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    Year 31: Asen and Bogdan both get married to their girlfriends since high school: Carley Elizabeth Dane and Fanni Alíz Büki. Cybill and Amos have a baby girl, Sabina Larissa. Apollo and Donna welcome their first child, a baby girl named Althea Viktoria. Magdalene and Bruno have a baby boy, Benedictus Stefán.

    Year 32: Kiri is engaged to a guy who is 4 years her senior: Paul Ryan Toivonen. A lot of baby girls are born this year. Apollo and Donna give Althea a baby sister, Donna Isobel. Althea and Arthur welcome Sophie Isabel into their family. Magdalene and Bruno have their third child, Charlotte Hilda. Ariadna and Emmanuel proudly welcome their first child, Emma Jacqueline. Beatriu and Barnabas bring home Belén Valencia. Asen and Carley have twins, Mia Selma and Magdalena Saga.

    Year 33: Almost everybody has babies this year! Zoe and Titus have a baby boy, Amyas Telmo. Cybill and Amos also have a son, Samuel Vinal. Althea and Arthur have a baby girl, Zoe Scarlett. Ariadna and Emmanuel have twins: a girl, Adéla Rozárie, and a boy, Mátyás Radovan. Beatriu and Barnabas have another baby girl, Alda Livia. Asen and Carley have triplets: a boy, James Asen; and 2 girls, Helen Elizabeth and Ruth Carley. Bogdan and Fanni are new parents to a baby boy, Ethan Velasco. Kiri and Paul bring home their first child, a baby girl named Elena Carla.

    Year 34: Cybill and Amos have a baby boy, Matteo Tucker. Della and Cadmus have a baby girl, Florencia Nina. Althea and Arthur have a baby boy, Levin Paul. Magdalene and Bruno have a baby girl, Doria Magdalena. Bogdan and Fanni have another baby boy, William Victor. Hestia gets married to a man 6 years older than her, Emil Blake Thomas.

    Year 35: Zoe and Titus have a baby boy, Cayden Salvador. Cybill and Amos divorce. Apollo and Donna tie the knot. Althea's husband Arthur is killed in the line of duty. Magdalene and Bruno have a baby boy, Erik Viggo. Ariadna and Emmanuel get married! Beatriu and Barnabas are engaged and have a baby girl, Gracia Róza. Carles is dating a girl a year younger than him, Amálie Alessia Martin, and they have a baby boy named Roger Sven Sosa. Bogdan's wife Fanni is killed by a drunk driver. Kiri and Paul are married, and have a baby girl named Vanessa Ariana. Hestia and Emil welcome their first child, a baby girl named Matilda Anna-Lena.

    Year 36: Zoe and Titus have a baby girl, Angelica Alíz. Della and Cadmus also welcome a daughter, Valeria Della. Magdalene and Bruno welcome their sixth child, a baby girl named Isabella Viola. Beatriu and Barnabas have their fourth child and first son, Eino Tim. Kiri and Paul also bring home their first son, Diego Horace.

    Year 37: Laelia marries a man 7 years her senior: Gavriil Konnor Bogomlov. Zoe and Titus have a son, Daniel Steinn. Magdalene and Bruno have twin boys, Alberto Santo and Alessandro Savio. Beatriu and Barnabas also bring home twins: twin girls named Zoey Sibyl and Althea Della. Asen and Carley have a baby boy, Alex Vidar. Hestia and Emil give Matilda a little brother: Elias Sebestyén.

    Year 38: Della and Cadmus have a baby boy, Anton Marco. Apollo and Donna give Althea and Donna a baby sister: Lara Iris. Carles and Amálie's son, Roger, is a proud big brother to triplets: 2 boys, Levente Albert and László Ari, and a girl, Luca Ásta. Hestia and Emil have another baby boy, Darren Manuel. Laelia and Gavriil are the proud new parents of Astra Leona.

