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    Lightbulb Name the Mega Large Family (19 children, 10 grandchildren, and pets)

    LN: Kramer, Van der Beek, Gilette, Amherst, London, Christensen, or Wright.

    DH (54): FN - From a novel or movie. MN - Begins with P.
    DW (54): FN - Something in the top 100 in 1963. MN - Biblical name.
    DD (31):
    DD (28):
    DS/DD (26):
    DS (24):
    DS (23):
    DD (21):
    DD/DS (17):
    DS (15):
    DD (13):
    DD (11):
    DS/DD (9):
    DD (8):
    DD (7):
    DS (5):
    DS (3):
    DD (2):

    Dogs (up to 3):

    FNs: Girls - Begin with A. Boys - Begin with B.
    MNs: Classic.
    DD (31)
    DH (32): FN - Begins with J. MN - Your choice.
    DS (11):
    DD (8):
    DD (4):

    Mama Cat:
    Papa Cat:
    Kittens (up to 6):
    DD (28)
    DH (28): Your choice
    DS/DS (3):
    DD (10 months):
    DD (exp.):


    FNs: Flower/Nature names
    MNs: Alternate spellings of classic names (nothing crazy).
    DS (26)
    DGF (22): FN - A top 100 name from 1995. MN - Begins with H.
    DS (2):
    DS (newborn):

    FNs : Names not in the top 1000.
    MNs: Animal names.
    DD (26)
    DH (29): Your choice.
    DD (5): FN - A classic name with a twist. MN - Begins with M.

    Rabbits (up to 4):

    *Pets' names and genders are your choice.
    Lilia * Susanna * Irena * Vera * Maia * Paulina * Evelina * Daphne * Magnolia * Zoya * Mireille * Stephanie * Noelle * Arielle * Tessa * Xanthe * Cassia * Vada * Matilda * Rosalie * Seraphina * Fiona * Maeve * Aislinn * Seren* Lyra * Ksenia * Katarina * Caitriona * Greta * Gabrielle * Tatiana * Estrella * Nadia * Phoebe
    Abram * Ronan * Ephraim * Rhys * Conrad * Cassius * Darius * Dmitri * Eamon * Henrik * Julius * Lachlan * Lorenzo * Raphael * Rory * Salvatore * Tanner * Tennyson

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    LN: London

    DH (54): Caspian Phineas
    DW (54): Evelyn Ruth
    DD (31): Araminta Louisa
    DD (28): Augusta Elizabeth
    DS/DD (26): Brooks Henry and Adair Beatrice
    DS (24): Benjamin Nicholas (Benji)
    DS (23): Bellamy George
    DD (21): Annora Charlotte
    DD/DS (17): Aurora Virginia and Beckett Simon (Rory and Beck)
    DS (15): Basil Frederick (Bay)
    DD (13): Alice Margaret
    DD (11): Allegra Winifred
    DS/DD (9): Balthazar Thomas and Athena Jane (Baz and Thea)
    DD (8): Amelia Frances (Millie)
    DD (7): Anneliese Florence
    DS (5): Barnaby Samuel
    DS (3): Booker James
    DD (2): Adelaide Edith (Lady)

    Dogs: Bix and Ash
    Cat: Bing and Briar
    Squirrel: Birch and Aggie

    DD (31): Araminta Louisa
    DH (32): Jonah Leander
    DS (11): August Lachlan (Gus)
    DD (8): Josephine Lavinia (Posey)
    DD (4): Juniper Lyra (Juno)

    Mama Cat: Lavender
    Papa Cat: Ludo
    Kittens: Lilac and Leo and Lola and Lazslo
    DD (28): Augusta Elizabeth
    DH (28): Rowan Niall
    DS/DS (3): Jasper Sylas and Forrest Edmond
    DD (10 months): Magnolia Juliette
    DD (exp.): Delphine Elisabeth

