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    Long Generation CAF with Rules, Namebanks, Initials :D

    DGP91: FN: Harvey, Harlan, Hartford, Harold, Herman, Harrison + 1 syllable MN (LN: Starts with Van or Vander)
    DGM90: British FN + MN: Rosamund, Roslyn, Rhea, Ruby, Rowena, Racquel (Maiden N: ends in -son)

    DD70: FN: Calista, Carolyn, Charlotte, Clara, Colette, Corinne + MN: Starts with D or G
    DD/DD67: FNs: Both Long & Elegant + MNs: Paige, Piper, Poppy, Priscille, Pamela, Patrice, Phoebe, Philippa
    DD63: FN: Abilene, Adrienne, Audrey, Annabeth, Arabella, Agotea + MN: Floral or Natural
    DS60: FN: Scholarly + Griffin, Gregory, Giorgio, George, Grant, Garreth
    DS58: FN: Timothy, Theodore, Thaddeus, Thomas, Trenton, Thatcher + MN: Athlete Inspired

    DW70: From above
    DH72: FN: 4-6 letters long + MN: Carl, Charles, Charleston, Carlton, Calson, Carlin (LN: Starts with F)

    DS48: FN: Biblical + MN: Marvin, Martin, Marlon, Marion, Morgan, Mortimer
    DD44: FN: Maria, Malea, Meredith, Mirabel, Marilyn, Madeline + MN: Biblical

    DH48: From Above
    DW43: FN: Virtue inspired + MN: Dahlia, Daria, Darlene, Darwina, Davina, Dina (Maiden: includes ‘sh’)

    DD23: Initials BC
    DS21: Initials DE
    DD17: Initials FG

    DW44: From Above
    DH49: FN: Elias, Elijah, Elliott, Elrod, Elton, Ellison + MN: Starts with S or W (LN: ends in -th)

    DS20: Initials HI
    DS16: Initials JK
    DS13: Initials LM
    DS11: Initials NO
    DS8: Initials PQ

    DBF20: From Above
    DGF18: Initials RS (LN: Common)

    DDexp: Initials TU
    DW67: From above
    DH69: FN: Broderick, Baxter, Benjamin, Benson, Bertram, Bram + MN: Surname (LN: Starts and ends with same letter)

    DS/DS42: FNs: Start with R or B + MNs: Sullivan, Silas, Sawyer, Summit, Slater, Sterling, Sherman, Stellan
    DS40: FN: Patrick, Palmer, Preston, Presley, Paulson, Parker + MN: ends in -an or -on

    DH42: From Above
    DW39: FN: Royal name + MN: Willa, Willow, Wilhelmina, Winona, Wynne, Winifred (Maiden: Starts with Ch-)

    DS17: Initials VW
    DS15: Initials XY
    DS12: Initials ZAB
    DD9: Initials CD

    DH42: From Above
    DH30: FN: Donovan, Davenport, Duncan, Dalton, Dawson, Donnelly + MN: From a TV show (LN: Someone’s LN you know)

    No children
    DH40: From Above
    DW33: FN: Supermodel name + MN: Tess, Tessa, Tressa, Therese, Tipper, Thandie (Maiden: Starts with Vowel)

    DD10: Initials EF
    DW67: From above
    exDH74: FN: Nautical + MN: Jasper, Jackson, Jack, John, Johannes, Jeremiah (LN: Contains ‘gg’)
    DH69: FN: Alfonse, Antonio, Anton, Angelo, Armando, Alberto + MN: Simple/Common (LN: Italian)
    (first 2 kids are with ex, other 2 with current husband, with fathers’ last names)

    DS45: FN: Frederick, Foster, Frye, Franz, Franklin, Ferris + MN: Musician or Band
    DD41: FN: Color Name + MN: Kimber, Kendall, Kendra, Kelsa, Kenna, Kara
    DD36: FN: Ivy, Ivory, Isobel, Isabeau, Isla, Imogen + MN: Inspired by stars/space
    DS33: FN: Masculine/Tough + MN: Nico, Noble, Nolan, Noah, Nicholas, Nolte

    DH45: From Above
    DW40: FN: Amber, Allison, Ashley, Andrea, Ava, Adeline + MN: Animal inspired (Maiden: contains ‘ss’)

    DS19: Initials GH
    DW41: From Above
    DH43: FN: Contains ‘ll’ + MN: Ross, Russell, Roman, Rand, Rusty, Roscoe (LN: Ends in -man)

