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  • Elle

    9 13.64%
  • Lilibet

    7 10.61%
  • Ellie when she's little, then Elle

    18 27.27%
  • Lilibet when she's little, then Lily

    13 19.70%
  • Lilibet around family, Elle to the world

    17 25.76%
  • "Elillibet" called Lilibet and Elle

    1 1.52%
  • why are you so insane?

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Thread: Best nickname?

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    Best nickname?

    I am obsessed and totally in love with the name Elizabeth, the only issue is that it's my name. I still plan on using it for my daughter, but I'm unsure of the best nickname. I go by Lizzie or Liz so those are out, as are Beth and Betty because I'm frankly not a fan, but I really like Elle and Lilibet.

    Whats your favorite Elizabeth nickname, and do you have any middle name suggestions?

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    I know an Elizabeth that was always Lilabet when growing up.
    It was shortened again to Libby and Lib
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    I'm an Elisabeth, and while I personally don't like my name, I like many of it's nicknames. As a kid, I went by Beth; as a teen, Libby and then Lisa; and now Eliza parents had planned on having my nickname be Liz, but I had other ideas, obviously haha - mostly because there were at least three other Liz's in my year all through school

    So just keep in mind that while you may have a nickname 'picked out' for your daughter, she may choose to go by something completely different
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    Eliza is my favourite variation, but I actually prefer it as a stand alone.

    I don't see why Ellie needs to only be when she's little, I know plenty of grown up Ellies. My personal favourite would be Lilibet around family and then either Lilibet or Ellie to the world. Just Lily seems like too much of a stretch to me, even though I like Lilibet as a whole name. And Ellie is a wonderful catch all nickname which is both sweet but ages well. I also like just Beth. Elillibet is hard for me to say, which puts me off.

    I have a friend who is Elisabeth and ended up being Biff or Biffie because he big brother said 'Elisabiff' so a another nickname may form of it's own accord. Lilibet makes me think of Queen Elizabeth II because it was her nickname as a child/apparently is still used by close friends and family. Other than that I know an Ellie, a Beth and Lizzie, so Ellie seems like the easiest choice to me.
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