    Year 39: Acantha is dating a guy she met on campus: Alban Willie Filipowski. Apollo and Donna welcome another baby girl, Olivia Ana Paola. Ariadna and Emmanuel have triplets: 2 boys, Benjamin Tyrese and Alexander Tyreek, and a girl, Ava Tianna. Beatriu and Barnabas also have triplets: 2 girls, Kristýna Fanni and Ema Regina, and a boy, David Aitor. Carles and Amálie have a baby girl, Elsa Samira. Asen and Carley have a baby boy, Asen Neo, Jr.

    Year 40: Zoe's husband Titus dies from a heart problem he didn't know about, months after he sees his and Zoe's eldest daughter Acantha and her boyfriend Alban get engaged. Cybill gets remarried to Bartolomeo Vincenzo Piccoli, 12 years her senior. They have a baby girl, Scarletta Patricie. Apollo and Donna have their fifth baby girl, Fiore Dorota. Althea is dating Amaro Finn Huerta, and they're the delighted parents of baby Clara Emilia. Ariadna and Emmanuel have a baby boy, Basilio Vieno. Beatriu and Barnabas are married. Carles and Amálie are engaged, and have a baby girl, Aylin Antonella. Asen and Carley have a baby girl, Leone Alexandra. Bogdan is dating a girl 5 years his junior, Freyja Eva Paulis. Kiri and Paul have a baby girl, Felicity Helena. Hestia and Emil have a third baby boy, Leevi Miguelángel. Laelia and Gavriil bring home a new baby brother for little Astra; his name is Joshua Dewey.

    The Sosa's
    DH: Darren Aitor Sosa (62)
    DW: Scarlett Vanessa (Dominguez) Sosa (60)

    DD: Zoe Regina (Sosa) Alonso (38)
    -DH: Titus Albus Alonso (deceased)
    --DD: Acantha Stella Alonso (19)
    ---Fiance: Alban Willie Filipowski (19)
    --DD: Nora Sara Alonso (14)
    --DD: Cassandra Julianna Alonso (13)
    --DS: Martin Ismar Alonso (12)
    --DD: Sevan Vanna Alonso (11)
    --DS: Titus Alexander Alonso (10)
    --DS: Amyas Telmo Alonso (7)
    --DS: Cayden Salvador Alonso (5)
    --DD: Angelica Alíz Alonso (4)
    --DS: Daniel Steinn Alonso (3)

    DD: Cybill Thalia (Sosa) Piccoli (37)
    -ExDH: Amos Iker Noguerra (32)
    --DD: Sofia Zohar Noguerra (17)
    --DD: Sara Ziva Noguerra (13)
    --DD: Selena Thalia Noguerra (12)
    --DS: Simcha Yonatan Noguerra (11)
    --DD: Sabina Larissa Noguerra (9)
    --DS: Samuel Vinal Noguerra (7)
    --DS: Simon Tucker Noguerra (6)
    -DH: Bartolomeo Vincenzo Piccoli (49)
    --DD: Scarletta Patricie Piccoli (4 months)

    DD: Della Tisiphone (Sosa) Villaverde (37)
    -DH: Cadmus Santiago Villaverde (42)
    --DD: Anna Amela Villaverde (17)
    --DS/DD: Elias Voski Villaverde & Aada Vartouhi Villaverde (16)
    --DD: Themis Ioana Villaverde (10)
    --DD: Florencia Nina Villaverde (6)
    --DD: Valeria Della Villaverde (4)
    --DS: Anton Marco Villaverde (2)

    DS: Apollo Viktor Sosa (36)
    -DW: Donna Regina (Bolívar) Sosa (33)
    --DD: Althea Viktoria Sosa (9)
    --DD: Donna Isobel Sosa (8)
    --DD: Lara Iris Sosa (2)
    --DD: Olivia Ana Paola Sosa (1)
    --DD: Fiore Dorota Sosa (4 months)

