Liliana, Lilibet, etc., nn Lily, if you want something more rare? I think Lilibet Jones nn Lily sounds adorable!)

    If I had to narrow it to a top 3, it'd probably be Hazel, Isabel (I just can't NOT vote for her! Isabelle is my favorite girls' name.), and either Gemma, Zara, or Maeva. I think Maeva and Jiselle would be particularly pretty! (I don't know if you've considered it or not, but Naomi/Noemi and Jiselle sort of seem made for each other to me? I love them together. Or even Simone/Simona and Jiselle.

    Good luck!
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    With a very common surname, I agree that common first names like Lily and Sophie might make somewhat boring choices. Especially with a sibling named Jiselle, many of these names seem a bit bland in comparison. Aria, Cora, Hazel, Isabelle/Isabel, Lily, and Stella are all in the top 100, and Delilah, Everly, Hadley, Isla, Nova, and Sophie are in the top 150. Popularity is far from the only factor worth considering, but it's good to keep in mind.

    I would also avoid names that have too many sounds in common with Jiselle Aretta Marie, which eliminates Zella and Ariel/Ariella. (Aria, Isabel, and Stella could be crossed out here too if they weren't already.)

    Out of what's left after all that, my favorites for you are Gemma, Lennon (I love unisex names but they are understandably not everyone's cup of tea), Zara, Maisie (it's technically a nickname but I think it stands alone beautifully too!), and Maeva (although I do like Maeve just a tiny bit better). If top 150 popularity doesn't concern you, then I also really like Nova and Delilah.

    That means Avriana is the only name I haven't mentioned yet! It has a lot in common with popular names like Ava, Avery, and Ariana, but to me it doesn't feel common; it still feels like its own distinct name. I generally don't like invented names, but I actually kind of like the way Avriana looks and sounds. As a whole I'm very much on the fence about it. Perhaps you would consider Adriana instead?
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    My favs:
    Gemma - looove!!
    Sophie -- so cute even if it is popular!

    My least favs:
    Hadley - not a fan of -ley or the word HAD being in the name
    Lennon - too masculine for me
    Maeva - I'm not into the Maeve hype
    Zara - sounds too futuristic/scifi for me

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