    Dog: Iris
    Puppy: Bluebell

    DS (26): Brooks Henry
    DGF (22): Nicole Hazel
    DS (2): Montgomery Wolf (Monty)
    DS (newborn): Dashiell Fox (Dash)

    DD (26): Adair Beatrice
    DH (29): Willoughby Moses
    DD (5): Beatrix Maxine

    Rabbits: Mack and Billy and Maisie and Buffy
    Iguana: Mitzi

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    We are the Wrights. I'm Atticus Penn Wright and this is my wife Jennifer Ruth Wright (Van der Beek). We have 19 children. Our oldest daughter, Annabelle Ruth, is a 31 year old anesthesiologist. Our next oldest, Alma Rose, is a 28 year old speech therapist. Our oldest twins are Ada Belle & Broderick Matthew who are 26. Ada is in dental school and Brock is in sales. We have sons that are 24 and 23 - Benjamin Willem is an EMT and Bradford Douglas is getting his Master's in engineering. We have a 21 year old daughter graduating soon with a Bachelor's in physics and will go onto get her doctorate - her name is Abigail Lynn. We have 3 children in high school - senior twins Audra Sophia and Brandt Gabriel who are both very athletic, with Audi in basketball and swimming, and Brandt on the football team. We also have 15 year old Burke Wilson who is in theater. At the middle school we have 13 year old Aria Blair and 11 year old Avianna Chloe who are both very into books and writing. We have 5 children in elementary school - twins Brogan Noah and Ashlene Kelly who are 9. Brogan is into history and war movies and Ash loves ponies, ducks, any farm animals. We have 8 year old Alyse Nora who is our painter and her 7 year old sister Ava Lily who is our comedienne. Our littlest school-ager is Benson Cole who loves trucks and boats. He's in kindergarten. Our youngest two are August Daniel who is 3 and loves to cook and play with pots, and Adison Riley who is 2 and gets into everything. We also have 3 dogs - a beagle named Sunshine, a dachshund named Penny, and a bulldog named Richard. We have 1 cat who is black with white paws and her name is Mitsi and we also have a pet squirrel who we nursed back to health, his name is Peter Pan, and he lives in the backyard but sometimes comes in and steals the cat's food.

    Atticus & Jen + Annie, Alma, Ada, Brock, Ben, Brad, Abby, Audi, Brandt, Burke, Ari, Avi, Brogan, Ash, Aly, Ava, Benson, Auggie, and Addie + Sunshine, Penny, Richie, Mitsi, and Peter Pan Wright
    Annie is married to a man named Johannes Preston Luther, an architect. They have an 11 year old son named Jack Patrick, and an 8 year old daughter named Jemma Pearl, and a 4 year old daughter named Joslyn Posey Luther. They also have a brood of cats - Paulie & Sara Lee are the parents and they have 4 kittens - Giggles, Goldie, Graham, and Gidget.
    Alma is married to a man named Christian Dexter Zimmerman, a playwright. They have 3 year old twins River Aleksandr and Forest Maksim, a 10 month old baby girl named Sage Elspeth, and they're expecting another little girl who will be named Wren Anastassea Zimmerman. They also have a golden retriever named Liesl and a new puppy named Harvey.
    Brock has a girlfriend named Sarah Hope Newman, a marketing professional, and they have a 2 year old son named Calston Bear and a new baby boy named Marsden Hawke Wright
    Ada is married to a man named Titus Shea Culligan, an air traffic controller, and they have a 5 year old daughter named Josephyn Margot Culligan. They also have 2 rabbits named Zephyr & Zipper and an Iguana named Chubbs.
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    LN: London
    DH (54): Noah Patrick
    DW (54): Evelyn Lydia

    DD (31): Anna Evelyn
    DD (28): Amy Marilyn
    DS/DD (26): Bradley Alfred / Aubrey Mabel
    DS (24): Blake William
    DS (23): Brandon Henry
    DD (21): Alanna Agnes
    DD/DS (17): Alexis Edith / Benjamin Gray
    DS (15): Breccan Robert
    DD (13): Alice Elizabeth
    DD (11): Aster Agatha
    DS/DD (9): Brody George / Avery Kathryn
    DD (8): Amelia Jean
    DD (7): Adeline Frances
    DS (5): Beau Harrison
    DS (3): Bryant Joseph
    DD (2): Arabella Hazel