    DD: Althea Venera (Sosa) Everhart (36)
    -DH: Arthur Oliwier Everhart (deceased)
    --DS: Oliver Josue Everhart (16)
    --DD/DD/DD: Almast Claudia Everhart, Lusine Alessia Everhart, & Talin Lavinia Everhart (15)
    --DS/DD: Lucas Zeev Everhart & Chloe Zahara Everhart (14)
    --DS: Jonas Yosef Everhart (12)
    --DD: Sophie Isabel Everhart (8)
    --DD: Zoe Scarlett Everhart (7)
    --DS: Levin Paul Everhart (6)
    -DBF: Amaro Finn Huerta (36)
    --DD: Clara Emilia Huerta (3 months)

    DD: Magdalene Ruth (Sosa) Asturias (32)
    -DH: Bruno Vahan Asturias (43)
    --DD: Abigail Mara Asturias (10)
    --DS: Benedictus Stefán Asturias (9)
    --DD: Charlotte Hilda Asturias (8)
    --DD: Doria Magdalena Asturias (6)
    --DS: Erik Viggo Asturias (5)
    --DD: Isabella Viola Asturias (4)
    --DS/DS: Alberto Santo Asturias & Alessandro Savio Asturias (3)

    DD: Ariadna Queralt (Sosa) Rey (28)
    -DH: Emmanuel Gabriel Rey (29)
    --DD: Emma Jacqueline Rey (8)
    --DD/DS: Adéla Rozárie Rey & Mátyás Radovan Rey (7)
    --DS/DD/DS: Benjamin Tyrese Rey, Ava Tianna Rey, & Alexander Tyreek Rey (1)
    --DS: Basilio Vieno Rey (1 month)

    DD: Beatriu Paula (Sosa) Fitzroy (28)
    -DH: Barnabas George Fitzroy (30)
    --DD: Belén Valencia Fitzroy (8)
    --DD: Alda Livia Fitzroy (7)
    --DD: Gracia Róza Fitzroy (5)
    --DS: Eino Tim Fitzroy (4)
    --DD/DD: Zoey Sibyl Fitzroy & Althea Della Fitzroy (3)
    --DD/DD/DS: Kristýna Fanni Fitzroy, Ema Regina Fitzroy, & David Aitor Fitzroy (1)

    DS: Carles Roger Sosa (28)
    -Fiancee: Amálie Alessia Martin (27)
    --DS: Roger Sven Sosa (5)
    --DS/DS/DD: Levente Albert Sosa, László Ari Sosa, & Luca Ásta Sosa (2)
    --DD: Elsa Samira Sosa (1)
    --DD: Aylin Antonella Sosa (12 days)

    DS: Asen Neo Sosa (27)
    -DW: Carley Elizabeth (Dane) Sosa (27)
    --DD/DD: Mia Selma Sosa & Magdalena Saga Sosa (8)
    --DS/DD/DD: James Asen Sosa, Helen Elizabeth Sosa, & Ruth Carley Sosa (7)
    --DS: Alex Vidar Sosa (3)
    --DS: Asen Neo Sosa, Jr. (1)
    --DD: Leone Alexandra Sosa (11 days)

    DS: Bogdan Eddie Sosa (27)
    -DW: Fanni Alíz (Büki) Sosa (deceased)
    --DS: Ethan Velasco Sosa (7)
    --DS: William Victor Sosa (6)
    -DGF: Freyja Eva Paulis (22)

    DD: Kiri Vanessa (Sosa) Toivonen (26)
    -DH: Paul Ryan Toivonen (30)
    --DD: Elena Carla Toivonen (7)
    --DD/DS: Vanessa Ariana Toivonen & Diego Horace Toivonen (4)
    --DD: Felicity Helena Toivonen (10 days)

    DD: Hestia Mireia (Sosa) Thomas (24)
    -DH: Emil Blake Thomas (30)
    --DD: Matilda Anna-Lena Thomas (5)
    --DS: Elias Sebestyén Thomas (3)
    --DS: Darren Manuel Thomas (2)
    --DS: Leevi Miguelángel Thomas (10 days)

