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    Penelope or Julianna

    Hi all, my hubby and I are expecting a baby girl in next year and are split on a name, we both like the other's pick, but it's not our favorite. I'm looking for middle name ideas and would love to see your ideas. Penelope Julianna is an option, but we're not sure if we want to use up a beautiful name we might be able to use in the future on a middle name spot. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Both names are beautiful choices. However I prefer Julianna over Penelope. Penelope I just don't particularly like however it is still a nice name. They go beautifully together - whether as sisters or as a combo. I think if you plan to have another child save it. However if you have other names you love use it as a middle name. I prefer the flow of Julianna Penelope btw .
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    I also prefer Julianna, I like its melodic sound and how it isn't as popular as Penelope. And, like the pp said I think Julianna Penelope flows better than Penelope Julianna and it has a princess-y air to it. You don't know when you will have another baby, your taste in names might have changed and you might not like those two names anymore, and you might have a boy so I think you should use both names you love now
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    I'm going to go the other way and say I prefer Penelope to Julianna, but only just! They are both elegant and lovely names, they make me think of elegant yet slightly exotic people, it just makes me think of places like Monaco, Nice, Rome or Florence. I would personally pair such feminine and (in the case of Julianna) frilly names with something a little more androgynous or with a little bit more of a kick/harder sound to it.

    I like the sound of Penelope Kate or Penelope Jade and also I think Julianna Wren or Julianna Lark would be very pretty. I think Penelope Julianna is nice but I slightly prefer the flow of Julianna Penelope.
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