    Dogs (up to 3): Charlie & Archie
    Cat(s): Mackie
    Squirrel: Pip
    DH (32): Joseph Nolan

    DS (11): Jonah Lincoln
    DD (8): Jolie Annabelle
    DD (4): Juliette Evelyn

    Mama Cat: Mia
    Papa Cat: Ziggy
    Kittens (up to 6): Orlando, Marmalade, Lennon, Quincy.
    DH (28): Zachariah Cole

    DS/DS (3): Asher Tomas / Forest Henri
    DD (10m): Daisy Aimee
    DD (exp.): Calla Maralynn

    Dog: Tide
    Puppy: Lake
    DGF (22): Jessica Holly

    DS (2): Shepherd Wolf
    DS (nb): Brecken Bear
    DH (29): Rupert Declan

    DD (5): Beatrix Marlow

    Rabbits (up to 4): Pippa, Bitsy, Maren.
    Iguana: Spyke
    Aurora Juliet - Serena Alexis - Juliet Amelia - Rosalie Arwen - Eliza Celeste - Evelina Grace - Freya Novalie - Clara Matilda - Esme Isabella - Luna Clarissa
    Nico Harrison - Leo Alexander - Oliver Franco - Dante Malachi - Archie Hunter - Charlie Jacob - Noah Theodore - Gabriel Isaac - Finley Elijah - Monroe Taylor

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    LN: Kramer, Van der Beek, Gilette, Amherst, London, Christensen, or Wright.

    DH (54): Samuel Peter Amherst
    DW (54): Olivia Rachel Amherst

    DD (31): Alba Veronica Amherst
    DD (28): Annika Elizabeth Amherst
    DS/DD (26): Brayden Theodore Amherst, Ainsley Louise Amherst
    DS (24): Brody William Amherst
    DS (23): Beckham Paul Amherst
    DD (21): Alexia Victoria Amherst
    DD/DS (17): Aura Charlotte Amherst, Beau Harrison
    DS (15): Brooks Clifford Amherst
    DD (13): Angelina Pauline Amherst
    DD (11): Adrianna Samantha Amherst
    DS/DD (9): Blaze Oliver Amherst, Alia Winifred Amherst
    DD (8): Ayla Catherine Amherst
    DD (7): Acacia Francesca Amherst
    DS (5): Brett Nicholas Amherst
    DS (3): Brant Benjamin Amherst
    DD (2): Aidan Josephine Amherst

    Dogs: Chico, Moola, & Tino
    Cat: Killer
    Squirrel: Leon

    DD (31): Alva Veronica Van der Beek
    DH (32): Josiah Cole Van der Beek
    DS (11): Keegan Patrick Van der Beek
    DD (8): Lenna Emery Van der Beek
    DD (4): Berkeley Nora Van der Beek

    Mama Cat: Piggy
    Papa Cat: Jojo
    Kittens: Lucy, Tiger, Fury, & Piglet
    DD (28): Annika Elizabeth Christensen
    DH (28): Colton Seymour Christensen
    DS/DS (3): Reed Kiall Christensen, Tide Camrin Christensen
    DD (10 months): Sage Betheny Christensen
    DD (exp.): Fern Patrycia Christensen

    Dog: Harold
    Puppy: Evie

    DS (26): Brayden Theodore Amherst
    DGF (22): Caitlin Halle Coleman
    DS (2): Ajax Hawk Amherst
    DS (newborn): Slater Crane Amherst

    DD (26): Ainsley Louise Kazah
    DH (29): Akin Ogun Kazah
    DD (5): Matila Margaret Kazah

    Rabbits: Junior, Geno, Coffee, & Franny
    Iguana: Sally

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