    DD: Laelia Siri (Sosa) Bogomlov (21)
    -DH: Gavriil Konnor Bogomlov (28)
    --DD: Astra Leona Bogomlov (2)
    --DS: Joshua Dewey Bogomlov (9 days)
    Possible future son names:
    Thaddeus John
    Kenneth Tobias
    Joseph Terrence
    Samuel Eliezer
    Cillian Padraic
    Phineas Michael
    Nathaniel Jonah
    Arthur Henry
    Quentin Josiah

    Possible future daughter names:
    Sybil Johannah
    Beatrice Laureline
    Deryn Maia
    Rebekah Sarai
    Sarah Kennedy
    Primrose May
    Haven Dorothy
    Saoirse Niamh
    Cadence Snow

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    The Parents
    61 - Levi Kosta Nilsson
    58 - Ainsley Maria (Lund) Nilsson

    39 - Julian Daniel *Jude* Nilsson (married)
    -41 - Alba Oceane (Coburn) Nilsson

    --18 - Vivien Elsa Kumiega Nilsson (married)
    ---18 - Aria Leonie Kumiega Nilsson

    --16 - Axel Meyer Nilsson
    --12 - Sebastian Luca *Bash* Nilsson & Whitaker Henrik *Whit* Nilsson
    --11 - Alden Igor Nilsson

    37 - Lyudmila Ainsley *Mila* Nilsson Atwood (married)
    -39 - William Tobias *Will* Atwood
    --9 - Jack Cedar Atwood
    --8 - Pacey Alonso Atwood
    --6 - Tadeas Emil *Teddy* Atwood
    --4 - Sabina Lucie Atwood
    --2 - William Brodie *Wim* Atwood
    --1 - Antonella Sophie *Nellie* Atwood

    36 - Gwydion Marko Nilsson (married)
    -33 - Regina Maria *Regi* Penzig
    --15 - Oliver Mason Nilsson
    --14 - Nina Zala Nilsson & Emilia Isabella *Emi* Nilsson
    --8 - Nico Stefan Nilsson
    --3 - Junia Donatella Nilsson
    --2 - Belen Ainsley *Billie* Nilsson

    34 - Enoch Octavius Nilsson (Simi's twin, in a relationship)
    -33 - Greta Hildur Gladwin
    --10 - Clara Lyudmila Nilsson
    --9 - Lyall Tryggvi Nilsson
    --2 - Violetta Olivia Nilsson

    34 - Simona Gwendolen *Simi* (Nilsson) Gorman (Enoch's twin, married)
    -37 - Evander Ozias *Evan* Gorman
    --6 - Gyles Isaak Gorman
    --4 - Dante Leon Gorman

    33 - Fraser Graeme Nilsson (married)
    -30 - Paola Elin (Statham) Nilsson
    --14 - Elin Maja Nilsson
    --13 - Una Katar Nilsson
    --11 - Silas Petros Nilsson
    --9 - Sienna Marie Nilsson
    --8 - Alexia Ruby Nilsson
    --3 - Zara Fallon Nilsson
    --2 - Finn Durante Nilsson
    --1- Saga Phoebe Nilsson

    30 - Marko Moses Nilsson (engaged)
    -28 - Nora Diana Irving
    --9 - Lilja Fleur Nilsson & Lumi Astra Nilsson & Hugo Algar Nilsson
    --6 - Octavia Sophie *Avia* Nilsson & Tiberius David *Ty* Nilsson
    --5 - Eydis Heaven Nilsson
    --4 - Kasper Leandro Nilsson & Aleksi Diego Nilsson & Seela Julia Nilsson
    --3 - Norman Otto Nilsson
    --2 - Bjorn Richard Nilsson & Freyr Martin Nilsson
    --1 - Abram Isidor Nilsson