    DD/DD/DD18: Initials IJ/IJ/IJ
    DS14: Initials KL

    DW36: From Above
    DH39: FN: Kessler, Keith, Kellan, Kenan, Kenton, Kerry + MN: Color Name (LN: Famous kid star name)

    DS14: Initials MN
    DD12: Initials MN
    DS9: Initials MN
    DS4: Initials MN

    DH33: From Above
    exDW30: FN: Super common + MN: Sofia, Samantha, Skylar, Stella, Sabrina, Shay (Maiden: Starts with ‘Ho’)
    DW21: FN: Bria, Britta, Becca, Bianca, Bella, Brenna + MN: Someone in your family (Maiden: Celeb you don’t like)
    1st child with ex, 2nd with current

    DD9: Initials OP
    DSexp: Initials QR

    DW63: From above
    DH65: FN: From science or math + MN: Lucas, Luca, Logan, Leland, Landon, Lars (LN: ends in – brook)

    DS39: FN: Soft & Poetic + MN: Ian, Ivan, Ira, Ives, Ireland, Isaac
    DH39: From Above
    DW34: FN: Faith, Fiona, Francesca, Frances, Fern, Farrah + MN: Innocent Name (Maiden: Starts with ‘Gr’)

    DS12: Initials ST
    DD10: Initials UV
    DD7: Initials WX

    DH60: From above
    DW57: FN: Ella, Emma, Elle, Esme, Enna, Elba + MN: Starts with C or N (Maiden: Contains an X or Z)

    DD36: FN: Cute, frilly name + MN: Lark, Luxe, Lane, Leyla, Luna, Lucia
    DD33: FN: Victoria, Vivienne, Violetta, Veronica, Vanessa, Veda + MN: Vintage Name
    DS/DS30: FNs: Hippie Names + MNs: Orlando, Oxford, Oliver, Ogden, Orson, Odell, Otto, Odin
    DS28: FN: Willem, Walden, Wallace, Warren, Wyatt, Whelan + MN: Place Name
    DD25: FN: Travel Inspired + MN: Genevieve, Gigi, Gemma, Giselle, Gabriella, Gianna
    DS23: FN: Justin, Jordan, Jersey, Jem, Joshua, Jacob + MN: Food Inspired
    DW36: From Above
    DW36: FN: Brand name + MN: Hazel, Honor, Hope, Holland, Heather, Hannah (Maiden: Weather Inspired)

    ADS10: Initials YZ
    ADS7: Initials AB

    DW33: From Above
    DH38: FN: Marshall, Merrick, Marsden, Marcos, Manning, Madden + MN: Old-Fashioned (LN: Starts with L)

    DD/DD11: Initials Same as Mom
    DH30: From Above
    DW28: FN: Prissy girl name + MN: Jacey, Jayla, Jade, Jana, June, Jane (Maiden: Fall Inspired)

    DS6: Initials Same as Dad
    DD2: Initials Same as Mom

    DH28: From Above
    DW24: FN: Nora, Natasha, Natalia, Nadia, Nyla, Nina + MN: Winter Inspired (Maiden: Starts with ‘Bl’)

    DDnb: Initials Same as Dad’s FN and Mom’s FN
    DH58: From above
    exDW57: FN: From literature + MN: Sue, Susan, Susanne, Susannah, Suri, Sousa (LN: ends in -e)
    DW49: FN: Josephine, Joslyn, Jasmine, Johanna, Jolene, Jolie + MN: Ends in -ra (Maiden: O’something)
    1st child with ex wife (her last name), next 3 with current wife (his last name)

    DD34: FN: Edgy guilty pleasure name + MN: Evelyn, Evangeline, Eden, Edith, Elinor, Emmeline
    DD27: FN: Marcelline, Morganna, McKinley, Maryellen, Michelle, Margot + MN: Ballerina name
    DD24: FN: Artistic name + MN: Zadie, Zoie, Zara, Zelda, Zayna, Zia
    DS21: FN: Dashell, Dax, Davis, Darwin, Dexter, Derek + MN: Sporty name
    DW34: From Above
    DH36: FN: Rockstar name + MN: Samuel, Sutton, Schroeder, Saul, Sallinger, Stanley (LN: Type of tree/plant)

    DS11: Initials Same as Dad’s MN and Mom’s MN
    Df27: From Above
    Df29: FN: Amelie, Ambree, Astrid, Ayla, Aria, Avianna + MN: Feminization of old man name (LN: Money-inspired)

    No children
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    Harlan Ron Vanderpol & his bride Este Rosamund (Danson) Vanderpol have six children who are all in their 50s to 70s. Their oldest daughter is Clara Gwendoline, then there’s the twins Anastassia Philippa and Cassandria Priscille, their youngest daughter Arabella Lily, and their sons Anderson Grant and Thaddeus Dale Vanderpol.

