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    We found out on the 3rd that we are expecting or 4th! I'm guessing my due date will be around April 12 from LMP.

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    New Jersey
    Unfortunately we lost our April baby. We will begin trying again right away so who knows, maybe I'll be back.
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    Yesterday we had our first ultrasound appointment and are expecting not one, but two babies! Twins! This is so exciting because I never expected to have twins despite being a twin myself. I always, for some silly reason thought that twin pregnancies tended to skip a generation! We are simply over the moon!
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    Hi everyone,

    I think I will cautiously join this thread as well. We have three kids and are expecting our fourth on April 1. My last two were born in mid-March and the very end of September, so the last two times I was on the tail end of the due date threads. I remember thinking how crazy it was that women in the same due date group were already entering their second trimester when I was just finding out I was pregnant, or learning their babies' gender when I was just having my first appointment, or going into labor when I still had months to go. This time around it feels like it's flying by, but I can definitely understand if there are folks here who feel like each week is just dragging along and next spring will never get here..

    All that aside, welcome to everyone in the group! I look forward to being a part of this journey with you. And @katieree331, I am so sorry for your loss! I hope you come back to this group really soon!


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    @new-life -- That's so exciting! congratulations! Will you be finding out the gender of your babies or will you go for a double surprise?

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