    28 - Otto Lennox Nilsson (Viggo and Linnea's triplet, engaged)
    -29 - Abigaia Trinidad *Gaia* Hummel
    --10 - Hazel Valentina Nilsson
    --8 - Coral Agnes Nilsson
    --7 - Ingrid Charlotte *Inga* Nilsson
    --6 - Mary Galina Nilsson
    --3 - Anna Lennox Nilsson
    --2 - Ottilie Paloma *Tillie* Nilsson
    --1 - Giovanna Sigrun *Gia* Nilsson

    28 - Viggo Lachlan Nilsson (Otto and Linnea's triplet, in a relationship)
    -28 - Marta Amalie Palladino
    --11 - Georgiana Embla *Georgie* Nilsson
    --9 - Johna Ainsley Nilsson
    --8 - Luciana Amalie *Lucie* Nilsson & Aurora Viktorie *Rorie* Nilsson
    --7 - Holden Samuel Nilsson
    --6 - Cruz Felipe Nilsson
    --5 - Peony Emma Nilsson & Amias Dominik Nilsson
    --4 - Isabella Glory *Bella* Nilsson
    --1 - Luna Felicie Nilsson

    28 - Linnea Lilias Nilsson (Otto and Viggo's triplet, single)
    --6 - Franco Joaquin Nilsson
    --3 - Leo Gian Nilsson

    27 - Phoebe Renata Nilsson (in a relationship)
    -29 - Tryggvi Anders Moore
    --5 - Sadie Venla Moore & Archie Mikael Moore
    --4 - Lotta Marly Moore & Elias Leith Moore
    --3 - Sawyer Logan Moore
    --1 - Daniela Jazmin *Dani* Moore

    25 - Layla Salome Nilsson (single)
    --6 - Keeley Dora Nilsson
    --5 - Noah Eetu Nilsson
    --1 - Deacon Nikolai Nilsson

    Levi and Ainsley with Jude, Mila, Gwydion, Enoch & Simi, Fraser, Marko, Otto & Viggo & Linnea, Phoebe, and Layla
    Jude & Alba with Vivien, Axel, Bash & Whit, and Alden
    Vivien & Aria
    Mila & Will with Jack, Pacey, Teddy, Sabina, Wim, and Nellie
    Gwydion & Regi with Oliver, Nina & Emi, Nico, Junia, and Billie
    Enoch & Greta with Clara, Lyall, and Violetta
    Simi & Evan with Gyles and Dante
    Fraser & Paola with Elin, Una, Silas, Sienna, Alexia, Zara, Finn, and Saga
    Marko & Nora with Lilja & Lumi & Hugo, Avia & Ty, Eydis, Kasper & Aleksi & Seela, Norman, Bjorn & Freyr, and Abram
    Otto & Gaia with Hazel, Coral, Inga, Mary, Anna, Tillie, and Gia
    Viggo & Marta with Georgie, Johna, Lucie & Rorie, Holden, Cruz, Peony & Amias, Bella, and Luna
    Linnea with Franco and Leo
    Phoebe & Tryggvi with Sadie & Archie, Lotta & Elias, Sawyer, and Dani
    Layla with Keeley, Noah, and Deacon
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto Raion, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    DW (60): Antonia 'Toni' Priscilla Johansson
    DH (62): Andrew 'Drew' Jules Martin

    DS1 (40): Landon Mackenzie Martin
    -DExW (41): Greer Malvina Watson
    --DD1 (22): Gabriela 'Gabi' Angel Martin
    ----DD1 (4): Tatiana Maria Martin
    ---DGF (18): Elsa Johanna Albero

    --DD2 (22): Mariana 'Mari' Nicole Martin
    ---DF (27): Tobias 'Toby' Raphael Klein
    ----DS1 (3): Maximilian 'Max' Tobias Klein

    --DD3 (20): Malvina 'Vini' Greer Martin ~single

    --DD4 (19): Tabitha 'Tabi' Lois Martin ~single

    --DD5 (18): Alexia 'Lexi' Antonia Martin
    ---DBF (18): Aaren Lenox Cox
    ----DD1 (nb): Sloan Tansy Cox