    Clara Gwendoline is married to John Charles Farraday and they have two children – Adam Martin and Marilyn Sarah Farraday. Adam is married to his wife Mercy Darwina (Shubert) Farraday and they have three children – Bristol Clara, Darius Edwin, and Finley Grace Farraday. Marilyn is married to her husband Elliott Sean Farnsworth and they have five sons – Huxley Ike, Jensen Keye, Lachlan Monroe, Nathaniel Olson, and Penn Quinden Farnsworth. Hux is also expecting a child with his girlfriend Raven Shelby Jones, who they will name Tenley Uma Jones.

    Anastassia Philippa is married to Bram Jackson Alva and they have twin boys named Reeve Silas and River Sterling, as well as another son named Parker Aaron Alva. Reeve is married to a woman named Catherine Winifred Chester-Alva and they have four kids – Vincent William, Xander Young, Zachariah Adler Bram, and Charity Daly Alva. River is married to a man named Davenport Hyde Wetherell. Parker is married to a woman named Naomi Tess (Eastwick) Alva and they have a daughter named Emilia Faye Alva.

    Cassandria Priscille was married to a man named Leo Jeremiah Biggs years ago and they had two children – Foster Harrison and Hazel Kendra Biggs. Foster is married to a woman named Ava Wren (Chasse) Biggs and they have a son named Gable Haden Biggs. Hazel is married to a man named Callum Rand Hartman and they have triplet daughters named Isla Joy, Ivory Juniper, and Iris Jessen, as well as a son named Knox Levi Hartman. Cassandria then married a man named Alberto James Grigorio who she is still married to. They have two children named Imogen Calliope and Kyle Nolan Grigorio. Imogen is married to a man named Kerry Greene Culkin and they have four children – Matteo Nelson, Marra Nadine, Milo North, and Merit Neal Culkin. Kyle first married a woman named Olivia Shay Holt and they have a daughter named Oakley Primrose Holt. He then married a woman named Becca Angela (Lawrence) Grigorio and they are expecting a son to be named Quaid Rey Grigorio.

    Arabella Lily is married to Albert Lars Holbrook and they have a son named Dylan Ives Holbrook. Dylan has a wife named Francesca Rose (Griffith) Holbrook and they have three children – Stephen Trace, Ursula Violet, and Weylynn Xienna Holbrook.

    Anderson Grant is married to Esme Clarisse (Alexander) Vanderpol and they have 7 children – Chloe Lark, Veda Dot, twins Wolfgang Milo & Rourke Orson, Willem Nash, Paris Giselle, and Joshua Brady Vanderpol. Chloe is married to a woman named Victoria Hope Stratus and they have two children – Yardley Zayn and Auden Beck Stratus-Vanderpol. Veda is also married to a man named Marsden Gene LeDeux and they have twin daughters named Vienna Dessen and Vivienne Darcy LeDeux. Rourke is married to a woman named Sissy Jane October-Vanderpol. They have two Children named Reid Owen and Savannah Joliet Vanderpol. Will is married to a girl named Natalia Snow (Blair) Vanderpol and they have a brand new baby girl named Winsor Nova Vanderpol.

    Thaddeus Dale Vanderpol was married to a woman named Meg Susannah Jaffe and they had a daughter named Monroe Eden Jaffe. Monroe is married to a man named Jagger Sallinger Birch and they have an 11 year old daughter named Sadie Ellabelle Birch. Thad then married a woman named Joslyn Vera (O’Toole) Vanderpol and they have three children – Marcelline Stephanie, Frida Zoie, and Dexter Brett. Marcie is engaged to a woman named Ayla Jameson Bills.
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    DGP91: Harrison Jack Vance
    DGM90: Matilda Ruby Vance (Johnson)

    DD70: Clara Dianne Vance
    DD/DD67: Elizabeth Poppy Vance / Evangeline Piper Vance
    DD63: Arabella Lily Vance
    DS60: Edison George Vance
    DS58: Thomas Bryant Vance
    DH72: Harry Carlton Farley

    DS48: Jacob Martin Farley
    DD44: Marilyn Lydia Farley
    DW43: Hope Darlene Farley (Ashwell)

    DD23: Bethany Claire Farley
    DS21: Daniel Edward Farley
    DD17: Flora Georgina Farley
    DH49: Elias William Smith