    --DD6 (17): Amanda 'Mandi' Viola Martin
    --DS1 (15): Leo Eugene Martin
    --DS2 (14): Mateo 'Teo' Emil Martin
    --DD7 (13): Eliana 'Eli' Miriam Martin
    --DD8 (11): Isabella 'Izzi' Sandra Martin
    -DGF (39): Clara Larissa Brams
    --DS3 (4): Jonas Bruno Martin
    --DD9 (3): Tereza 'Teri' Sofie Martin
    --DS4 (2): Jayden Tyrell Martin
    --DS5 (1): David Tiberius Martin
    --DS6 (nb): Luka Kasper Martin

    DS2 (33): Graeme Archibald Martin
    -DW (32): Emma Linnea Palmer
    --DD1 (12): Amelia Hanna Martin
    --DS1 (11): Adrian Mackenzie Martin
    --DS2 (5): Asher Jakob Martin
    --DS3 (3): Aiden Charles Martin
    --DS4 (2): Austin Horatio Martin

    DD1 (32): Elena 'Leni' Victoria Martin
    --DS1 (13): Daniel 'Dan' Ruben Martin
    --DD1 (10): Emilie Ingrid Martin
    -DH (36): Joshua 'Josh' George Lyndon
    --DS2 (8): Oliver 'Olly' Cornelius Lyndon
    --DS3 (7): Peter 'Pete' Dimitri Lyndon
    --DD2 (6): Julia Diana Lyndon
    --DD3 (5): Laura Vivien Lyndon

    DS3 (31): Hugo Alexander Martin
    -DF (36): Rachel Adina Rye
    --DD1 (12): Leah Deborah Martin-Rye
    --DD2 (11): Ariel Esther Martin-Rye
    --DS1 (10): Hugo Alexander Martin-Rye
    --DD3 (9): Hannah Marlene Martin-Rye
    --DS2 (6): Abram Michele Martin-Rye
    --DD4 (5): Aubrie Samara Martin-Rye
    --DD5 (3): Lilia Susanna Martin-Rye
    --DD6 (2): Melany Alaina Martin-Rye

    DS4 (25): Arthur Frederik Martin ~single {girls born from FWB situation, never in a relationship, same mum}
    --DD1 (5): Willow Bryana Fox
    --DD2 (3): Dalia Estrella Fox

    DD2 (24): Lydia Elisabeth Martin
    -DH (39): John Joseph Bauer
    --DS1 (6): Benjamin 'Ben' Noah Bauer
    --DD1 (4): Annabella 'Anna' Rosemarie Bauer
    --DS2 (4): William 'Will' John Bauer
    --DD2 (3): Liliana 'Lily' Maria Bauer
    --DS3 (2): Nicolas 'Nic' Simon Bauer
    --DS4 (1): Sebastian 'Seb' Kevin Bauer
    --DD3 (nb): Antonella 'Ella' Priscilla Bauer

    DD3 (23): Rose Penelope Martin
    -DBF (24): Dimitri Yulian Suzuki
    •Adeline Victoria•Cassandra Grace•Charlotte Anna•Clementine Louise•
    •Dorothea Joy•Eleanora Jayne•Elizabeth Leigh•Eloise Willa•
    •Evangeline Kate•Georgiana Celeste•Gwendolyn Alice•Hermione Rose•
    •Jessamine Eve•Rosalie Hazel•Theodora Claire•

    •Alexander James•Andrew Graham•Benjamin Adam•Camden Reece•
    •Daniel Reid• Finnegan Taylor•Gabriel Simon•Harrison Caleb•
    •Jonathan Joel•Lukas Montgomery•Nathaniel Beau•Oliver Michael•
    •Samuel Avery•Theodore Henry•William Jacob•

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    KC => SC
    DH: Silas Alexander Madsen (59)
    DW: Eilidh Catrina Fisker (60)

    DD/DS: Juno Lavinia and Cassian Felix Madsen (34)
    DS: Mateo Sebastian Madsen (33)
    DD: Ariadna Sofia MadsenRhea” (32)
    DD: Lucia Isabel MadsenLux” (31)
    DD: Noemi Ruth Madsen (27)
    DS: Evander Perseus MadsenAndy” (26)
    DD/DD: Ivy Laelia and Daphne Megaera Madsen (24)
    DD: Vanessa Elizabeth Madsen (23)
    DS: Arlo Tadhg Madsen (22)
    DD: Zara Annabelle Madsen (20)

    DD: Juno Madsen (34)
    DF: Sebastian Leon Crawford (36)
    DD: Hazel Sophia Crawford (8)
    DD: Simone Vanna Crawford (5)
    DD: Tianna Willow Crawford (2)
    DD: Zavia Greer Crawford (nb)

    DS: Cassian Madsen (34)
    DW: Olivia Agnes Kendall (33)
    DD: Reina Vivien Kendall-Madsen (11)
    DD: Leonie Miriam Kendall-Madsen (10)
    DD: Viola Louise Kendall-Madsen (9)
    DD: Camila Elizabeth Kendall-Madsen (6)
    DD: Sienna Winter Kendall-Madsen (2)

    DS: Mateo Madsen (33)
    DW: Chloe Larissa Watson (33)
    DD: Lilia Diana Madsen (5)
    DS: Colin Joshua Madsen (3)
    DD: Emilia Beatrice Madsen (2)

    DD: Rhea Madsen (32)
    DH: Daniel Jacob Grey (33)
    DS/DS: Nico Benjamin and Lachlan Blake Grey (2)
    DD: Everly Brielle Grey (nb)

    DD: Lux Madsen (31)
    DH: Simon Phillip Reid (33)
    DD: Elsie Virginia Reid (3)
    DD: Skyler Dahlia Reid (2)

    DD: Noemi Knight (27)
    DH: Elias Leo Knight (30)
    DD/DS/DD: Maya Claire, Bruno Giovanni, and Linnea Ellen Knight (1)
    DD: Fiona Camille Knight (nb)

    DS: Andy Madsen-Roland (26)
    DH: Lucas Emilio Roland-Madsen (28)
    DAS: Marco Rafaello Madsen-Roland (1)
    DAD: Brita Madsen-Roland (nb)

    DD: Ivy Madsen (24)

    DD: Daphne Madsen (24)
    DBF: Julian Otto Fay (23)

    DD: Vanessa Madsen (23)
    DF: Jackson Quinn Ritter (25)

    DS: Arlo Madsen (22)

    DD: Zara Madsen (20)
    Waddup, I’m Abby, I’m 19, and I never learned how to read.

    Back to the OGs...
    Iris Michaela | Maeve Alaska | Juno Kalea | Rowan Eliza | Eleni Sofia
    Parker Eloise | Mila Ariadne | Sabrina Auli’i | Kaia Marvel | Ziva Lillian

    Leo Matthias | Cassian Micah | Torin Elliot | Finley Matteo | Elias Graham
    Alden Silas | Dawson Axel | Felix Archer | Donovan Luca | Kylian Asher


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    DH (58): Johannes Paul Björklund
    DW (60): Dalia Margarita (Ruiz) Björklund

    DS1 (39): Abel Salomon Björklund is widowed
    DW Fiona (Lorenz) Björklund died from Cancer at the age of 33, when her youngest was 2 years old
    DS (21): Johann Björklund is married to
    DW (22): Anna Beata (Filep) Björklund
    DS (nb): Henrik Björklund
    DS (19): Alban (Björklund) Klein is married to
    DW (31): Elise Klein
    DS (17): Emil
    DD (16): Alma
    DS (15): Linus
    DS (13): Jonas
    DS (12): Lorenz

    DS2 (37): Jonathan Victor Björklund is divorced from
    ex DW (35): Rachel Maria Linton
    DS (14): Theodore Lloyd Linton
    DS (10): Roland Tibor Linton
    DS (7): Tobias Vasco Linton
    DD (3): Victoria Moira Linton