    DS20: Harvey Isaac Smith
    DS16: Jonas Kieran Smith
    DS13: Liam Matthew Smith
    DS11: Nolan Oliver Smith
    DS8: Patrick Quinn Smith
    DGF18: Rihanna Sophie Taylor

    DDexp: Tallulah Una Smith
    DH69: Benson Darwin Nixon

    DS/DS42: Benjamin Silas Nixon / Breccan Stellan Nixon
    DS40: Patrick Benson Nixon
    DW39: Victoria Wynne Nixon (Churchill)

    DS17: Vincent Wayne Nixon
    DS15: Xander Yancy Nixon
    DS12: Zane Adam Brian Nixon
    DD9: Cordelia Diane Nixon
    DH30: Donnelly Kyle Lyons
    DW33: Kendall Tressa Nixon (Elton)

    DD10: Eliana Felicity Nixon

    exDH74: Caspian Johannes Cragg

    DS45: Franklin Bowie Cragg
    DD41: Violet Kendra Cragg

    DH69: Antonio Christian Ferrari

    DD36: Isobel Celeste Ferrari
    DS33: Griffin Nicholas Ferrari
    DW40: Allison Birdie Cragg (Russell)

    DS19: Gabriel Hardy Cragg
    DH43: Ellis Roman Coleman

    DD/DD/DD18: Isabeau Jane Coleman / Imogen Jolie Coleman / India Juliette Coleman
    DS14: Keegan Louie Coleman
    DH39: Kellan Navy Culkin

    DS14: Maxwell Navy Culkin "Max"
    DD12: Molly Nicola Culkin
    DS9: Micah Newton Culkin
    DS4: Mason Nolan Culkin

    exDW30: Jessica Skylar Holmes

    DD9: Olivia Penny Ferrari

    DW21: Bianca Natalie Ferrari (Pitt)

    DSexp: Quentin Ray Ferrari
    DH65: Newton Lucas Westbrook

    DS39: Lucian Isaac Westbrook
    DW34: Farrah Grace Westbrook (Greer)

    DS12: Samuel Toby Westbrook
    DD10: Una Victoria Westbrook
    DD7: Willow Xanthe Westbrook
    DW57: Emma Colette Vance (Zayne)

    DD36: Clarissa Lark Vance
    DD33: Victoria Agnes Vance
    DS/DS30: Forest Oliver Vance / Phoenix Odell Vance
    DS28: Wyatt Dakota Vance
    DD25: Alaska Gianna Vance
    DS23: Jordan Basil Vance
    DW36: Mercedes Hope Rain

    ADS10: Yorke Zachary Vance-Rain
    ADS7: Alton Benjamin Vance-Rain
    DH38: Madden Albert Lincoln

    DD/DD11: Violet Alice Lincoln / Vienna Ann Lincoln
    DW28: Tatiana Jacey Vance (Autumn)

    DS6: Flynn Oliver Vance
    DD2: Tahlia Jane Vance
    DW24: Nina Holly Vance (Blackford)

    DDnb: Poppy Noelle Vance

    exDW57: Ophelia Susan Lane

    DD34: Harriet Evelyn Lane

    DW49: Jolie Alexandra Vance (O'Brien)

    DD27: Margot Darcy Vance
    DD24: Georgia Zadie Vance
    DS21: Dexter Kobe Vance
    DH36: Ozzy Sutton Ash

    DS11: Sutton Elijah Ash
    Df29: Avianna Edwina Cash
    Aurora Juliet - Serena Alexis - Juliet Amelia - Rosalie Arwen - Eliza Celeste - Evelina Grace - Freya Novalie - Clara Matilda - Esme Isabella - Luna Clarissa
    Nico Harrison - Leo Alexander - Oliver Franco - Dante Malachi - Archie Hunter - Charlie Jacob - Noah Theodore - Gabriel Isaac - Finley Elijah - Monroe Taylor

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    nowhere special
    DGF: Harvey John Vanderpool (91)
    DGM: Tamsin Rowena Edison (90)

    DD: Colette Delia (70)
    DD/DD: Eleanor Phoebe & Winifred Piper (67)
    DD: Audrey Flora (63)
    DS: Yale Giorgio (60)
    DS: Theodore Ash (58)

    DD: Colette Delia Vanderpool (70)
    DH: Simon Charles Fitzgerald (72)