    DS3 (35): Florian Narciso (Björklund) Dahl is married to
    DH (46): Ariel Adam Dahl

    DD1 (35): Kamilla Iris Björklund - single
    ex DGF (32): Bianca Stefania Adler
    ex DBF (40): Evander Adonis Atwood
    DD/DS (17): Iris Narcissa Atwood / Adonis Leander Atwood

    DD2 (34): Margarita Linnea (Björklund) Thorn is widowed
    DH (34): Emilio David Thorn died in a car crash when he was 34 and Jan-Erik was 4
    DD (15): Emma-Alina
    DD (14): Anna-Leah
    DD (10): Sarah-Amira
    DS (7): Finn-Lukas
    DS (5): Leo-Max
    DS (4): Jan-Erik

    DD3 (33): Leonor Matilda (Björklund) Wood is married to
    DBF (36): Simon Oliver Wood
    DD/DS (15): Nora Elena / Mateo Benjamin
    DS/DD/DD (13): Hector Jason / Phoebe Athena / Larissa Clio
    DS (11): Rafael Arturo
    DD (7): Paola Helen
    DS (5): Jordan Diego
    DS/DD (4): Nicolas Augustin / Camila Luna
    DS (2): Fabio David

    DS4 (33): Fredrik Albert Björklund-Fitzroy is married to
    DGF (32): Stella Elisa Björklund-Fitzroy
    DD (10): Aurora Emilia
    DD (9): Diana Tamara
    DD (5): Stella Dalia
    DS/DD (4): Marcelo Luis / Eloisa Isabel
    DS (3): Darion Xander

    DS5 (33): Oscar Daniel Björklund is divorced from
    ex DW (32): Mary Margaret Palmer
    DD (9): Mila Sofia Björklund
    DD (8): Janka Kiara Björklund
    DD (5): Sasha Ellie Björklund
    DS (4): Timo Loris Björklund
    DD (2): Freya Quinn Björklund
    DD (1): Elin Yara Björklund

    DS6 (31): David Gregor Björklund is in a relationship with
    DGF (31): Simone Lisa Alden (younger sister of Jasmin Lena Alden)
    DD (nb): London Leona Alden
    ex DGF (29): Amanda de Palma
    DS (11): Antonio de Palma
    DS (9): Dario de Palma
    DD (7): Carmela de Palma
    DS (6): Benito de Palma

    DS7 (29): Elias Theodor Björklund is married to
    DGF (45): Marta (Mandelbaum) Björklund
    DD (11): Esther Ruth
    DS/DD (8): Aaron Samuel / Rachel Sarah
    DD (6): Leah Abigail

    DD4 (29): Filippa Sofia Björklund is in a relationship with
    DBF (36): Goro Koizumi
    DD/DS (4): Pippa Sofia Koizumi / Paul Goro Koizumi
    DS (3): Ole Adrian Koizumi
    DS/DD (nb): Brent Kenji Koizumi / Becca Chiyo Koizumi

    DS8 (28): Cristian Hugo - single

    DD5 (27): Eva Rebecca Björklund is in a relationship with
    DGF (33): Jasmin Lena Alden (older sister of Simone Lisa Alden)
    ex DGF (30): Luca Livia Jensen

    DD6 (26): Paulina Sara (Björklund) Filippov is married to
    DBF (27): Evgeni Filippov
    DD (nb): Darya Filippov

    DS9 (26): Isaac Andres (Björklund) Beaufort is married to
    DGF (26): Blanche Marie Marguerite Beaufort
    DS (7): Alexandre Louis-Paul
    DS (3): Valentin Maximilien
    DS (1): Sebastien Gabriel

    DS10 (24): Nicolas Marc Björklund is married to
    DGF (44): Jasvinder (Das) Björklund
    DS (5): Jasvinder Nathan

    DS11 (23): Felix Julius - single

    DD7 (23): Martina Aurelia - single

    DS12 (21): Alfred Leonardo Björklund is married to
    DGF (17): Lauren Grace (May) Björklund
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