    DS: Isaac Mortimer (48)
    -DW: Cassidy Dahlia Sherwin (43)
    --DD: Bernadette Clara (23)
    --DS: Desmond Elias (21)
    --DD: Francesca Grace (17)

    DD: Meredith Eve (44)
    -DH: Elijah Winston Morwith (49)
    --DS: Harry Ignatio (20)
    ---DGF: Rita Solange Matthews (18)
    ----DD: Taylor Una (exp)
    --DS: Jasper Keaton (16)
    --DS: Lucas Matteo (13)
    --DS: Nathaniel Owen "Nate" (11)
    --DS: Paul Quincy (8)

    DD: Eleanor Phoebe Vanderpool (67)
    DH: Bram Addison Lionel (69)

    DS: Rufus Stellan (42)
    -DW: Kate Wilhelmina Charleston (39)
    --DS: Vincent Wilder (17)
    --DS: Xavier Yardley (15)
    --DS: Zeke Alexander Bronson (12)
    --DD: Colleen Daria (9)

    DS: Brady Sullivan (42)
    -DH: Duncan Thomas Ulrich (30)

    DS: Palmer Euan (40)
    -DW: Adriana Therese Echols (33)
    --DD: Evelyn Frankie (10)

    DD: Winifred Piper Vanderpool (67)
    exDH: Wade Jeremiah Kellogg (74)
    DH: Anton James Vitale (69)
    (first 2 kids are with ex, other 2 with current husband, with fathers’ last names)

    DS: Foster Jonas (45)
    -DW: Allison Cat Moss (40)
    --DS: Garrett Henry (19)

    DD: Violet Kendra (41)
    -DH: William Roscoe Kleinman (43)
    --DD/DD/DD: Isobel Jacqueline, Iris Jillian, Ivory Jasmine (18)
    --DS: Kendrick Leo (14)

    DD: Isla Celeste (36)
    -DH: Kellan Grey Sprouse (39)
    --DS: Mitchell Nero (14)
    --DD: Matilda Nadine (12)
    --DS: Moses Nathaniel (9)
    --DS: Matthew Nikolai (4)

    DS: Maverick Nolan (33)
    -exDW: Emily Skylar Holbrook (30)
    --DD: Octavia Penn "Tavi" (9)
    -DW: Bianca Kelsey Pannettiere (21)
    --DS: Quentin Riley (exp)

    DD: Audrey Flora Vanderpool (63)
    DH: Bunson Luca Tolbrook (65)

    DS: Joseph Ira (39)
    -DW: Fiona Beth Greenburg (34)
    --DS: Sol Theodore (12)
    --DD: Ursula Vivian (10)
    --DD: Wren Xiomara (7)

    DS: Yale Giorgio Vanderpool (60)
    DW: Esme Cordelia Ziegler (57)

    DD: Gabriella Lark (36)
    -DW: Zara Hope Winter (36)
    --DS: Yosef Zachary (10)
    --DS: Abel Bernard (7)

    DD: Vivienne Edith (33)
    -DH: Merrick Archibald Larson (38)
    --DD/DD: Valerie Elisa & Veronica Emily (11)

    DS: Jonah Oxford (30)
    -DW: Priscilla Jade September (28)
    --DS: Jack Odin (6)
    --DD: Penelope Juliet "Penny" (2)

    DS: Ambrose Odell (30)

    DS: Willem Bronx (28)
    -DW: Natalia Holly Blackburn (24)
    --DD: Nora Waverly (nb)

    DD: Nova Giselle (25)
    DS: Jordan Rich (23)

    DS: Theodore Ash Vanderpool (58)
    exDW: Laurie Susanne Pope (57)
    DW: Johanna Moira O'Dell (49)
    1st child with ex wife (her last name), next 3 with current wife (his last name)

    DD: Lilith Evelyn (34)
    -DH: David Sallinger Birch (36)
    --DS: Emmett Silas (11)

    DD: Margot Angelina (27)
    -DF: Aria Philippa Sterling (29)

    DD: Frida Zoie (25)
    DS: Dexter Miles (21)

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    Harvey Roy Vanderson & Eliza Ruby Vanderson have 6 kids, their oldest is Calista Delilah Vanderson or Callie. Then they have the twins Cassandra Piper & Delilah Philippa Vanderson or Cassie & Lilah. After they had the twins they had another daughter, her name is Annabeth Lily Vanderson or Beth. You might think that they were done there, you were wrong, they have another 2 kids. The oldest son is called Benjamin Griffin Vanderson and his brother, a few years younger then Benjamin we have Theodore Ibrahim Vanderson

    DD1: Calista Delilah Vanderson
    DD2/DD3: Cassandra Piper & Delilah Philppa Vanderson
    DD4: Annabeth Lily Vanderson
    DS1: Benjamin Griffin Vanderson
    DS2: Theodore Ibrahim Vanderson

    Calista and Evan Frodo have 2 kids themselves, their names are Joshua Marvin & Mirabel Joy Frodo.

    Joshua has 3 kids himself, he’s married to Miracle Dahlia Asher and together they have 2 daughters and 1 son, their girls are called Bianca Calla & Fiona Grace, and their son are named Dean Eric Asher.

    Mirabel has 5 kids, together with her husband Elijah Seamus Lillith, she’s got 4 sons and 1 daughter. Their sons are named Hawksley Isaac, Jameson Kaspian, Lachlan Micah & Nicolas Orion and their daughter is named Penelope Quinn. But they’re more known as Hawk, Jamie, Lachy, Nico & Penny. Hawksley has a girlfriend named Rosalie Summer Smith and they have a son called Tucker Uriah or Tuck for short.

    ———————————————— ———
    Cassandra Piper Vanderson and Benjamin Collins Eve have 3 kids, all 3 are boys and first up we have the twins, their names are Roger Silas Eve & Brandon Sherman Eve. Then there’s their youngest son named Preston Olson Eve

    Roger is married to Isla Willow Charleston and together they have 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. The boys are named Victor William Charleston, Xander Yaffa Charleston, Zane Alfred Benjamin Charleston and their daughter is called Callie Doris Charleston.

    Brandon is married to Donovan Barry Beck and they have no kids.

    Preston is married to Violet Tessa Andersen and together they have 1 daughter called Elora Faith Andersen.
    ———————————————— ————
    Delilah Philippa Vanderson was previously married to Finley Jeremiah Egg but has recently married her second husband Angelo Isaac Aceti

    Delilah and Finn have 2 kids, their names are Frederick Luke & Scarlett Kara Aceti (previously Egg)
    Angelo and Delilah then have another 2 kids, their names are Isla Nymphadora & Alexander Noah Aceti.

    Frederick married Amber Leonarda Ashson and together they have 1 daugther named Genevieve Hope

    Scarlett married Lachlan Ross Sandman and together they have 4 kids, 3 daughters and 1 son. Their daughters are named Isabella Jane, Ireland Joy & Indiana Jasmine Sandman and their son is named Koa Liam Sandman

    Isla is married to Kenan Navy Bieber and together they have 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl! Their sons names are Melvin Noel, Micah Nick & Mitchell Noble and their daughter is named Molly Nicolette Bieber.

    Alexander was married to Sofia Samantha Hope and together they have 1 child, her name is Ophelia Presley, he then married Bianca Ebba Trump and they got a son called Quentin Rodger Bieber.
    Annabeth married Albert Landon Anderbrook and together they have 1 son called Villam Ives Anderbrook

    Villa married Francesca June Greatson and together they have 1 son and 2 daughters. The girls names are Stella Thora Anderbrook and Ursula Violetta Anderbrook, their son is named Will Xander Anderbrook.
    Benjamin married Enna Cassiopeia Xenith and they have 7 kids, 4 boys and 3 girls. First they had a baby girl and they named her Maeve Lark Vanderson, then they had another daughter, her name is Vanessa Ophelia Vanderbrook. After that they had the twin boys, Storm Orlando & Lyric Otto, after that they had another son, Willem Camden. After Will they had Journey Gabriella and then their youngest son Justin Ale Vanderson.

    Maeve married Laura Hope Cloud and together they have their 2 sons Yaffa Zane & Aurelius Beau.

    Vanessa married Marshall James London and together they have their twin daughters Victory Olive & Viola Orla London

    Storm married Miranda Jane Oakleaf and together they have 2 kids, a son and a daughter. The son is named Seamus Orion and their daughter is named Mimi Juliette Oakleaf.

    Lyric married Nina Snow Black and together they have 1 child, a newborn girl called Luna Norah Black.
    ———————————————— ——————
    Theodore first married Hermione Susan Keefe and together they have 1 kid, a daughter called Doty Evangeline Keefe.
    He then married Jasmine Evera O’Brien and together they had 3 kids, their names are Margot Angelina O’Brien, Cassie Zara O’Brien and a son called Dexter Liam O’Brien.

    Doty married Axl Samuel Birch and together they have a son called Schuyler Ebony Birch.

    Margot is dating her girlfriend Astrid Georgina Power

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